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Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 477

Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 477 – Enforcer Due to the sudden incident, Leylin’s return was delayed and he returned to the Ancient Blood Serpent Castle to rest. ”Thank you so much for what you did this time!” Freya sat beside Leylin and personally poured tea for him, her face full of gratitude. It was evident that the opponents had come for the Ancient Blood Serpent Castle, and attacking Leylin was only an afterthought. If not for Leylin’s help, the six Crystal Phase Magi would have attacked together. The castle might not have been able to defend against such an


Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 660

Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 660 – Four Stone Tablets Roar! Boundless fluctuations of energy swept across Lin Dong’s body the instant the Desolate Seed was formed. Contained within these fluctuations were incredibly rich and formidable Desolate Force! “Is this … Desolate Force?” These strong and familiar fluctuations were immediately detected by all the surrounding disciples. After sensing it, each and every one of them was shocked. To be able to emit Desolate Force, one had to first succeed in condensing a Desolate Seed. And to be able to condense a Desolate Seed, one must have mastered the Desolate Art till

True Martial World Chapter 924

True Martial World Chapter 924 – Heavenly Slaughter Array The Luo clan’s royal palace covered an extremely expansive area. And in this wide area, the palaces and buildings only took up an extremely tiny portion of that area. Behind the royal palace, there was a wide expanse dotted with immortal mountains and spiritual grounds. These immortal mountains was where Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered. It was a perfect place for cultivation. “This is the back of the Luo clan’s royal palace. Here, there are a hundred thousand immortal mountains. The deeper you go, the richer the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is,

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 592

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 592 – The Palace At The Bottom of The Lake, The Crystal Coffin “Lady Duanmu!” The two Martial Saint leveled elders were surprised to see her. They quickly bowed respectfully and greeted her! The expression in their eyes exuded the profound respect they had for her. It was not just the typical respect out of fear towards the powerful, but more like a sincere respect. “Oh, the Residence of Sky Tyrant Lord’s elders. Why are you all here?” The woman looked at the two old men in astonishment. Her eyes was a little moist as if she

Against the Gods Chapter 761

Against the Gods Chapter 761 – Fateful Turning Point “Xue’er, let’s go.” Yun Che didn’t continue his sentence. He couldn’t. He did not spare a glance for single person as he pulled Feng Xue’er’s hand and flew off into the distance without turning back. He had overwhelmed them with killing intent that sent shock and fear rippling down their spines a moment ago, but then abruptly released Xuanyuan Yufeng and departed with his head bowed low. This turn of events was something that left Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi dazed for a good while. “This Yun Che is even harder to

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 148

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 148 – Twilight Yang Chen who had returned to the business class side returned to his seat to rest. The half an hour he spent making love left him very satisfied, but in a small space like a toilet, he was practically doing what he enjoyed while standing most of the time, and that made his waist ache.   But right at this time, a pair of eyes which had a gaze filled with coldness shot towards him.   Yang Chen shivered for a moment, he looked up and it turned out that Mo

True Martial World Chapter 923

True Martial World Chapter 923 – Standards for Disciple Selection How was one to become a disciple of a Divine Lord? What were the standards that Felicitous Rain Lord demanded in a disciple? The young elites present were all extremely excited. Everyone that could sit in the gathering was a blessed child of heaven. It was not only limited to the cream of the crop that had participated in the Luo Divine Hall trials and the White Fox clan trials, there were young geniuses who were older, to the point of them being two to three hundred years old. They had

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 405

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 405 – Mount Li in Chaos Today in the dwelling at the peak of Mount Li, several more unconscious people were lying between Qiushan Jun and Qi Jian. Those wounds which had been very simply bandaged were still oozing blood, and the scene seemed rather bloody. Outside the dwelling stood several dozen Mount Li disciples. Bai Cai stood at the very front, one hand supporting the Sect Master while the other held his sword. His face was somewhat pale, both because he was sick from the sight of blood and because his emotions were rather agitated. Of course, this agitation

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 561

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 561 – The speech that got to see the light of day once more! Pui? He actually said pui? He really said pui? Where’s the academic speech that you were going to give? Damn, it was supposed to be an academic speech, no? What is this? What was this? What the heck are you saying!? The first thought that came to the minds of many of the Peking University teachers was: Game over! This nationalistic youth who cannot keep quiet for more than a second…has gone crazy again! Matsumoto stood up in shock! The other Japanese

Release that Witch Chapter 267

Release that Witch Chapter 267 – The fated ending Mayne passed through the gloomy corridors before he rode the hanging cage into the depths, arriving at the secret temple inside the gigantic cavity. His Excellency O’Brien was already waiting at the doorway. He seemed to have aged since the last time he’d seen him. He had wrinkles spreading out like a spider web from the corners of his inwardly sunken eyes and over his cheeks. However, his smile was still just as soft and filled with concern. Mayne couldn’t keep his eyes from becoming wet at the sight. He quickly sunk