Chinese Novel

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xuanhuan

Tang Jia San Shao,

Associated Names:
Thiên Châu Biến,
Tian Zhu Bian,

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In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have blocked meridians and was unable to cultivate, ending up the trash of society. His father’s tarnished pride… his fianceé’s ultimate dishonour…

Being almost accidentally killed and left for the dead, heaven finally smiles upon him as a miracle descends, awakening his potential as a Heavenly Jewel Master. Or… is it truly a gift?

Join our dear rascally and shameless MC Zhou Weiqing in his exploits to reach the peak of the cultivation world, form an army, protect those he loves, and improve his country!

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Green Gold Flame! That yellow chain had been released by Shen Ji, two in total, one towards Zhou Weiqing and the other towards Shangguan Fei’er, whose reaction had actually been the same as Zhou Weiqing, to release another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. Seeing the two of them summon yet another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura for the third time respectively, everyone was shocked, even the watching Peerless Battalion Soldiers. They couldn’t help but think to themselves: How many God Tier Consolidated Equipment did these two have?! Shangguan Fei’er had released two bouts of Consolidating Equipment God Protective

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Fighting Together! Facing such a pressure from Shen Ji, Zhou Weiqing spaced out for a second; it was as if he saw his father for a moment. After all, didn’t his father often give forth such pressure on him whenever he made mistakes? Upon thinking about his father, Sealed and in danger, Zhou Weiqing instantly felt a rush of rage welling up within. The pressure he had been under suddenly seemed to vanish. “I would like to make a bet with Legion Commander.” Zhou Weiqing said solemnly. “Bet? Do you think you have the qualification to do so?”

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Demonic Dragon God Seal! This time, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady did not appear in mid air, but it still appeared on his back, hidden by Zhou Weiqing’s clothes. The Dragon Silencing Seal had been useful far beyond his expectations, and had been a huge jolt to Zhou Weiqing. Naturally, how could he easily give up continuing to Skill Store the Demonic Dragon Lady? As such, when he had reached the Four Jewel stage, the first thing he thought of was the Demonic Dragon Lady. Although the Demonic Dragon Lady was only a Heavenly

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Zhou Little Fatty likes men?! In the end, Shen Yi showed that she was indeed worthy of being a Battalion Commander after all. In such a critical situation, she did not forget to shout out loud: “First Heavy Cavalry Company, Bows!” The ZhongTian Empire Heavy Cavalry could be said to be the most well equipped army unit in the entire continent, able to fight at all ranges. Three hundred yards was not near by any stretch of the imagination, and for the Peerless Battalion soldiers to charge over would take them some time, and that was sufficient time

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Peerless Brigand Soldiers! Sensing that he had successfully roused the spirits and enthusiasm of his Peerless Battalion soldiers, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly before continuing: “For now, our Battalion rules are as such, just those three above. It shouldn’t be hard to memorise right? Very soon, Your Father, I, will let you bunch of substandard scoundrels and rogues understand, what is a true group, a community of shared interest, shared profit. I’ll show you all what I can bring to you all as a Battalion Commander. Alright, today’s gathering ends here. All of you, come over here according to

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Peerless Battalion! Seeing the glowing Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, almost all the Physical Jewel Masters in the Ruffian Battalion showed a conflicted expression in their faces. Greed, Envy, Yearning, Jealousy… If not for the fact that Consolidated Equipment could not be stolen, perhaps they would have all charged forward at once. After a short moment of shock, Wei Yang managed to calm himself down. Nodding towards Zhou Weiqing, he said: “No wonder you dared to come here to our Ruffian Battalion by yourself. To have two God Tier Consolidated Equipment… and from the looks of it… part

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Ruffian Battalion, Battalion Commander! Riding upon a huge horse, dressed in full armour, Zhou Weiqing had a peaceful look on his face as they galloped along. He even took out a dry biscuit from his Spatial Ring and started eating, but when he tried to give one to Shangguan Fei’er, she rejected it huffily. However, it wasn’t because she was still angry at him earlier, but because Shangguan Fei’er felt he was being too soft. These guards were treating him like that, mockingly, and he was still able to endure it. That was not something she liked. These

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Groom or Doom! “Zhou Little Fatty, where are you from?” Shen Bu’s cold voice rang out. Zhou Weiqing lowered his head, looking the part of an honest youth filled with a mix of profound respect, humility and trepidation. “I am from the ZhongTian City.” Of the entire ZhongTian Empire, he had after all only ever been to the ZhongTian City, and was relatively familiar with it. Since he had to pass off as a ZhongTian Empire citizen, he could only do so. Shen Bu pursed her lips, saying: “So you’re from the capital! As a Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 122

Chapter 121 Oops! I beat up the Regiment Commander! The purple clad lady gave an angry humph and said: “My name is Shen Bu. Since you are ready, let’s finish with the pleasantries and fight.” As she said that, she shot a fierce gaze at the Company Leader, who was once again taking the role of judge. “… … Begin. The fight begins now.” The poor Company Leader who had to play the role of judge once more couldn’t help but scream bitterly in his heart. However, seeing Shen Bu’s gaze rest on himself, he just stammered out that the

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Midriff-baring Attire! The beginner’s competition fights continued. There were countless of fights here everyday, and though Zhou Weiqing’s fight against Green Wolf was indeed exciting, it was not enough to draw everybody’s attention for a long time. The cacophony of fighting sounds and cheers continued all around the building. Shangguan Fei’er was standing beside Zhou Weiqing, and she gave him a pinch around the waist, saying softly: “Why must you act like that? Why don’t you just reveal your power? Haven’t you been emphasizing your lack of time?” Zhou Weiqing felt the sudden pain and had a bitter look