Lee Hyun, a debt-ridden teenage orphan, puts his account of the top-level avatar in the Continent of Magic up for auction. Once the news is spread nationwide, a fierce competition to win his avatar breaks out, making him a multimillionaire overnight.

However, when men in black show up to collect the debts Hyun’s parents owed them; he ends up where he started — almost penniless. Determined to exact revenge on the loan sharks, he sets out a journey with Weed as his alias, the lowliest of the lowly, in the online RPG game named Royal Road to prove history can repeat itself.


Weed’s sugary words and tough action work magic one after another — only until he finds himself becoming a Sculptor, the most contemptible profession in terms of combat ability and career prospect…

Written by: Nam Hee Sung

Translators: AnmesicCat, Grisia, Haikai, and Lei
Proofreader: Lastear

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Jeong Deuk-soo’s Anger -The Founding of the Pallos EmpireUnify the great desert into one. Intrepid warriors, it is time for you to break away from the burning sands. Go back to the land with flowing rivers and restore the glory of the Pallos Empire. The one who gains the most territory will be the Emperor of the Pallos Empire. The time limit is 1 year. Level of Difficulty: Region supremacy. Compensation: Emperor of the Pallos Empire. Quest Restrictions: Limited to desert warriors. Reconstruction of the Pallos Empire! Unring, Ben, Elliks. The minds of the Earth Shadow group, that

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Hunting Record “Weed-nim… He just went.” “Hyu. Sometimes he is really tiresome. He doesn’t know a woman’s heart.” Surka and Zephyr sighed. It wasn’t only them, but Maylon, Romuna, Irene and Bellot were also looking at the distant mountains with a bittersweet expression. All his colleagues blamed Weed’s insensitivity. The apologetic Romuna asked Bellot. “How is Hwaryeong-nim?” “I’m not sure. Unni hasn’t said anything.” “She is so generous…” “I think that the wound of her heart is big.” From the beginning, they had wished Hwaryeong well with Weed. ‘Dang, he lost a golden opportunity…’ ‘She is a celebrity.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Loa Sword Overturning the situation! A necromancer received penalties such as a decrease in physical strength, but they had corpses that could be used as subordinates or to cause a powerful explosion. “Grrrr.” “Kilkil!” “I want to chew on flesh. Flesh!” The skeletons rushed to the giants. “Kukeeek!” Skeletons climbed the bodies of the collapsed giants and struck down with a bone knife. Ujijik! The bone knife was broken. “Kueek?” The skeleton leaned down and grabbed another leg bone to hit the giant. The giant’s mighty health! A skeleton couldn’t kill it but there was still damage.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Second Profession The world of the giants. “Attack. Fight!” “There are three of them. We can do it.” “Grass porridge, grass porridge, grass porridge!” An expedition led by high level northern users entered the land of the giants. The Crimson Wings Guild were the main spearhead behind venturing into new territories. -Kuwaaaaah! -The giant Valdeskar has roared.Fighting Spirit is broken. Movement speed is reduced. The proficiencies of all skills have temporarily decreased by 25%. Maximum health has halved. All attacks received in the next 10 seconds will cause deadly damage. The giants were strong but they could gain

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Best Hard-Working Craftsman Weed’s sculpted the basic form of a baby but it wasn’t the end. There was a lot of work left to refine the star but also decide on the overall form, “If the child is alone then they will be lonely. That is child abuse.” A sculpture of a baby with their mother would be better. Weed pondered for a moment. ‘Will this sculpture be okay?’ A sculpture of Seo-yoon holding a baby in the night sky of Royal Road might stop her from getting married. ‘I won’t send her away from my side.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 2

[TL Note]: Small note since people seem to be misunderstanding something. Weed is making a sculpture of a star that will be seen in the Versailles Continent’s night sky, not an actual star. Volume 46 chapter 8: ‘The Goddess Hestia has given him a new opportunity. Use the power of the gods to create a sculpture of a star!’ It is just like any other sculpture he made, except he is making it in the universe. Chapter 2: Baby Star Luxury cars were parked in a row outside Lee Hyun’s house. Not only Korean broadcasters, but gaming broadcasters around the world

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 47 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Beginning of a Star A huge and infinite universe with a hot sun and a sea of stars. For the final stage of the Sculpting Master Quest, Weed left the Versailles Continent and the planet and was standing in the middle of the universe. “The scale is awesome!” The stars in the night sky of Royal Road had become sharper and the visibility extended to distant areas. Large and small meteors with long tails were endlessly flying past him at unimaginable speeds. In far distant places, he could see gas and dust forming a blue nebula that shone

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 46 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Reckless Challenge The camel contain a month’s worth of food, enough water for ten days and sculpting materials. Weed also carried a large backpack containing 15 days’ worth of water, salt and food. The reason for not having more food and water was that it would be a burden when marching through the desert. Of course, the food and water was still a tremendous weight on his shoulders. -The heat has been overcome with your strong will.There will be a 17% reduction in the pain caused by heat stroke. You have stopped feeling dizzy. As your sweating decreases,

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 46 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Desert of Tranquility The artificial intelligence Versailles. Versailles was created by Yoo Byung-jin and evolved through learning on the internet, as well as surveilling the world. All of the data was analyzed by Versailles and the risk factors categorized. In addition to the Unicorn Group’s financial investments, there was the sales, acquisition and development of the affiliate companies. In the wide world, Versailles paid particular attention to a post on the Internet. -Title: What is a good method to control loan sharks? Author: AI.VERSA There are loan sharks that are repeatedly annoying me. Despite the money being paid

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Volume 46 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Day that Time Stopped Invitation to Puhol’s Water Park! People just enjoyed the water on the first day, but they changed clothes for swimming the next day. The dress code for men and women gradually became shorter. The people gathered at Puhol Water Park became boldly exposed. “Ah… There is no place to look. There is too much to see.” The male users watched the beauties walking past in short clothes. Their attention was focused on the elves with slim legs. The beauties of the Arpen Kingdom were gathered at Puhol Water Park. “Should I try it