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Great Demon King Chapter 258

Great Demon King Chapter 258 – Headquarters The dangerously steep cliff, that was tapering into a bottomless abyss, was covered in floating clouds. The crimson sunset was outstanding in the sky, shining on the towering cliff, which now looked like an enormous red branding iron. This cliff was a long distance away from the Valley of Sunshine. This kind of cliff wasn’t uncommon in the Kerlan mountain range. Rugged, oddly shaped rocks were scattered all over the bare cliff and no plants grew anywhere. Standing atop the cliff, Han Shuo leapt straight downwards. In just a breath of time, he fell


Perfect World Chapter 243

Perfect World Chapter 243 – Waking Up An enormous pair of stone doors blocked their road, with ancient trees growing beside it. These were the kind of trees that the ancient wood of the Kun Peng nest came from. They were like walls as they towered over this area, making the route through the stone doors the only path available. “Are we really only now getting closer to the nest’s true entrance?” Even though everyone had already entered this enormous structure a long time ago, they had never seen the nest’s ancient wood until now. As a result, it was perfectly

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 641

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 641 – Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (One) Laughing, the Saint Ruler answered, “The Qinhuang Kingdom barely has any time to look after itself. How could it spend extra time trying to reach here? Jian Chen, if you were hoping to look to the Qinhuang Kingdom for support, then you should give up now and obediently hand over the tungsten alloy. I won’t make things troublesome for you, but if you don’t comply, then you’ll know the consequences.” Unless he was forced to, the Saint Ruler didn’t want to kill

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 409

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 409 – One Triumphant Move “Senior Brother is amazing, he already obtained a dragon soul.” A disciple exclaimed after seeing Yan Long’s transformation into a giant fiery dragon. Long Yan had the bloodline of a Fire Serpent, so he belonged to the demon dao. If he could make the dragon flames eventually give birth to a dragon soul, then in the future, it could evolve into a True Dragon. At that time, his bloodline would undergo a real transformation to become a powerful and heaven-defying divine beast. “Senior Brother, beat him up!” A junior brother cheered while waving

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 408

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 408 – A Kiss If Lan Yunzhu was not there, then maybe Yan Long would have been the descendant of the Thousand Carp River. Of course, compared to a devilish monster like Lan Yunzhu, Yan Long was much weaker. Moreover, Lan Yunzhu’s cultivation within the river sect was a mystery. The disciples only knew that she was very strong, strong to the point where she could challenge any descendant from the other emperor’s lineages in the Sacred Nether World. “Senior Brother, beat him in three moves!” The moment Yan Long entered the stage, countless disciples loudly cheered to

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 407

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 407 – Venerable Yang “Giving up without a fight is not my style at all. Since your sect wishes to test me, then I just have to rise up to the challenge!” In the end, Li Qiye answered the daoist. Daoist Bao Gui was not surprised by his answer as he nodded his head: “Very well, since there are three trials, one of them will be chosen by you to keep it fair.” “Okay, if I can specify a trial, then I will choose what the second trial will be.” Li Qiye decisively responded with ease. “Good, the

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 406

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 406 – Thousand Carp River’s Arrangement “The issue of Yan Long and Yunzhu can be put aside.” Elder Lin continued: “But that Li brat is definitely not worthy of our descendant. Just give him some small benefits so that he’ll happily give up on this marriage! Hmph, a little brat like him cannot control such a grand matter.” “Let the youth decide their own business.” While the elders were debating nonstop, an old voice emanated throughout the room. “Venerable Yang!” After hearing this voice, all the elders in this room quivered as their expressions became serious. This was

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 405

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 405 – The Storm Of A Marriage Keep in mind that a Jewel Sovereign would not throw out empty words, so anyone who heard these hints would be scared out of their mind. It was not difficult for a Jewel Sovereign to kill a young disciple, especially if he personally took action when they were outside. Lu Baiqiu, as a Region Lord, had experienced many things. She felt a chill after hearing such a blatant threat. Li Qiye would truly be in danger if a Jewel Sovereign like Elder Lin wished to do such a thing. “Threatening me?”

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 376

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 376 – Wang Jue’s Conviction The spectators watched on with shock as Yao Jun was slain. A terrifying existence ranked #13 on the last Heavenly Fate Rankings,  easily killed by the mysterious black-robed figure. Even now, nobody knew who the black-robed figure really was. They didn’t even know if he was a male or female, but seeing that this person chose to cultivate such an overbearing tyrannical art, the spectators guessed that the figure was most likely a male. Now that Yao Jun was dead, the others behind him all moved forwards by one ranking. As for

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1290

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1290 – Returning to the Heavengod Alliance “Nothing’s impossible,” Meng Hao said with a cold snort. His divine sense exploded out, and the fog within it seethed as though some gigantic, invisible hand were stirring it. It only took a moment for all of the fog to begin to spin around. If it were possible to view the scene from high above, it would appear as if all of the fog in the world had transformed into a vortex, breaking the silence and causing rumbling sounds to echo out in all directions. Meng Hao’s expression