With a thought, the ocean shifted.

With a thought, the fields moved.

With a thought, a thousand demons slain.

With a thought, a thousand gods fell.

My thought is … Eternity.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xianxia

Associated Names:
A Belief Held Forever in My Heart,
A Thought is Eternal,
Nhất Niệm Vĩnh Hằng,
Yi Nian Yong Heng,

Related Series:
I Shall Seal the Heavens (Shared Universe),
Xian Ni (Shared Universe),
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Er Gen,

Chinese Novel

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 146

Chapter 146 – Valiant! The faces of the two disciples from the Pill Creek Sect were deathly pale. Their hair flew up as their clothes wildly danced, even their exposed skin had marks left by deep depressions. Their terror was such that their souls practically left and scattered*[1], and their panic reached its pinnacle. In the centre of the gale, their bodies resembled a lone boat amidst raging waves, and in an instant, their bodies were pushed with a strength strong enough to topple mountains and overturn seas. Facing this monstrous force, the duo fell back involuntarily, spurting out fresh

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 145

Chapter 145 – You Must Be Killed! Bai Xiaochun felt as if he had been hit on the head. The person in front of him was indeed able to kill a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment. He was an unprecedented fierce person who would confront the heavens. In Bai Xiaochun’s thoughts, such a person should’ve already entered the world within the sword. Why would he still be in the abyss outside the sword, moreover, why would he come to this sort of this deep area? Bai Xiaochun immediately felt a strong sense of peril as he sensed a wave of

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 144

Chapter 144 – Grandpa Bai Will Fight It Out With You! As for whether or not there would be an ambush at the entrance, this issue couldn’t be helped, you could only rely on yourself. Jade slips were also unable to transmit information. However, if there were many disciples from the same sect entering, generally, there wouldn’t be any big incidences unless it was an extremely deadly ambush. After four disciples entered the crevice, Hou Yunfei also chose to step through. However, the moment before he entered, he spoke to Bai Xiaochun, hoping he would take care of his junior

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – They Must Be Doing It Intentionally! Bai Xiaochun sucked in a deep breath as he slowly withdrew his gaze. As he glanced at the surrounding crowd, he found Xu Xiaoshan, who was introduced in the jade slip. Xu Xiaoshan was the easiest to recognise. He possessed a handsome appearance and wore a complacent expression. Whenever he looked at people, he would always lift his chin, as if there was nothing that would make him look at someone or something directly. Both Xu Xiaoshan’s appearance and temperament was that of a pampered young master; it was especially conspicious.

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 142

Chapter 142 – The Heaven’s Chosen Of Each Sect! Just from gazing at the entrance alone, Bai Xiaochun instinctively felt a feeling of trepidation from the Ancient Sword Abyss. He glanced at the jade slip as he frowned; portraits of three other sects disciples along with their description were detailed in the jade slip. Bai Xiaochun raised his head and inspected the area around him; under his scrutiny, he could identify the disciples of the Pill Creek Sect and the Mystic Creek Sect. He paid special attention towards the disciples which the jade slip had put emphasis on during the

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – Meteoric Sword Abyss The arrival of Bai Xiaochun attracted the attention of the over two hundred disciples who had gathered at the great palace, all of them directed their gazes towards him. Shangguan Tianyou, Zhou Xinqi, Lu Tianlei, Beihan Lie, Xu Song, Gongsun Wan’er, Gongsun Yun, Hou Yufei, and some others… even Gui Ya did as well! One could see encouragement and mirth in Li Qinghou’s eyes Bai Xiaochun quickly landed in front of Li Qinghou and paid his deep respects to him. “Stand behind me,” Li Qinghou noticed Bai Xiaochun’s bloodshot eyes, seemingly understanding his endeavor.

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 140

Chapter 140 – Sacred Land of Foundation Establishment Another month had passed and Tie Dan’s behaviour had completely turned for the worst. Regardless of who it was, each and every single male disciple who had previously provoked Bai Xiaochun seemed to be extremely agonised to the point of being insane, yet they weren’t able do anything about it. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation had finally reached the peak level of the tenth level of Qi Condensation, reaching the apex of the Qi Condensation stage. It was as if he had hit a barrier, causing him to become unable

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 139

Chapter 139 – It Really Wasn’t Me! At that moment, outside the pavilion, an uproar could be heard. Startled, Bai Xiaochun got up and pushed open the great doors, discovering a massive amount of disciples from the North Bank had gathered outside the formation array.. “What are you guys doing?!” Bai Xiaochun’s expression changed, he backed up a few steps giving the gears in his brain enough time to work, searching for anything he might have done this time. After a long time of thinking, Bai Xiaochun failed to think of anything he could have done to enrage the North

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 138

Chapter 138 – Tie Dan’s Hobby A brief moment later, the white-robed elder in the sky let out a sigh; he understood that this combat beast could no longer recognise any other person as its master in its entire life. Even if it was forced to recognise another master, the dependence on Bai Xiaochun that flows in its blood would become the other person’s greatest obstacle. One could say that, in this world, its master will forever be… Bai Xiaochun. Even if Bai Xiaochun were to die one day, this beast will also never forget that there was once a

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – My Combat Beast! At this moment, it seemed as if the entire North Bank was paying attention to this. Even a few gazes from the Zhong Dao mountain had gathered on this place in an instant. “This is… eh? When a faintly discernible light sound of surprise echoed out, a red colour unexpectedly appeared in the whirlpool in the sky in an instant. Even the sky had turned into a patch of red.It was at this moment when an ear-piercing shriek echoed out of the wilting Rearing Beast Flower. Following the cry, that strong aura abruptly reversed