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Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Progress into the Deeper Regions The sound of rushing wind was heard as a couple of figures flitted past the thick forest, their agile bodies like monkeys. The complicated terrain within the forest was no hindrance to them at all. “Brother Lin Dong, all the competitors who have entered this core region should be heading towards the Hundred Empire Mountain, which is the most central location in this place. Not only is it the most central location, it should also be the final competition venue.” A figure gently pressed his toes on a tree branch, catching up to

Absolute Choice Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Can I call you Big Brother? “The Hero is here” were the words Shi Xiaobai was waiting all along for. In fact, at the final moment when he failed during his second go, he had heard the same words. At the moment after Little Fatso was tortured to death by Sahadun, and with Sahadun walking over to him, he had slowly closed his eyes, but this line travelled into his ears—The Hero is here! But following that, the fiery voice of “Make your choice, youth!” rang in his head. Hence, before he had the chance to catch a

Absolute Choice Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero! “Heroes are unable to save this putrefying world. Magnificent Lord Sahadun will destroy it and kill those useless heroes along the way!” “Big Brother…” “I am not your Big Brother. I am Sahadun’s most loyal servant. Whatever I said to you was just a lie. Foolish mortal, your feebleness has never changed. You are only a fatty who has snot dripping down your nose, forever abandoned by your friends! You are the lowliest existence in the world!” “Mommy…” “Your fantasies will be shattered by me. Your pride will be trampled by me. Your insolence against

Absolute Choice Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Have you experienced Despair? Little Fatso’s tragic screaming and crying echoed in the park in succeeding fashion. It was as if his cries would shatter the evening afterglow, drowning all light. With all four limbs severed, and his tongue in pieces, Shi Xiaobai lay there bleeding profusely. He let out whimpers of anger, hate and worry. It was unknown what “magic” the calamity fiend had cast on him before leaving him. A black glow enshrouded him, and the stumps of his four broken limbs were no longer bleeding. The pain was intense enough to knock him out, yet

Absolute Choice Chapter 2

Chapter 2: If Despair had a Color “Make your choice, youth!” The fiery voice buzzed in his head. The three lines of black text in front of his eyes were still [Save Little Fatso], [Escape] and [Watch by the sidelines]. Time was similarly frozen. As if the ending had been overturned, and the story had restarted once again. “Was that just a dream? Has my clairvoyant ability awoken in this world?” Shi Xiaobai’s mind buzzed, but as he recalled the terrifying experience from before, he could not help but shudder. However, a strong sense of fighting spirit promptly ignited in

Absolute Choice Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Make Your Choice, Youth “Implode reality, pulverize thy spirit. By banishing this world, comply with the blood pact, I will summon forth thee, O’ young Demon King!” At a park during sunset, a childlike, handsome youth placed his left hand on his chest, while his right hand was stretched out with his fingers wide open, as though he was about to release something amazing from his palm. He looked serious and solemn. His eyes were as bright as the stars, reflecting a shadow in them. It was like it encompassed the darkness of the entire world. “Big Brother,

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25-26: Dungeon’s Internal Stability The kobold and goblin bosses. At first there was 9 but now only 5 remained. 4 had died during the war. And the 1,700 troops had decreased by more than half. The war was that violent. Of course, I took care of most of the Awakened alone but a promise was a promise. I considered the number of creatures left and presented them with some females. The just summoned female kobolds and goblins were frightened but I didn’t worry about it and placed a fixed number with each unit. “Kiek! Dungeon Master! Thank you!” “Increase the number! Make

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 21-24

Chapter 21-24: 2000 vs 800 10 days. Yoo Eun-hye completely changed. Her confidence rose and she acted more aggressively. Her physical abilities rose to a state similar to a warrior. With a little more help, she could take care of the dungeon alone. Then after a long time, I finally returned to the top floor of the dungeon. ‘I need to find a skill book for Yoo Eun-hye. An electric current is flowing through her body so she needs to move onto the next step.’ In a previous life, I was a solo person. I did everything alone and tried to get

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 307

AGM 307 – Offended Someone? Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with a strange glow when he heard that. Sparring? Qin Wentian inclined his gaze, contemplating the young lady that stood before them. She exuded an innate arrogance and a sense of nobility, like that of a high-up, unreachable princess. Her snow-white skin and beautiful features further accentuated her unattainable status, alleviating her above the common crowd. Such an aura did indeed have a resemblance to Ouyang Kuangsheng, and also, Yang Fan. This young lady was only around eighteen years of age, and had a cultivation base at the fifth level of

Dungeon Defense Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Thou Come to Me I’ll admit it now. I’m a son of a bitch. If I’m to be a bit more honest, then I should confess that I’m not just a simple son of a bitch, but a very intelligent son of a bitch. I was not only the smartest person among the people I knew, but I was also the most honest. To be exact, as I was smart enough to realize that I was a son of a bitch, I was also honest enough to admit only that fact. Individuals who possessed both wisdom and