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Long huyết chiến sĩ,

Aiwa is the descendant of dragon blood warriors from the Hass Empire and the heir of the Holtzer clan. But during his gene identification, he had an abnormal reaction…… Will the sexual qi techniques he learned during his time in the east be able to overcome gene identification committee member Ruth’s teasing?

The Queen Sofia, in order to balance the power of the two major clans and achieve her goals, facilitated the marriage between Aiwa and the feuding Herman clans’s daughter, Dolly. Although the Herman clan resisted, after conquering the Herman clan’s fourth daughter, Dolly’s sister, things turned for the better!

On the other hand, his stepmother Margaret kept throwing herself on him. Even though he didn’t want betray his father, he couldn’t resist…… Aiwa’s life seems to take another path forward!

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Army Examination   [Allow me to kiss you.] [I..] The female soldier hesitated, but Aiwa suddenly embraced the wet and naked female soldier, pressing his lips onto hers forcefully. She wanted to struggle but it was of no avail. She resembled a little chick facing an evil wolf. Aiwa’s mouth pressed onto her pair of lips tightly, making it impossible for her to scream. He not only kissed her but also kneaded her rounded breasts wantonly with his huge hand. Her breasts were very flexible. They made Aiwa’s blood race, making that rock hard meat spear tumble against

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Loser Shall Accept Any Kind of Punishment   Naturally, Tom and William weren’t convinced of Aiwa’s declaration that Louis would be able to win. It was because Charlee was undefeated. Even though Lewis was their squad-mate and they wished for him to win, they also had no choice but to accept the might of Charlee’s strength. Charlee stood at his original location, motionless, waiting for Louis’s attack. He regarded Louis very lightly, looking at him with eyes filled full of contempt. Louis made a quick-step forwards, thinking of breaking through Charlee’s defense by taking advantage of the

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Attended By Both Mother-Daughter [Aiwa, I love you.]   Within the darkness, Meliana expressed her deep love towards Aiwa. Meanwhile, Aiwa was sucking on her perky nipple. Meliana’s breasts were very curvy, making her nipples even more captivating. When Aiwa sucked on them, it left as if he was sucking on a hard mulberry fruit. [I know, Meliana.]   Although he was reluctant, Aiwa still released her nipple to give her a serious reply. Suellen, reclining on the side, finally became aware of the identity of the woman who barged into Aiwa’s bed during midnight. Fortunately, it wasn’t

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lovely Life Inside The Manor Aiwa hugged Samorn’s slender waist, making his manhood reach her inner depths. What troubled Samorn was the tip of Aiwa’s meat stick making it difficult for her to keep going. [Uuu … Wu …] Samorn tried to resist the intense pleasure by losing herself in the act, but Aiwa’s meat spear was embedded too deep, and too tightly. No matter how much she moved her body, she was unable to separate herself from that baby maker. [Aaahhh … Really unbearable … it hurts …] Just like a viper’s bite, the more she tried

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Seizing A Manor Coincidentally   After Aiwa returned back to his official residence, he specially instructed his subordinates that if someone came here to report anything, tell them to go find the Senior Army General, Hazaar. After that, he left towards Hazaar’s place. Ever since Aiwa had increased the influence of the low-level officers, Hazaar had been extremely thankful and respectful towards Aiwa. Seeing Aiwa arrive, he not only showed the proper etiquette towards the senior officer but also expressed the utmost respect as a subordinate. [What advice has Senior come to give?] Hazaar was local inhabitant that

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Clever Trap Aiwa suddenly heard the sounds of battle from the party’s resting place. He then proceeded to rush forth towards the scene, only to discover six Tanzya experts, including Beira, Lumen and Sili in it, were already participating in the fight. However, two of those fencers had already collapsed in a blink of an eye. Aiwa was not worried about those male fencers but rather concerned about his women, especially his wives, Beira and Dolly. If they died in front of his eyes after marrying just recently, wouldn’t it tarnish his reputation? As those four black clothed

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 4 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: From An Enemy To A Honored Guest Aiwa laid down on the bed comfortably with his legs crossed. His groin had unexpectedly started to become hard again due to the maid’s washing just now. Rising upwards, it still had a few water drops on top of it. Aiwa didn’t let that maid use the towel to dry him but instead wanted her to use her breasts. The maid stripped her clothes helplessly, exposing her upper body. She used her tepid breasts to serve Aiwa. She wasn’t that old so her breasts were still undeveloped but already visible. When

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Wedding Night By the time Aiwa saved the three unconscious girls, the sun had already risen. Later, he took the two sisters to pay a visit to the Generalissimo of Tanzya, Kayseri. Kayseri unexpectedly received the sisters, Dolly and Sili with the excuse of them being from Aiwa’s household. [Her Majesty Queen herself acted as the matchmaker for Aiwa and Dolly to become true husband and wife!] Sili recklessly declared Aiwa’s and Dolly’s relationship in front of Kayseri. [I have already heard about this, however,  your Queen has also promised us the wedding between Aiwa and Beira.

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Saving the unconscious girls Aiwa was, after all, a skilled person now. After seeing Tachi and the maids collapse, he immediately realized that someone had released chemical gases in the vicinity through his consciousness receiving an external disturbance. [Hehe, no wonder you didn’t return. Originally, you were enjoying the Tanzya women at this place!] Aiwa heard two women walk in as he lied down on top of Tachi. They weren’t random strangers ,but rather his sister-in-law Sili and his fiancée Dolly. Sili walked up to the bed and lifted Aiwa’s body. Looking at Aiwa’s thick meat stick still

Dragon Blood Warrior Volume 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Night Of Passion When Aiwa was being assisted by the two maids into the bathtub, Tachi returned to the bed and peeked towards Aiwa occasionally. One look at that long thing between his crotch frightened her. She was wondering whether she will be able to bear this strange man’s big chap. [You two can only leave after properly scrubbing this General, I haven’t taken a bath for several days. If you’re able to serve this General well, I will let the Generalissimo reward you both.] Aiwa placed his arms on the basin and made the two maids give