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After death, Jian Chen’s soul was reincarnated into a foreign world. He grew up with flying speed, but at the end, because of overflowing enemies and from heavily injuries by them, his soul abnormally changed at the border of life and death. From then on, he stepped onto a completely different path of sword cultivation and became the Sword God of the generation.

Strength System, from low to high — Saint, Great Saint, Saint Master, Great Saint Master, Earth Saint Master, Sky Saint Master, Saint Ruler, Saint King, Saint Emperor

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (Three) The area to the back of the Shi family compound was a forbidden place for many people to enter. Only the lord of the Shi family and the elders could convene and gather there. One by one, they looked off to a hole in the mountain with a reverent gaze. Following the sounds of stone being moved aside, the heavy stone gates to the mountain slowly started to rise up, revealing a pitch dark hole. From within, a middle-aged man dressed in white slowly made his figure known to everyone. Upon seeing

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (Two) Meditating on his bed, Jian Chen tried hard to think of the best way to get rid of this Imprint of Death. If he couldn’t then he would be unable to leave Mercenary City. “The Imprint of Death is formed from the three vital energies that can be found within a person. Its importance is the fact that it will leave behind an unerasable mark on the body that can easily be tracked.” Hu Xiaotian’s words came to mind, causing Jian Chen to feel even more grim. He knew that Hu Xiaotian

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (One) Seeing the miserable expression on Jian Chen’s face, Hu Xiaotian could infer that there was most likely no one supporting Jian Chen from behind that could handle the power behind the third elder. As if to console him, he spoke, “Brother Jian Chen, don’t fret too much. Mercenary City is considered the safest spot on the continent. If you can’t deal with those people, then stay within the city. I’m sure these people here will be more than willing to help you out as well.” Hu Xiaotian pointed to the Heaven Saint

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Imprint of Death (Two) Without another word to be said, Jian Chen began to do his best to fight the four elders. Wielding the Origin energy, he chased down the four to stab at them with it. The unbelievable speed in which he swung his weapon had been fast enough for several mirror-images to be seen. Stroke by stroke, the Origin energy struck out accurately and swiftly. In the art of the sword, fast, accurate, and unrelenting were the three aspects to master to have a successful mastery over it. While the four elders had the advantage in

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Imprint of Death (One) By now, a large group of people had already gathered from Mercenary City. From far away, they watched the battle take place between Heaven Saint Masters. Several of the other Heaven Saint Masters had already flown up into the air to watch it from another perspective. Hu Xiaotian had been with the Heaven Saint Masters, although they were all standing far away, their eyesight was strong enough to allow them to watch the battle with clarity. When he saw Jian Chen floating in the air, Hu Xiaotian had been surprised, “Eh? Isn’t that brother

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Enduring Four Heaven Tier Battle Skills The sounds that were coming from above the skies of Mercenary City had gone completely unnoticed by the inhabitants of the city down below. With so many people riding on top of a magical beast mount to rush towards the scene of the battle, each one of them were in a hurry to watch the battle where even a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was being used. The weather of the area was growing even more turbulent by the second due to the amount of pressure being created by the Heaven Tier Battle

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 604

Chapter 604: The Battle Outside the City Jian Chen had only laughed. Without fear for his own life, he charged straight for the elder as well. With a thrust of his right arm, the Origin energy surging through out it had arced straight outwards in a brilliant gleam of light straight for the elder’s chest. From within his earthen armor, the elder had been startled by Jian Chen’s course of action. He had no idea that Jian Chen would be that fast. Up until now, the few individuals of the Shi family had figured Jian Chen to be an Earth

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 603

Chapter 603: Followed The auctioneer’s voice continued to speak, “The item I hold in my hand has a very unique name, Spiritize Dust. Not only is it pretty to look at, but the effects it has will undoubtedly be shocking to anyone that hears it. It contains the energy of the world within the particles of dust, and when worn on the body, then one’s cultivation speed will skyrocket! It is by no means inferior to when one uses a monster core to cultivate.” There had been a tremendous commotion from the entire audience from such a proclamation. From this,

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 602

Chapter 602: Fantasy Star Ocean When the price had gone to three million five hundred thousand purple coins, even more bidders had gave up on bidding. Even the other bidders who were still bidding had begun to balk about the price and started to have second doubts. Ten thousand year old heavenly resources were rare, but they appeared once every year in Mercenary City. If they didn’t get this one this year, there was always next time. “Three million six hundred thousand.” For a while, the auction house was silent before another voice finally called out. “Four million.” Jian Chen

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Ten Thousand Year Old Heavenly Resource While Jian Chen could surmise that these three pieces had the possibility of being left behind by Mo Tianyun, he really couldn’t begin to fathom the mystery behind it. If this was some sort of treasure map, then there was no hint of a path or marking to indicate so on it. It looked to be a regular tuft of animal skin, but it was completely unbreakable and hard to the touch. Turning the three pieces around several times, Jian Chen finally saw no more benefit to doing so any longer and