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True Martial World Chapter 875

True Martial World Chapter 875 – Luo Huo’er’s Maleficent Idea “Your Majesty, I came here firstly to visit the Luo clan royal capital on invitation, and secondly to see Princess Purple Spirit. And as a matter of convenience, I will take the princess to the White Fox clan.” Bai Yueqing turned towards Luo Huo’er, his tone suddenly sounding even more pleasant. The way he looked at Luo Huo’er made her feel uncomfortable all over. “What is this male seductive fox doing? Why are his eyes so salacious? It’s giving me goosebumps all over.” And from Yi Yun’s side, he felt that


Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 520

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 520 – The Great Perfection Stage of the 5th Heavenly Layer, Unexpected Recovery of the Heart Aggressiveness! It lacked the aggressiveness of the hammer! It was also the power used to overwhelm others! Qing Shui stood there silently. There were many different kinds of weapons in the world, each with different types of uses. Some weapons were light and agile, some were extremely heavy, some were menacing, some were cunning, and some were poisonous… It should be possible to use one type of weapon to unleash the effectiveness of another type, just like how one would be

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 519

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 519 – Breakthrough of the “Acupuncture Clearing of Four Limbs”, Thousand Hammer Technique Heaven Realm Qing Shui held her hands tightly…… Huoyun Liu-Li raised her head and saw the gentle look in Qing Shui’s eyes, a sweet feeling arose in her heart and she slightly lowered her reddened face. That moment caused Qing Shui’s heart to be itchy, however, since there were so many people around, Qing Shui could only massage the jade-like hand he held. After dinner, Qing Bei kept shouting out to ride the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the other members of the three generations of

Limitless Sword God Chapter 264

Limitless Sword God Chapter 264 – Rush Forth Sou Sou Sou Sou On the brilliant white snow covered mountain top, rushed out a big snow white light, the snow that resembled goose feathers revolved at high speed around the snow white light, transforming into a hurricane, crashing onto the distant gigantic frozen stone. Kacha! The heavy frozen stone disintegrated, splashing in all directions, the sharp Swift Wind Spirit Qi releasing in all directions. A young lady dressed in goosefeather clothes placed down her sword, looking at the wreckage ahead, she sighed lightly. Her delicate face was full of sorrow. “Good! Good!

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 640

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 640 – Dealing with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger About ten thousand meters high in the sky above the Qinhuang Kingdom, the faint image of a person could be seen surrounded by a sea of clouds. With those clouds in the way, neither of the four Imperial Protectors had seen or sensed his existence. The astral figure was currently staring down at the Space Gate in the center of the Qinhuang Kingdom’s palace. The figure’s fists were clenched tightly and his teeth were gritted angrily as he spat, “Blasted  scoundrel! He escaped through the Space Gate.

Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 622

Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 622 – Killing Lin Langtian The fuzzy black human figure collided heavily onto the light barrier. Lin Dong’s icy cold eyes vaguely possessed a trace of savageness as he stood before the figure, while green dragon fists that contained a terrifying strength poured down uncontrollably onto the dark black figure like a storm. Bang! Bang! Bang! Numerous heat palpitating low thuds sounded out from the figure. Everyone could see the swiftly spreading circular ripples on the light barrier behind the black figure. The current Lin Dong was exactly like a crazy demon. Mo Ling, Liu Bai

Martial World Chapter 707

Martial World Chapter 707 – Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion Lin Ming took a deep breath, overjoyed. Not only was the Black Hole Revolving Core able to autonomously cultivate, but it could also absorb heaven and earth origin energy at a pace far surpassing an ordinary Revolving Core martial artist. This alone would increase his endurance and recovery to another level. In addition, a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist had a true essence several times thicker than normal. In front of a Black Hole Revolving Core martial artist, an ordinary person would not even have the chance to resist. After reaching

Perfect World Chapter 242

Perfect World Chapter 242 – Free-For-All Time was now extremely crucial. There wasn’t a single moment to spare, or else someone else was going to get it first. Everyone’s minds were filled with these thoughts as they killed their way forward. Murderous shouts immediately reached its peak, and experts fell down in large amounts. Blood and bone blossomed into the air, clearly showing the enticement of the Kun Peng’s divine technique. They all began to fight while risking life and limb, brandishing their precious artifacts while rushing forward. Only a short period of time had passed, yet the ground was already

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 80

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 80 – In The End, Ivan Is An Idiot ” Hmm. How frank, are you turning homosexual? ” Zirco said, alighting from the horse carriage. ” ….Eh? ” Willia….no, Will was in the carriage with Mr.Bear, discussing something. This came when Ivan was blankly staring at the starry sky. The soft and gentle smile of Jill Stuart was no where to be seen on the emotionless face. For a moment, unable to process, Ivan stared at him. ” Is Ivan-dono turning homo- ” ” No! Wait a minute! What are you mistaken about?! ” Ivan

True Martial World Chapter 874

True Martial World Chapter 874 – The Fox is Here As Empress Xuan’s palace, Fenghua Palace was much better than the viscount residence when it came to cultivating. It was practically one of the top cultivating grounds in the Luo clan royal capital. In the following days, Yi Yun peacefully cultivated in Fenghua Palace. His living arrangements were arranged by the palace maids that Empress Xuan assigned to him. He cultivated together with Luo Huo’er and they would spar at times. Time passed very quickly. On this day, the sky above Fenghua Palace suddenly buzzed with pearly sounds. It sounded distant