In a primary school excursion he was left behind alone.

In a junior high school camp he was left behind alone.

In a high school field trip he was left behind alone.

In the end I became a uni student but so what? This time I was left behind from the entire human race!

While everyone left this world I was the only human on Earth until they come back, at least an angel keeps me company.

A legend will start when the human race returns and a disaster strikes!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem ,Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen

Associated Names:
나 빼고 다 귀환자

Toy Car,

Korean Novel

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 89

Chapter 89: You, I, Strangers – 8 Spear of Undrawable Trajectory was a unique martial art and a higher-ranked art, so it harbored a fundamentally strong power, but was still quite distant from active skills which brought out enormous destructive power in a single strike. This skill would give unexpected damage to the enemy by hiding a single strike within numerous trajectories; it didn’t end with just learning the skill, and required intensive training and a battle of wits with the enemy! “You didn’t see this coming!” [Kuaaaaaaak!] Also, if he used it well, it was a splendid psychological attack

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 88

Chapter 88: You, I, Strangers – 7 (Translation changes: Close combat -> Physical Combat, this would be ‘taijutsu’ in JP) Yu IlHan had stopped caring about evolving the skill since some time ago. Why? Because he had thought that it would be ages until he could evolve them. Whether it was the Spear Mastery or the Sword Mastery, he vaguely thought that he had to kill thousands of 4th class monsters. As such, he did not consider skill evolution in his short-term planning, and was only planning to use what he had to solve this problem. [Killing 3rd class monsters

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 87

Chapter 87: You, I, Strangers – 6 Translation changes: spearmanship – spear master, etc) “So I have to kill 1000 of them in 11 days now, huh. I’ve got soooooo much time.” [Why don’t you just cry honestly?] Leaving room for some unforeseen circumstances, he had to kill about 100 per day. Thinking back on the battle against the Orochi, he felt blinded just by wondering how he would go about doing this. Reta consoled the Yu IlHan who was losing energy even before the fight. [The Orochi could be said to be much stronger compared to its level. Its Purple

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 86

Chapter 86: You, I, Strangers – 5 After finishing off all the dragonkin within the cavern, Yu IlHan collected their dead bodies and checked on his injuries. No matter how great his concealment was, it was impossible to finish off all of them without an injury, as seen by the fact that his cheeks were slightly burnt and his shoulders had frost on them. “I have a fire-specialized armor, so should I make an ice one next? I will swap them according to the situation.”` There was no need to be bent on making high ranked equipments. In the future,

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 85

Chapter 85: You, I, Strangers – 4 “Whoa, it really has been a long time.” [You became level 99 ten days ago, so it indeed was a long time.] Yu IlHan had started hunting dragonkin from lower leveled ones first. He had reached dragonkin over level 170 starting from those that were just over 100 and looked like a giant komodo lizard. As such, the quantity of experience he gained also increased gradually, but even despite that, it was an achievement to keep level 99 for ten days. This just meant that the experience to level up to 100, or

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 84

Chapter 84: You, I, Strangers – 3 (Note: I will STOP using {} for monster speak, they’re kinda meaningless, some dragons speak ‘language’, and not just monster speak. Author doesn’t use it anyway) One month had passed since Yu IlHan’s dragon hunt began. His level was now 99. [Krrrrr] A giant body coupled with a pair of unbecomingly small wings and a big vicious-looking mouth made it seem like it was a collage of dragon parts from different stories. (PR:Think chimera) Most 3rd class dragonkin had an incomplete draconic form as they were considered imperfect dragons. Yu IlHan was currently

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 83

Chapter 83: You, I, Strangers – 2 (Translation changes: byproducts -> carcasses(non-humanoid), corpses(humanoid), remains(non-material monsters)) The scene inside the dungeon was not that much different from before. Endless plains, overflowing desolation…Only, the color of the sky had changed. A dark color enveloped the dungeon as if it would collapse at any moment. [The synchronization is intensifying. Even if the 2nd Great Cataclysm doesn’t arrive anytime soon, I feel that the dragons may come out to the dungeon surface.] “Reta Kar’iha. So how do I go to the magic formation?” [Reta is fine. This place is still the surface of the

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 82

Chapter 82: You, I, Strangers – 1 The reputation of Vanguard soared by the day. The levels of standard weapons were rising little by little, and after the performance of the higher ranked weapons traded with the 26 powerful clans was discovered, Vanguard’s ability became much more well known. Additionally, after the Korean military group, Suppression, revealed that they had also been supplied with custom weapons from Vanguard, the brand gained even more fame. Before this, Suppression was considered the number one contender for the most pitiful group award in Korea, but right now, they had become the luckiest people.

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 81

Chapter 81: I, too, now – 6 There were some rising hot topics after the big crisis of Japan, after the Dungeon Wave issue was successfully solved. First were the clans. Due to the appearance of these groups that weren’t part of the armed forces of each country, the various governments clicked their tongues while the media rejoiced. There were 3 of them that received the most attention, and they were the Lightning God Clan of Korea, Magia of Italy, and Metal Knights of England. They weren’t necessarily the strongest, but they  were surely the ones who had the most

Everyone Else is a Returnee Chapter 80

Chapter 80: I, too, now – 5 (T/N: A change in naming: Holy Knight -> Paladin. (Kang HaJin’s job)) The location was, of course, the 14th floor of Vanguard. Unlike the 13th floor, only those with Yu IlHan’s permission could enter, and this place didn’t have any displays with showcased equipment, looking more like an office. Yu IlHan would be in charge of trading the higher ranked equipment anyway, and his Cross Bag could hold as many equipments as he wanted, so there was no need for a showcase. Now, Yu IlHan did not wear a mask. Vanguard was his