Against the Gods (逆天邪神)

Genre Tags: fantasy, different world, level up, refreshing
Translator Tags: mature, harem

A boy is being chased by various people because he alone holds some kind of treasure. He jumps off a cliff to not let any of them have it and wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world. Fortunately, he has kept the treasure he ran off with.

Against the Gods Chapter 724

Chapter 724 – The Awakened Phoenix Soul Within Feng Xue’er The flames directly struck against Feng Tianwei’s chest, causing him to suffocate in an instant. At the same time, all the profound energy that welled-up within his body receded back like a tide…. This brought him great shock as he swiftly congealed all of his energy, but no matter how he tried to circulate his profound energy, he was still unable to release any of it. In the span of a single breath, even the Phoenix flames burning on his body had been completely extinguished. This bizarre occurrence, which had

Against the Gods Chapter 723

Chapter 723 – Reason Facing the “pardon” Feng Xue’er exchanged using her tears, Feng Tianwei’s actions were considered extremely shameless and despicable. Especially since he was the Phoenix Grand Sect Master, the exceptionally strong level six Monarch. He lost all his dignity and pride. However, everyone who witnessed this, except for Feng Xue’er, did not feel shock nor did anyone feel that it was inappropriate. This of course included Yun Che. The blood debt he owed after bringing chaos to the Divine Phoenix Sect, his incomparably terrifying strength, ruthless and venomous personality, and his evident irregular feelings for Feng Xue’er…

Against the Gods Chapter 722

Chapter 722 – Cruel “Xue’er, could it be that you cannot see what he’s currently doing?!” Feng Tianwei face turned green. When he faced the threat that Yun Che brought before, there was no change in his expression. However, after Feng Xue’er’s arrival, each scene that he saw caused his entire body to shiver. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Yun Che, “If you don’t believe, you can ask him for yourself!” “They did not lie to you.” Immediately after Feng Tianwei finished speaking, Yun Che’s calm voice had already resounded, “In the past few days, I’ve already

Against the Gods Chapter 721

Chapter 721 – Finally Meeting Yun Che did not turn around. Ever since he had entered Divine Phoenix Empire, the person he had feared seeing the most had been Feng Xue’er. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but rather he couldn’t… nor did he dare to. Furthermore, with every time he stepped in Phoenix City and every additional member of Divine Phoenix Sect he killed, the more unable he became to face Feng Xue’er. Not only was she a member of Divine Phoenix Sect, she was also the daughter of Feng Hengkong. Furthermore, she was of the apple of

Against the Gods Chapter 720

Chapter 720 – Excessive Extent In comparison to Feng Hengkong’s frame of mind and shrewdness, Feng Tianwei was naturally far superior. However, the precondition of a psychological warfare was that the opposing party couldn’t know one’s secrets. Otherwise, one would have lost before even starting. Although he didn’t know, it was even more so the case for Feng Tianwei, as even within the Divine Phoenix Sect, only small number of people knew that the Phoenix God was dead. “Conditions? Heh heh, as expected of the Grand Phoenix Sect Master, how sharp and straightforward you are. Truly so much better than

Against the Gods Chapter 719

Chapter 719 – The Threat of Annihilation As the Golden Crow Domain continued to expand, not only did its scarlet gold glow cover Phoenix City, it even covered the entire Divine Phoenix City. The towering Black Moon Headquarters which soared into the clouds was also dyed a crimson-red. Zi Ji stood in front of his window and gazed towards Phoenix City. While doing so, his expression kept on changing, and every single change was incomparably dramatic. “Hurry up and go underground! Fully activate the protective barrier!” Zi Ji’s sudden command caught the blue-clothed person beside him completely off-guard, as the

Against the Gods Chapter 718

Chapter 718 – Yellow Spring Ashes The scorching radiance shone down from the skies, illuminating every corner of Phoenix City with a scarlet golden glow. The source of the glow that was gradually descending like a purgatory of flames was currently consuming the heavens. It was so big that it nearly covered up a third of Phoenix City… and it was still continuously expanding. All the profound practitioners within Divine Phoenix Sect stopped what they were currently doing and looked towards the sky in a daze. They were so shocked that they were completely speechless. “What… is that?” Not just

Against the Gods Chapter 717

Chapter 717 – Insane Retaliation “WHAT? Yun Che killed Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing?” When Zi Ji receive this news, he was utterly shocked. He was shocked that Yun Che’s strength was so overwhelming; it far exceeded his expectations yet again. More than that, he was shocked that Yun Che would do something like killing Divine Monarchs… two of them in fact! No matter which Sacred Ground it was, the fall of a Monarch was a huge news that would even alert the other Sacred Grounds. For Divine Phoenix Sect whose number of Monarchs were considered sparse compared to the

Against the Gods Chapter 716

Chapter 716 – Feng Tianwei “The Phoenix Fire Barrier has only been reinforced two months ago… even if it were the elders Tianyu and Tianqing who are in the Sovereign Profound Realm, it’s impossible to breach it! Yun Che, he… he…” Everyone’s eyes widened as they stared blankly at the sky. They were so shocked that they were utterly dumbfounded. Their Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix Fire Barrier was undoubtedly the strongest protective barrier within the Profound Sky Seven Nations. Even if a mid stage Monarch were to attack it, it was not possible to destroy it in a short amount of

Against the Gods Chapter 715

Chapter 715 – Divine Phoenix’s Nightmare Aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, the only place within Profound Sky Seven Nations which possessed Monarchs was the Divine Phoenix Sect. The birth of the first Monarch in the history of the Divine Phoenix Sect signified that the strength of the sect was now on an entirely different level. The most telltale sign that a sect’s strength was constantly growing would be the number of Monarchs within the sect increasing. A thousand years ago, the number of Monarchs within Divine Phoenix Sect exceeded ten. This shocked everyone within the Profound Sky Continent,