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Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 129

Chapter 129: False Alarm You have to know, the acupoint of the inner core is the root of all cultivators. If this place were to be destroyed, even if one wasn’t killed, all of his cultivation would be lost. For Han Bing’er to deal such a heavy hand during a friendly spar between sects was considered over the top. Even Hao could not help but frown as she lectured Han Bing’er softly, “Bing’er, I only wanted you to teach him a lesson. How could you be so vicious?” Now, Hao was also completely frustrated. You have to know, although she

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change The three of them began to pour wine for each other and started chatting about all topics beneath the heavens. Finally, Fatty Lu asked to be excused when it was past midnight. He could feel the beast blood on his body and the immense aura emanating through the flask. This made his heart itch and he couldn’t wait to go back earlier and refine the beast blood. Jiang Chen smiled and sent Fatty Lu on his way. Liu Wencai felt a bit awkward and smiled, “He’s just like this, don’t think much

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Two Portions of Beast Blood In terms of strength, Chu Xinghan was currently below Ceng Shi. In terms of potential, Chu Xinghan could not match up to Long Juxue. But in terms of shrewdness and strength of heart, neither of the two measured up to Chu Xinghan. He saw things more clearly than even Master Shuiyue. Senior brother Ceng Shi and junior sister Long Juxue was destined to be unable to coexist together. His honored master had never handled this problem well. However, Chu Xinghan was a smart person. He naturally wouldn’t give Master Shuiyue any pointers for

Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 362

A Fair Trial *Rumble!* Faint fluctuations travelled over, and for there to be so many undulations despite the long distance allowed the people in the carriage to ascertain their identities. “They’re Magi, official Magi! It looks like they’re battling. Do we still proceed?” A peak rank 1 Magus guild master approached Leylin’s carriage and bowed, asking for further instructions. “Of course!” Leylin spoke indifferently. With the power, they held when they banded together, they could easily go on a rampage in the eastern region. Thus, they were fearless. The guild leader seemed to have the same thoughts and, after a

Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 361

Movement “I really can’t hide anything from you!” Logan laughed bitterly. “As you know, the situation in the central region is not favourable. The dark elves are a part of it, but the Protector of Twilight Zone is the more pressing issue…” Leylin roughly understood the situation. Powerful rank 2 Magi normally overtook the duties of protecting the north, south, east, and west of the Twilight Zone, but central Twilight Zone was different. That area housed the elite forces of Twilight zone, so the overseeing Magus was titled the “Guardian of the Realm”. The current generation’s Guardian possessed the strength

God and Devil World Chapter 474

Chapter 474 – Pouncing on Thin Air! “Go to hell you Chinese dog!!” Wu Tong Xiong had reached Yue Zhong in a mere 3 seconds, as a spear thrust came slicing through the air like a meteor, aiming for Yue Zhong’s head. His speed had thoroughly surpassed that of a Type 2 Lightning. The Second Order Forest Ranger Transformation had given him a huge boost to his body constitution, at the same time, within the forest, his movement speed and battle senses were enhanced. This spear strike was infinitely more overbearing and oppressive than the one he had unleashed on

Sevens Chapter 319

The Winning Horse … A village a little ways from the main road was astir from early in the morning. The adults holed themselves in their homes with their farming tools, praying that nothing would happen. The scene a young boy who’d taken flight from the village witnessed wasn’t that of any army he’d ever seen before. “What the hell’s that…” It was as if a fortress was moving. Around it the soldiers preceded without rest in the direction of Centralle, the cool morning air a little different than usual. His mouth held open at the sight of the great

Martial God Asura Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 – Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That “Mn, very well.” “It’s pretty late now, you should return and rest up.” “I’ll go and help that Bai Suyan with her injuries. As her injuries are not light, it would be extremely slow for her to try to heal herself, which might even delay our journey to the Boundless Green Sea,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed, Half Martial Emperor White Ape smiled a relieved smile before leaving. “Haha, I truly would have never imagined that this monkey-like old man would give you such an enormous gift.” “This

Martial God Asura Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 – Unexpected Harvest At this moment, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s eyebrows were raised. His anger was clearly visible. He pointed at Bai Suyan and said, “With what you’ve turned the Ascension Sect into, I should be disciplining you. Yet, because the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster did not mind it, I have decided to not mind it either.” “However, you, an outsider, actually dared to meddle in our Cyanwood Mountain’s domestic affairs. That I cannot disregard!” “I do not care where you’re from or what sort of background you possess, I will give you some warnings today. Else, you’ll

Martial God Asura Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 – Exploiting One Another “You cannot stop me,” When she saw the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster blocking her path, a flash of coldness shone through Bai Suyan’s eyes. She did not have the slightest sentiment towards him, despite the fact that she was married to him. “I am not planning to stop you,” Compared to the enormous coldness displayed by Bai Suyan, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was considerably calm. “In that case, what are you doing then?” Bai Suyan asked. “I merely wish to send you off,” The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster smiled. His smile was very easy-going, it was