An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a “Cheating Code” of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him an ultimate legend that will be recited between every generation to come.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural ,Xuanhuan

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Mad Blade During Troubled Times,

Hail the King Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Prototype of Capricorn Saint Seiya   At first, Fei was worried that these bulky blacksmiths would not be too friendly, and it would be hard for Charsi to be around them. However, people with similar interests would naturally become friends in a very short amount of time. What actually happened was that at first, when Fei introduced Charsi to the blacksmiths, they didn’t believe Fei. In their opinion, a pretty girl like Charsi was better off staying at home and taking care of kids and elders, not playing with hammers in front of a smoky forge. But

Hail the King Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Gold Saint Sword – Excalibur   Fei and Warden Oleg arrived at the restricted area in the Back Mountain. Fortunately, the intruder seemed to not know exactly where the entrance to the underground cave was at, and the intruder didn’t have a clear objective. The intruder randomly searched the back mountain. When the intruder fought with Pierce and Drogba, the intruder quickly left after a quick contact. The person came and also left quickly, so Chambord didn’t suffer any casualties or loss of any kind. “The person wore a tight black suit, and their face was also covered.

Hail the King Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Restricted Area in the Back Mountain The man and the dog sprinted to the final hall in the building. This hall was where Prince Okocha lived. This place was filled with corpses, but there were finally signs of fighting and struggling. By this time, Fei could tell that the killer was a fire-attributed warrior or mage; there were traces of fire damage, some corpses were even burned to ashes. The air here smelled like blood combined with roasted and burnt meat…… Fei’s eyes focused closely. He saw a more well kept corpse lying at the end of the

Hail the King Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Devastating! Death Castle   “Thrace Kingdom?” Fei was excited. He thought that the trace would end here with this big misunderstanding, but who knew that the only clue he had “revived”. He quickly confirmed, “Prince Modric, are you sure it’s him?” “I shouldn’t be wrong. This is one of the only few masters in Thrace Kingdom, and he is only job is to protect Prince Okocha, who is one of the [Five Eagles]. He is also stronger than the other four star warriors, which left me a vivid impression…… King Alexander, if he used earth-attributed energy during the

Hail the King Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Touched a cactus?   ‘The target is in that room,’ was what the black beast wanted to say. Fei sneered. He felt that after Hershzen traveled to this place, he stopped moving. Fei looked up and saw many people through the windows. From the feel of it, a few of them were way stronger than the guards in the yard. It was very bright in the building. People were walking around, talking and cheering; it seemed like there was a party going on. “Ha, I’m so smart! I’ve taken these bastards by surprise! None of them will expect

Hail the King Chapter 105

Chapter 105: A Man and a Dog Was on the Loose   Hershzen felt like he was in a freezer. He couldn’t believe what had happened. His eyeballs almost fell out. The unstoppable anger had turned into a deep sense of fear. “HOW……It couldn’t be!” Hershzen trained and exercised earth attributed energy. For earth attributed warriors, strength and defense were their advantages. They were known for earth-like thickness and rock-like tenacity. Their physical bodies were harder than any other attributed warriors of the same rank; it was that fact that allowed him to use his fists to initiate the attack.

Hail the King Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Is My Act That Bad?   The man was more than 7 feet tall (210 cm), and he was very strong; his muscles filled up the leather armour, as if they were about to explode. He stood there, like a bear, like a giant wall. The way he looked at Fei was like a cat looking at a mouse. With his lip lifting up, he didn’t hide his joking expression. There was reason for him to do so. From the information that he received, the little king in front of him was only a three-star warrior. Also, Okocha

Hail the King Chapter 103

Chapter 103: The Deadly Back Alley   After Fei left the residence of the Royal Coronation Legion, he headed directly to the Chambord Civil and Military Academy. He had to meet with the military authority Gordon-Brook who was busy with the administrative duties at the academy. The pressure that Fei felt at the residence of the Royal Coronation Legion made him more aware of the hidden dangers. He still didn’t know what was about to happen, but it wasn’t going to be something minor; even the elder princess of Zenit Empire had to guard against it carefully. Therefore, Fei had

Hail the King Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Elites One After Another Looking at the little purple bottle that fell on the grass in front of her, the First Princess seemed to not have expected this scene. She suddenly wanted to laugh; this little king wasn’t that big, but his temper was quite large. However, the next instant, the princess’s face restored its calm. To her, ever since her 12th birthday when the maid that had been serving her for years was killed by that brother of hers, she had never felt so powerless. From that instant, besides her cold and emotionless face, any other expressions

Hail the King Chapter 101

Chapter 101: You Have Problems.                 When Fei exited from the Diablo World, the sun had begun setting to the west. However, the sun was still warm; the golden light passed through the incense tree’s branches and scattered all over the floor. There was still the sweet scent in the air. He sat up from the bench, sleepily looked around, and noticed that the Princess Highness that previously had her eyes closed on the bamboo chair was now having dinner. On the stone table laid golden yellow barbequed meat, dozens of slices of grey rye bread, and a golden cup