Cult of the Sacred Runes

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Xianxia

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The formless ancient world was infested with despicable demons. They hunted and feasted on mankind, keeping the human civilization constantly in a weak and suppressed state.

During the first known year, a magical mountain descended into the world from the realm of the Gods. Carved on this enormous mountain was a message: ‘Heaven Prevails’…

After the Grand Descent, a name that was given to the descending of the mountain, the Three Great Sages made their ways to Mystic Mountain where they learned to harvest what we now call magic, establishing the Mystic Cults and eighty-one sacred shrines to help aid mankind with the cult’s mystic powers against the eternal fight to the death with demons.

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 218

Chapter 218 – Grave Purging Strike Jin Kui shook his body, the layers of clouds he stood on suddenly split apart. Witnessed by veterans and black dragon listers, he dove and flew down like a meteorite, approaching Ye Wei at fearsome speed. “Bang!” With a loud but muffled rumble, Jin Kui steadily landed in the ring. The whole square shook and the fissures in the green stone foundation cracked wider and longer. A gust of glittering green dust filled the whole square instantly. The initiates were all in awe, stunned by the display of incredible strength and balance. Their fear

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 217

Chapter 217 – A Gathering of Stars “What made you so giggly?” Qing Yao looked at Xue Er, slowly placing her brush down on the table. Her movements were gentle and coherent, somehow pleasant to watch. “So, all the newbies have arrived, and as you know, they are gathered to be taught a lesson about modesty!” Xue Er chuckled, pausing to look at Qing Yau’s graceful posture. “It is quite interesting when you are not an initiate isn’t it?” Qing Yao shook her head reluctantly, unable to understand the childish enthusiasm. “But we do it every year, haven’t you watched

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 216

Chapter 216 – Black Dragon Valley The hand seals immediately stimulated Zhou Kuang’s body, and thousand surges of gold-tinted Qi rushed out and filled the sky. The thick streams of Qi further condensed into the shape of a gigantic finger. Almost a mile in length, it had a jade-like and translucent glow. The menacing structure looked large enough to poke a hole in the sky, and millions of runes flowed throughout the whole length in an organized but complex pattern, giving off the semblance of a fingerprint. “Although Lone Finger Blast is incomplete, it is certainly powerful enough to kill

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 215

Chapter 215 – Precursor “You? You think you deserve to fight a lister? It amuses me how shamelessly ignorant one can be!”  Zhou Kuang said coldly as he disdainfully glared at Ye Wei. It seemed to Zhou Kuang that not only was Ye Wei not interested in contending with him, but that Ye Wei had somehow learn his failure to enter the list despite three years of best efforts. The more he engrossed himself in his own thoughts, the more twisted his face became.. “That’s a no? May I ask how I can fight one of them?” Ye Wei had

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 214

Chapter 214 – Next Ye Wei remained calm the whole time, unmoved by the pressing energy surges and undaunted in the midst of screams and tremors. His eyes were focused on the tilting sword array, registering its every slightest sway. He took a ghost step to the side as the array fell onto him, pulling his fist back quickly while his nose was close enough to smell the layer of evaporating ice on the swords. With a quick springing action, he threw a heavy punch. There was no trace of Qi around the fist, but his skin, bones, and muscles

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – Ice Sword Print At two-star returned prime cultivation, Luo Han was the strongest among the group apart from the leaders, Bai Qing and Zhou Kuang. He had been training in one of the lesser secret realms, Frozen Moon realm. There, he encountered the opportunity of his lifetime; he accidentally absorbed the essence of an Ancestral Frozen Moon crystal and a fearsome chill had entered his meridians since, making the quality of his Qi better than most other two-star returned prime Warriors. Luo Han only got in the palace a year ago, the then-condensed prime Warrior broke through

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – First in Ten Years Baili Hengtian could not understand Ye Wei’s calmness. He kept winking and widening his eyes, hoping that Ye Wei would get the message and stand down. The young Runemaster followed the caretaker’s eyes to the hilltop where the veteran group hid, staying placid and refusing to step back. ‘Thank you very much for the advice, but I will be responsible for myself from here on out.’ The caretaker shook his head, feeling resentful as Ye Wei’s feistiness reminded him of himself as an initiate. He was regarded as the cultivator with most potential

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 211

Chapter 211- Stepping Up “Shameless shenanigans!” Yue Tieniu’s face became pale. All the other newcomers did not want to take the bull’s side but did so nevertheless as they wished expressed their frustration. “Are you just making new rules as you go along!?” “How is this fair?” They screamed and shouted Feng Shan took a deep breath and shouted with thundering volume, “fair!? You kids are naive, didn’t you all know fairness is build on a winner’s bloody knuckles? Hahaha!” his laughter drown out the crowd. “Enough talking! You are talking meaningless gibberish!” Yue Tieniu felt tricked he was tricked

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 210

Chapter 210 – There Are Rules “Him there, made the most mess.” Jian Chen pointed into the crowd. Ye Wei followed Jian Chen’s finger to see an eight feet tall, well-built young man. He was dressed in a sleeveless beast hide. His muscular chest and arms glowed like metal, made him stood out like a watchtower in a cornfield. ‘He looks intersting.” Ye Wei murmured. “Yue Tieniu, that’s his name. But everyone calls him the bull in secret. I am pretty sure he is at one-star returned prime level.” “He made a scene and knocked down a few walls in

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – The Black Dragon Listing “Newbie!” The purple robed youngster took the talisman from Ye Wei’s hand, a small smile appeared on his cold and emotionless face. He waved and said: “Welcome, but be warned, there are one hundred and thirty-seven new recruits in total, and they are all trying to prove something, you will really have to work hard to stand out.” Ye Wei nodded, surprised that anyone at all could tell that he was eager to compete and to prove himself. He was then led to an area filled with outgrowing weed, soon they arrived at