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If I don’t die… I swear I will act on all my evil thoughts.

Not exactly everyone’s typical thought when they’re about to die. What will a cowardly young man do when reincarnated with the evil powers to redefine his destiny? Can the natural kindness of human nature triumph over evil? Will he become the cold-blooded demon king of legend, or will he forge his own path and rain down another kind of terror?

Original synopsis:

A kind, cowardly young man received evil powers to redefine his destiny when he reincarnated. As he changed his fate, his personality began to shift as well. He started to become strong, cold and even bloodthirsty!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xuanhuan

Associated Names:
Da Mo Wang,
Великий Король Демонов,

Related Series:
God Of Slaughter (Chinese Novel),
King of Myriad Domain (Chinese Novel)

Ni Cang Tian,

Great Demon King Chapter 217

Chapter 217: A bloody explosion “Knights of Light, kill them immediately! This person and dark creature cannot be permitted to stay in this world!” Ferguson’s expression was grim as he called out lowly. The group of knights who’d just surrounded Han Shuo and were about to take him alive were rather surprised by this sudden change of heart. However, they only paused for a second, still intending on executing Ferguson’s orders. Up on the cliff, Edwin didn’t waste time hesitating, and shot down towards Han Shuo with Belinda. He planned on saving Han Shuo, whatever the cost, and get to

Great Demon King Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Shock A third of the mountain valley had been enclosed by the canopy of necromancy. Black clouds obstructed all light, and a thick sense of death floated everywhere, making the mercenaries within feel extremely uncomfortable. In the center of the canopy of necromancy, having undergone a slaughter, Han Shuo was finding his desires hard to control. The aura of killing intent around him created a scene in which his mind was starting to run out of control. Thankfully, his long honed willpower hauled back on the reins at the most critical moment, forcefully halting his further descent into

Great Demon King Chapter 215

Chapter 215: A frenzied slaughter Cultivators easily became violent and angry in the bloodlust realm. One could only comprehend the wonders of this realm in the midst of bloodthirsty battle, and only through such slaughter could a cultivator understand himself better. Continued slaughter was the fastest shortcut to breaking through this realm. However, it was exceedingly easy for one to veer into a cultivation deviation during the slaughter. It was incredibly hard for a cultivator to regain their reason once they accidentally lost it, and they would become a crazed monster that only knew how to wreak mass slaughter. Therefore,

Great Demon King Chapter 214

Chapter 214: The four great powers Apart from the strongest Cairo mercenary band in the Valley of Sunshine, there were two other slightly weaker factions, the House of Menlo and the Katar orc tribe. The House of Menlo had originally been a minor noble family in a small kingdom. They had their own private army and had attempted a coup, but failed when their plans were revealed. They’d fought with the royal army of the small kingdom and fled, discarding their armor along the way. They’d finally arrived in the Valley of Sunshine, much weakened. They only possessed three hundred

Great Demon King Chapter 213

Chapter 213: A bloodthirsty urge Han Shuo took a deep breath in and slowly repressed his aroused desire for blood. A slowly stirring urge to engage in slaughter was slowly calmed after a few deep breaths. Under the gaze of Trunks and the others, Han Shuo’s original distant and bloodthirsty appearance started to slowly revert to normal after he took in a few deep breaths. The blood red light and that cruel aura all slowly disappeared until he returned to the form they were familiar with. “What happened to you?” Emily finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw

Great Demon King Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Slaughter “What’s going on, what’s going on here? I can’t see anything!” “Someone’s attacking me, what’s going on in this courtyard?!” “Everyone be careful, this is the most sinister place in the Valley of Sunshine. It must be the evil god’s curse taking place!” “Retreat, everyone leave the courtyard! No one can leave this place alive when the evil god’s curse takes effect!” Panicked screams rang out from the mouths of the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries who’d entered the yard. These people had all heard of the legend of the store, and when they saw abnormalities happen, they all

Great Demon King Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The formation activates Gabriel flicked the longsword in his hand and sent silver fighting aura splitting through the air, accompanied by a vicious, icy killing intent that pierced one down to the bones. As Emily gasped in shock, Trunks and Gilbert had already charged to intercept Gabriel. Trunks had an inscrutable expression as he brandished his sword on the back of his manticore, forming a round, milky white fighting aura circle in front of him. Gilbert held a dark long spear in his hand. He had no martial arts foundation, and so flung his spear forward with the

Great Demon King Chapter 210

Chapter 210: A whirling bone dagger The enemies had come swifter than they’d thought. No sooner had hoofbeats sounded in the distance, did strange noises start coming from the roof. “Go, leave the rooms, go to the courtyard!” Trunks maintained a calm expression as he hefted a longsword and walked towards the courtyard with the manticore. There was a wide courtyard in the middle of the storefront, with various large and small rooms around its perimeter. If the enemy attacked and pierced through the walls, and then used fire magic to set the rooms on fire, it would force Trunks

Great Demon King Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Purifying Strength of Soul When the eyepatch that sealed the Purple Demon Eye had burnt to ashes, the eye embedded within the little skeleton’s eye socket once again discharged an eye piercing purple light. In that instant, that soul wrenching pain once again invaded Han Shuo and the little skeleton’s body. The bone deep pain made both Han Shuo and the little skeleton tremble all over. Han Shuo couldn’t help but let a growl under his breath, and the little skeleton’s stark white jaw bone also clattered together as the two were invaded by a mysterious power.

Great Demon King Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Purple Demon Eye After Han Shuo’s actions, the storefront had indeed turned into an incredibly dangerous place. Anyone who tried to enter without Han Shuo’s guidance would be attacked by the formation. Those who lacked a sufficiently strong will would try to kill themselves as their minds grew confused. After thoroughly remaking the store, Phoebe, Emily, and Gilbert all stayed there that night. Having seen the oddities of the yard, the three were on edge all night long, deathly afraid that something bad would happen to them as they slept. Fortunately, all was fine that night and