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Martial God Asura Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 – Already Prepared “It would seem that this was the reason why she had been staying in the Ascension Sect.” “Merely, what is it that she’s fighting for right now?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze changed slightly. He finally realized what had happened. It turned out that the map that Bai Suyan had had him decipher was not located elsewhere. Instead, it was actually deep in the Ascension Sect’s underground. Chu Feng had thought that Bai Suyan had stayed in the Ascension Sect for a certain purpose the entire time. And now, he finally knew what her purpose was.

I Shall Seal the Heavens Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218: Mutual Deception! Massive rumbling could be heard as the 30,000-meter chunk of the Ruins of Immortality crushed the Blacksoul Society disciples beneath it to death! Simultaneously, an intense shockwave spread out from the place where it landed, filling the entire planet. A massive blast of wind surged out, engulfing Heaven and Earth. Countless mountains were ripped up, and numerous rivers were transformed into raindrops. It was as if the entire planet had been punched! The disciples in the periphery were smashed by the shockwave and sent tumbling out of control through the air, blood spraying from their mouths.

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Above the Top Li Qiye spoke to the girls in a very serious manner: “Wait a bit. Then, we will jump down from here. Remember, when I say ‘jump’, you guys must use all of your strength to jump. The higher the better! We will repeat this three times, got it!?” Li Qiye showed a solemn expression that was never-before-seen, taking the three by surprise. They finally managed to climb to the top of the World Tree — this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! But now, they were asked to jump down… This was too hard to believe. “Why

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Karmic Flame Scissors A bit later, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and asked: “Why didn’t the sect master come?” This time, he intended to focus on training the group of Li Shuangyan including even his master, Su Yonghuang. “She was afraid she wouldn’t make it in time. Prior to this, she took a trip to the Heaven’s Edge and she still hasn’t come back yet.” Li Shuangyan explained. “Going back to the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan?” Li Qiye was a bit surprised, but he didn’t inquire any further. Su Yonghuang was the descendant of the Su Clan, so

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Path of God, Power of Faith! It finally appeared, the legendary Sand Demon, the magical life that dominated this battlefield. All the black sand quickly gathered up and became a beast, growing bigger and bigger until it ultimately surpassed the sand monster created by Han. Aoao~ The sand monster that Han created roared fiercely. The sound was still brutal, but it obviously had a little bit of fear mixed in. Perhaps because the Sand Demon was the mother form of the sand monsters, or maybe it was its presence alone, when the Sand Demon really appeared, even Han

Against the Gods Chapter 725

Chapter 725 – Atoning for the Sins of the Father Yun Che’s words suddenly caused the atmosphere to become stifling once more as the sense of elation felt by the Divine Phoenix Sect from the awakening of Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix Soul mercilessly had a bucket of cold water splashed over it. Today, no matter how unable Feng Hengkong was to understand and accept it, he had no choice but to realize that the fate of the Divine Phoenix Sect lay solely in the hands of Yun Che right now—at least it was for the decade before Feng Xue’er fully blossomed

True Martial World Chapter 812

Chapter 812: Empress Earth Dao Tree Although the cultivators were astonished that Ran Yu wanted to obtain the recognition of two ancient Fey columns, they did not think he was being overambitious. Instead, they felt a strange feeling suffuse from the bottom of their hearts. They were all the same participants of the same trial, but Tian Shi had been taken away in advance, while Ran Yu was prepared to obtain the recognition of two ancient Fey columns. As the best trial participants of the Fire Cloud State, they had opened a gap from normal participants like them right from

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 309

AGM 309 – Two Madmen Chu Mang similarly exploded in rage when he heard Ouyang Ting’s words. A terrifying aura gushed forth from him, what wrong had Fan Le done? Why did she want to chop off one of his arms? As a raging wind billowed past, the two external Ouyang cultivators as well as the third prince of Qiyun, Ye Mo, instantly moved towards Fan Le, surrounding him. Qin Wentian and Chu Mang, both stood to the left and right side of Fan Le. The atmosphere in the training grounds was pervaded by a sense of heaviness. But of

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (Three) The area to the back of the Shi family compound was a forbidden place for many people to enter. Only the lord of the Shi family and the elders could convene and gather there. One by one, they looked off to a hole in the mountain with a reverent gaze. Following the sounds of stone being moved aside, the heavy stone gates to the mountain slowly started to rise up, revealing a pitch dark hole. From within, a middle-aged man dressed in white slowly made his figure known to everyone. Upon seeing

Absolute Choice Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Inverse Sourced World Riko’s tiny scheme naturally succeeded, and its effects were outstanding. The moment Shi Xiaobai realized that he could awaken a superpower that surpassed [High Frequency Vibrokinesis] when he reached the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, he immediately felt his blood surging. The flames of infinite fighting spirit burned in his eyes. “Hurry up and begin. This King can no longer wait!” Shi Xiaobai said with an eager look. Riko chuckled deep down, but continued giving an oblivious expression. She said, “Calm down first. The first step to Cogitation is meditation. You need to