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Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 660

Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 660 – Erosion of the Sun “Let’s perish together!” Joanna had on an insane smile. It was as if death was not the end for her, only a beginning. Many roots formed from her body, wrapping around her and the Blazing Flame Monarch. The faint image of the purple plant solidified, and the roots wound tightly together as the two fell into the half-dimension. Branches and leaves spread out, the bud at the very top growing and blooming. With the Blazing Flame Monarch’s infuriated howls, a purple flower bud with unworldly beauty slowly blossomed in


Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 152

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 152 – Thrash’s Protection “Relick.” [Did you call me?] At Woojin’s call, black smoke solidified to form Relick.  He was on one knee as he showed his respect. “Bring me that.” […….] “Cut down anyone, who gets in your way.” […I follow your order.] Since he knew what the piece of cloth hung atop the tower meant to his people, he hesitated before he moved. Relick almost flew towards the tower, and he brought back a billowing piece of cloth.  There was unrest in the town, and a group from the Ratick tribe came running towards them.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 151

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 151 – Planet Jaku (3) Woojin’s eyebrows arched when he saw the group approaching him. “What the hell?” It was a group of wary Elves. Woojin chewed on his meat as he stood up. “Jaenis.” Shoo-ro-ro-rohk. Accompanying a black smoke, Jaenis appeared, and it stood in front of Woojin. “Take care of them and follow me with Sunggoo.” His stomach was full.  It was time to start his hunt again. [I follow the lord’s wishes.] Hwah-roo-roohk. A black flame surged forth from the Lich’s Staff. “I’ll see you later, Sunggoo..” “Ooh-juhk, ooh.  Yes, uhng-nim.” Sunggoo seemed to

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 150

Seoul Station’s Necromancer Chapter 150 – Planet Jaku (2) Woojin stood in front of the building that was the center of the Colony. It was a tower made out of steel, and a green light was surging forth from the top of the tower. <You’ve cleared an ownerless Colony.> <You have the choice of Destruction or Occuptation.> “Occupation?” Was this choice given to him because the Dimensional lord was dead right now? For a brief moment, Woojin thought over the additional option he was given. “Master! Give this to me. Please give me this castle.” Bibi stamped her feet, but Woojin

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 800

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 800 – Sneak Attack Xie Bi Yan’s face changed slightly as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, whose entire body had suddenly emitted a strange aura. The gloating expression in his eyes disappeared. All that remained was a solemness that could not be voiced. From the strange aura that was emitted from the other person’s body, he could sense a thread of death. “Woeful Poison Body. Looks like what Protector Tie said is true. You are able to reach this stage at such an age only because you are relying on this thing…” Xie Bi

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 799

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 799 – Eruption of Dou Zong Battle All the eyes in this area instantly turned following the unusual appearance of that figure. All of these people were stunned when they saw that the person who had appeared was actually a woman with a beautiful face. “She is actually the other VIP that the sect leader invited… it is unexpected… she is actually an elite Dou Zong?” The faces of the experts from the Poison Sect were stunned when they saw the woman reveal her face. No one expected that the person who had intervened earlier was

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 798

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 798 – Protector Tie A majestic aura that faintly contained some dark coldness seeped out from deep within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s mountain top. The battle in both the sky and on the ground gradually came to a stop. Experts from both parties were looking at the source of the aura with surprise and uncertainty. Other than a small number of people, there was hardly anyone who knew the origin of the owner of this aura. The faces of even some experts at the Dou Huang class became unnaturally ugly when they sensed this aura.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 797

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 797 – Revealing Oneself Xiao Yan and Xie Shan hurriedly raised their heads upon hearing that tender laughter. They were stunned to see a purple-haired little girl was suspended in the sky in front of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion at this moment. Her figure was extremely agile as she dodged the wild attacks by the latter. Each time she dodged, the little girl would strike her palm on the large shell of the Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion. What seemed like a tender, white, little hand would emit a clear metallic sound each time

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 796

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 796 – Four Wings Sky Demon Scorpion The light seal did not hesitate as it ruthlessly smashed into Wu Ya’s body in front of the countless number of gazes. A soul-stirring explosion resounded over the sky. The face of even expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class, Wu Ya, was covered by an unusual redness upon receiving this heavy attack. He felt a sweetness in his throat and a mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily wildly thrown up. The aura of his entire body was completely weary and the pair of Dou Qi wings

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 795

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 795 – Kill Xiao Yan ceased hesitating as this thought flashed across his heart. His hand seal also suddenly moved. “Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!” A soft cry sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart and the Glazed Fire Lotus Flame within his body immediately followed a mysterious vein pathway as it swiftly circulated. A wild and violent strength also slowly seemed out, causing the interior of Xiao Yan’s body to be filled with an incomparable surging strength. Xiao Yan ignored the change in expressions of Wu Ya and the other person on the opposite side after his aura