Author’s synopsis:

One million years ago, Li Qi Ye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.

Eight hundred thousand years ago, Li Qi Ye had a koi fish pet.

Five hundred thousand years ago, Li Qi Ye cared for a little girl.

In the present day, Li Qi Ye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds’ Immortal Empress.

This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, the Heavenly Beast, and the Immortal Empress.


Bao’s Synopsis:

A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Di Ba,
Đế Bá,

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng,

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Choices Above The World Tree Li Qiye dripped four drops of Myriad Star Water on the chariot and said: “This is your reward.” The four droplets were immediately sucked in by the stallions. “Neighhhh!” The four stallions jumped up high as their fatigue immediately disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a bronze beam that resembled starlight. The four divine beasts also roared and flew around. In just a moment, the chariot became extremely bright as its life essence absorbed the Myriad Star Water. The one who was most informed was Bing Yuxia. She was completely awestruck and couldn’t

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Climbing the World Tree When Li Qiye heard her request, he took a glance at her and lazily spoke with a smile: “People walking on different dao will not tread on the same path. Little Girl, don’t tempt me, you are still inexperienced regarding schemes. Don’t use your little methods against me, lest I become angry and carry you back naked!” The group of Chi Xiaodie was silent, but they all started to blush. This was Goddess Mei Suyao, who would ever dare to speak like this towards her? “I agree, Little Demon, I like doing stuff like

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 340

Chapter 340: The World Tree After they heard that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai climbed the world tree, a person quickly reacted in order to grab the great fortune, but how could it be so easy to climb the world tree? They were immediately repelled by the ball of light. “This is only a projection of the entrance.” Goddess Mei Suyao explained: “The true entrance is located where there is both a change in space and time; one would also be able to find an aggregation of incomparable power at this place. Without a secret treasure, one would not be able

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Mysterious Entrance Li Qiye only gave him a languid glance; he had no interest in replying. Li Qiye’s arrogant and overbearing attitude caused everyone’s hearts to beat faster as they took in cold breaths. Someone who dared to reject Mei Suyao in person and didn’t care for Jikong Wudi had appeared. This was the birth of an existence comparable to Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi within the younger generation! After careful thought, many people felt that his arrogance was not unfounded. Killing all of those geniuses and attacking the divine altar of the eleven old undyings — such

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Gathering of Geniuses “Three Grand Era disciples entered some ruins and found a damaged immortal throne. After this throne was excavated, it actually emanated a hymn from an immortal scripture. The three disciples became much more profound after listening to this immortal scripture…” *** In just a short one or two days, many young cultivators who went inside this space had obtained great harvests. Some were geniuses and some were just ordinary students. Having heard this news, those who had not gotten anything became even more spirited and carefully explored more and more. They all hoped that a

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Ye Chuyun Amongst them, only Li Qiye remained calm. Not even Little Autumn was able to contain his excitement: “Oh grandmother, I finally made it here!” It still had enough self-control to not say ‘I finally returned here!’ It actually was not sure whether it originated from inside the portal or not because it was in its infancy stage when the Myriad Images True God took care of it. After taking in a deep breath, Sikong Toutian turned and asked Li Qiye: “Just what is this place?” “I’m afraid this has always been a mystery. It could be

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Entering The Timeless Portal “Ah, oh, oh! There seems to be… such a thing.” Old Daoist Peng forced out an awkward laugh. “Why did the Thousand Emperors Gate have four emperors? How did they manage to have four emperors in a row? Your academy dares to say that you do not know?” Li Qiye said with a smile: “In the past, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai once promised that as long as the Thousand Emperors Gate existed, then it would continue to open a path for the academy. There is no need for me to tell you guys about

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 335

Chapter 335: The Prescription Keep in mind that the alliance was completely captured in the battle two days prior. All the men dressed in black were trapped in the God Punishing Formation before being killed. Not even one managed to escape! Without a doubt, it was no secret to the academy regarding those who participated in this alliance. The bodies in the academy’s possession were irrefutable evidence. So even if the academy decided to maneuver against these sects, righteousness was still on their side! Now, since the evidence was in the hands of the academy, it would be strange if

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Realm God Li Qiye took a deep breath. He clearly understood that this was not what this heaven and earth was initially. This should have been a vibrant place filled with life. There was no doubt that this world of death was caused by the Realm God. Burning the sky and boiling the ocean was not a difficult matter once one reached the Realm God’s level. If it truly went mad, then it would absolutely destroy the entire academy. Treading on this barren land, it became hotter and hotter as the earth became even more damaged. Once Li

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Immortal Xu Chong The closed doors of this pavilion deterred others from approaching; people would not even dare to take half a step closer. The wind would become slow as it blew near this place. The flying birds would not dare to sing their songs as if they were afraid of disturbing the person sleeping within! Countless divine mountains and giant peaks surrounded this area with many old halls and treasure monasteries, but this pavilion caused this space to be tranquil as if it was a quiet night. The elders of the academy did not dare to come