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I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 413
Posted under I’m Really a Superstar

Chapter 413: Zhang Ye is Injured! Upstairs. At his doorstep. “Go slowly, Teacher Zhang.” The female reporter helped him. “I’m fine.” Zhang Ye said as he wobbled with each step. A male reporter said in horror, “What do you mean you’re fine!? Look at your blood!” A cameraman said loudly,

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 238
Posted under Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 238 – Misery Loves Company It seemed to be a good thing for her to lose her memory though. The girl must have been through some really tough years. If she had lost all the miserable memory about her life after six, it would certainly be good. At least

King of Gods Chapter 149
Posted under King of Gods

Chapter 149 – Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave (2) The Silver Striped Blood Corpse slowly stood up from the dried pond like a person being revived revived. At the same time, it released a chilling aura.   Weng~~   The entire cave started to shake, like the wicked energy was too

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 339
Posted under Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 339 – A Strong Elder Association in Heavenly Palace, Acupuncture Point Clearing Art   After all, it would only cause him a 30 minute delay every morning, and he would be leaving very soon.   Arriving at Cang Wuya’s residence, Qing Shui felt that the place was very heartwarming,

Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 338
Posted under Ancient Strengthening Technique

338 – Qing Shui’s State of Minute Subtlety   She could never forget when Qing Shui spoke out, “Goddess?”, “Demon?”   In any case, he was the first person who gave her “feelings”. She realised that she had difficulty putting the feelings she had towards him into words. Especially the

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 292
Posted under Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 292: Le Yi When standing in front of this monolith and seeing the name “Lion Monarch Ba Xian”, Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but become emotional and proud. This was her grandfather’s ancestor! Not only did he study at the academy, but he also swept through the Eight Desolaces. Even

True Martial World Chapter 742
Posted under True Martial World

Chapter 742: A Leaf to Cover the Skies! As Yi Yun and Lin Xintong combined forces, the Yin and Yang energies within their bodies blended together. Because of them combining forces, the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” experienced a harmonious reconciliation, resulting in a qualitative change in strength. As the starlight showered

Sevens Chapter 280
Posted under Sevens

Prologue … A dim, cloudy sky. As snow fell over Centralle, the capital of the Bahnseim Kingdom was strangely quiet. There were few youths among the people walking the streets. Male youths were especially low in number. It wasn’t as if the snow was the only reason no one wandered.