A teenager who unexpectedly gets transported to the modern world from ‘the world of the immortals’ . He finds himself in the body of an ordinary guy. He wants to go back to his world and for that, he will have to practice to get stronger and investigate the reason why and how he crossed through to this world.

Action, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Tiāncái Jiàn Xiān,

Feng Yin Zi Chen

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 207

Chapter 207 -> Does he want to gamble? Outside the ice city, on the sea surface. “So it has been really broken.” Thunder was now determined, the entire iceberg island was at a place which was more than 50 meters deep from the sea surface. So even if someone exploded open an ice wall channel, but now it didn’t have the automatic cicatrization ability! In other words, finally a channel had appeared in front of them, so now they could easily enter the iceberg island. But the point was, what was inside the iceberg? Thunder although didn’t know about it,

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 206

Chapter 206 -> Ice city fort When the outer layer of the ice wall was blasted open by the Star Arrow, simultaneously a broad channel opened up in front of them. This made the surrounding seawater as if had suddenly found a vent, so started surging backwards violently to gush in. At this moment, Ye Feng and Long Wan’er pushed them together and along with the current of sea water, also smoothly slipped into it. When the entire outer layer was deeply penetrated, the ice wall lost the ability of self-cicatrization. As a result, more than 50 meters deep ice

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 205

Chapter 205 -> A beautiful figure inside the ice In the hospital, after making a perfect plan to deal with Ye Feng, Li Feng again telephoned someone. This time he hit the number of a confidant subordinate, Niu Meng. Niu Meng was a prodigy of the NSA, who had an amazing talent for the firearms and electronic technology. Since in his childhood, his father was killed by the martial artists, therefore he also held a special kind of hatred for the martial arts world. Before, he was dispatched to Xiangxi region to carry out a mission, but Li Feng soon

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 204

Chapter 204 -> The iceberg that can’t be broken Hearing the words of Thunder, Lin Shiqing immediately understood the situation in the East China Sea. On the same day, at the time of dawn, the iceberg island finally stopped expanding, even the lightning storm on the sea surface also gradually ceased. However, under the sea, the mighty waves were still turbulent, accompanied with intermittent bursts of tides, making the sea level still continuously rise. Leading several NSA’s squads to the edge of the iceberg island, Thunder wanted to land but then found this iceberg island was completely counter-buckle hat shaped,

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 203

Chapter 203 -> Provokes the whole country In order to seal the soul, Ye Feng displayed Soul Sealing Technique, immediately a burst of translucent grey cold wind blew and sealed up the soul of Taiji Palace youth in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring together with Zhao Yibei. From now on, as long as he found the ways to practice the soul technique, could summon their souls out. There was no problem with Zhao Yibei because before his death, he was just an ordinary person, so transferring his soul to Cultivator was just normal. But the Taiji Palace youth was originally

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 202

Chapter 202 -> Your grandfather Long Wan’er tried to make Su Menghan step back for a while as she didn’t want to let her see Holy Cure Technique. After all, she didn’t know whether Ye Feng had told her anything about Immortal Cultivation or not. “It’s all right, they are own people.” Although Ye Feng spoke somewhat reluctantly, but confronting two women actually brought a smile on his face. “All right.” On hearing this, Long Wan’er flicked a glance at Su Menghan, followed by a light nod and the moment later Zhenqi started condensing in her hand, making her immediately

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 201

Chapter 201 -> Ye Wentian’s declaration Crying Ghost Knife Technique had long been extinct from the martial arts world! Therefore when Long Mo’ran suddenly noticed that consecutive three flying knives were shot at him, his heart instantly went into a shock mode, making him too difficult to calm his mind. In this critical juncture, he could only rely on his fighting experience and instinct to survive. However, the sudden appearance of this technique made him misjudge the situation. Originally, among these three sided attacks, obviously, Nan Fang’s attack was the weakest one, so breakthrough from this side was highly unlikely.

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 200

Chapter 200 -> Ye Feng? Ye Feng! (Blast 2) The whole audience was noiselessly watching a series of Sword Qi, which were dancing in the air a moment ago, gradually dissipated Ye Feng raised his head, meanwhile also felt that the numbness had started acting on his body, but still had the strength left to launch his final blow. Though he was bleeding heavily, but if he couldn’t grab this last chance, then today’s outcome would be so doomed. He swept the Soul Search Technique around the surrounding area. People’s eyes were all stuck at his body completely covered with

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 199

Chapter 199 -> The last opportunity [Blast 1] The facial expression of almost everyone present on the spot changed at once. Long Mo’ran was actually pounded on the ground by the masked man! As for Long Wan’er, a trace of astonishment coupled with delight peeped out from behind her beautiful facial cast, because Ye Feng’s sudden performance was too surprising to digest! While Long Zi and Long Qing were totally startled and in bewilderment they blankly looked at each other. They still quickly advanced towards Long Wan’er so as to attack her from both sides. One of them had put

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 198

Chapter 198 -> Dragon against Dragon! The long white robe of Long Mo’ran was completely stained with blood, making him look like a dragon descended from the sky while extending his foot towards the ground where Ye Feng was, in order to crush him under the foot! “Be careful!” When Long Wan’er saw this situation, panic-stricken, she shouted out loud at once. But unfortunately, Ye Feng had just been severely injured by the same foot, so at this moment, he simply couldn’t even get up from the lying position. Shua! Therefore without thinking much and further ado, she immediately raised