A series about a man who awakens in a strange land to find himself in the body of a complete waste of human life. He has to try to help rebuild a family that has fallen to only himself and his few retainers. As the first arc of the story it grows and becomes an epic journey of adapting to new land while crippled by a drug he was forced to ingest as he was banished to a wasteland by the old nobles of the capital after his family sided with the wrong heir to the throne in line for succession.

His only aid in this unfamiliar world is a strange ability that was present when he awoke in his new body. He’s got the ability to enter a world that is basically a farming simulation game, except all of the food is usable in the outside world. For someone stuck in a wasteland, only this cheat will help him survive and move forward in this unfamiliar world along with his few loyal retainers as he tries to rebuild a fallen family. Farming, selling crops, trying to find a way forward with a body that’s crippled.

Follow the journey of Zhao Hai as he lives his life in a magical world filled with intrigue, farming, business, more farming, and other exciting non farming things, followed by farming and cultivation.

Action ,Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Supernatural

Associated Names:
Mang Theo Nông Trường Hỗn Dị Giới,

Ming Yu,

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 254

Chapter 254- Gift On Earth, oaths are like cold drinks. They don’t have the slightest sincerity. Especially for some people, who use oaths as a means to deceive others. But it was different here on Ark Continent. Here, no one would make oaths inadvertently. Especially to the deities they worshipped. Zhao Hai didn’t know if there really were deities on the continent, but he was sure about one thing; Oaths could not be made without thinking. Because he discovered that, once you made an oath, your heart would have a special feeling. It was like how Xu Wan Ying, who

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 253

Chapter 253 – Beheading Blood Oath Zhao Hai’s performance left Mendez with an incredibly good impression. Adding that to how Zhao Hai saved Wales before and even helped out after that, Mendez’s impression of Zhao Hai was much better than those of the other human merchants. After some laugh-filled conversation, Zhao Hai spoke to Wales, “Wales, my brother, what are you going to do now? Food isn’t an issue, but if you want to overthrow Gasol, you must have a chartered course. Moving on without thinking isn’t going to work.” Wales did a double take at that. To put it

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 252

Chapter 252 – 3 Jobs Zhao Hai’s display had the intention of showing his hand. He wasn’t afraid that Wales would be suspicious of him. He just wanted to let Wales know that he had a storage device. For the beastmen, spatial equipments were too mysterious, and even now they didn’t have a single one. It was because they did not have any that they treated spatial equipments like they were sacred artifacts. It was as if the space in a spatial equipment could fit an entire continent. Zhao Hai decided to display this ability in front of Wales and

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 251

Chapter 251 – Anytime Wales and Yale didn’t expect that Mendez and his team would sleep until the 2nd morning before waking up. Before that, they were like unconscious brain-dead people; no one moved or even turned in their sleep. Wales and Yale, however, were not sleeping. This display from Mendez and his team could only explain that they were too tired. The more it was like that, the more it meant that it was a grave matter. When the sun rose on the 2nd morning, a sound came from the tents. Wales and Yale, who hadn’t slept, were startled,

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – Determination Meg wasn’t that good at treating wounds. She was just a wind mage, but with the iron scroll in her hands, she would naturally have an easier time. She walked over to the herculean bulls and opened the scroll to use ‘Descent Of Holy Light’. A pillar of white light came down and illuminated the several hundred square metres of ground they were on. As the white light came down, the complexions of Mendez and others became much better while fatigue vanished from their faces. Those who had injuries were having their wounds closed up rapidly.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – Sudden Change By noon, Zhao Hai knew why Wales didn’t hurry earlier at morning. Wales and the others didn’t even stop during noon, and they just ate some jerkies on their mounts and drank a few mouthfuls of water. They didn’t stop during their trip. Of course, the jerkies Wales and the others were eating were not that type of battle rations. They were a type of food that beastmen frequently ate, especially during a rush. They would prepare some when herding, and then put them in pouches to eat anytime. These jerkies had a certain water

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – Healing Is Costly Zhao Hai didn’t drink a lot today. He was friends with Wales, but this ‘friend’ couldn’t be compared to Spiel. Zhao Hai could get along with Spiel completely because of their personalities, so they truly became friends. With Wales, it was more or less mutual manipulation. Zhao Hai and others returned to the space that night and also brought Greene and others into the space as well. Then, Zhao Hai spoke to them about wanting to make battle rations. Greene and Kun Zheng trained outdoors when they were young, and they were also mercenaries

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 247

Chapter 247 – Battle Rations It was an answer that was beyond Wales and Yale’s expectations. Friendship battle flags were very important to beastmen, which would not be gifted away easily, but compared to being a sole grain dealer to a whole race, it should be expected that everyone would choose being the sole dealer instead of a flag. But Wales and Yale were clever people. They immediately knew Zhao Hai’s intentions. Zhao Hai was telling them, that between him and them, he’d rather choose friendship than profit. Wales looked at Zhao Hai just as Zhao Hai was also looking

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – ‘I Want The Battle Flag’ Wales heard Zhao Hai’s words idly. 100 million kilos of grains wasn’t enough for the entire bull headed race, but for just Herculean Bull Tribe alone, these grains could last for a very long time. Yale had also idled at this time, but he immediately reacted. He called out a couple of warriors to bring the grains from Zhao Hai’s wagon. He wanted to see if the grains Zhao Hai brought were good or bad. Beastmen prioritized food. It was exactly because of their importance towards food that they were extra demanding

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 245

Chapter 245 – Liar With A Complicated Identity Wales knew about this point as well. Beastmen had been deceived by humans for too many times. So many, it was no longer something they could count on their own. That was why they harbored intense caution towards humans, and also why very few human merchants could get friendship flags. Beastmen would never give friendship flags to people they wouldn’t trust, since they believed that it would be the greatest desecration to the flags themselves. In fact, other than Zhao Hai, there were no other human merchants who had ever gotten a