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In this world, the concept of 『Level』 exists.

Other than those who are living as a monster slayer, at the most, ordinary peoples’ 『Level』 is between 1 to 5.

Because of that, those who work as monster slayers are special people, bestowed by the Gods a special 『Job』.

There are eight special 『Jobs』, which have battle ability. 【Warrior】, 【Monk】, 【Priest】, 【Wizard】, 【Thief】, 【Merchant】, 【Hunter】, and 【Shaman】.

There are also three special roles that differentiate from the eight battle classes. 【Nobility】, 【Hero】, and 【Magi】.

However, within the large population only a few earned those blessings. At most, all are 【Villagers】, which is the lowest and weakest, tasked with daily duties.

A 【Villager】 doesn’t have the ability to fight; trying to defeat a monster is suicide.

One day, a two years old child noticed something.

If you defeat a monster, you can be rich.

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 6

LV999 Villager – Chapter 7: It was too Late to Notice [Part 6 Parna POV/backstory] I saw a burning scene that was engraved in my mind. It was the me of 4 years ago, the person I was then was not like the person I am now. I was more like the current Krul. Strong, straightforward and always striving to do my best. I was a dream-like person. I also had a master. He was two years older and had long green hair. He was tall and always had glasses on because he could not stop reading books in the

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 5

LV 999 Villager – Chapter 7 – It was too late to Notice – Part 5 “Both of them are going on foot. I think it would have been better to take the Kenta-uros, or at least a horse, wouldn’t you agree Takako?” (Tina) “I wonder if it is to save up money? Both of these animals require resources, and you’d have to make several stops to keep them alive and healthy, which would cause a delay.” (Takako) Tina and Takako talked to each other as they see Menou and Kagami leave and walk into the forest. There are various

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 4

LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 4) – It Was Too Late To Notice “Kagami…. have you packed your toothbrush? Did you bring a lot potions in your bag? What about food?” (Takako) “I got it, I got it all. Why are you asking this? You do know David prepared everything for us?” (Kagami) “Are you sure that you have everything? It is a long trip, and if you forgot something important, we may die.” (Menou) Normally, the gate would only open when a merchant would enter the city. Other than that, there were only the gate soldiers here.

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 3

“Kagami please stop it, even if it saves the Demon King, if you die in the process all effort will become meaningless. I am truly thankful for you trying to save the Demon King but this action is not something he would want!” (Menou) Kagami was surprised by Menou unexpected words. Kagami thought if this method could save the Demon King then Menou would gladly help but having heard this instead gave him warmth in his heart. “I am really happy to hear you care about me that much, but to create the world of coexistence that we aim for

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 2

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 2 [Dark Dragon]. A monster who is said to equal or be even stronger than the demon king, the strongest monster in existence. It still exists somewhere in this world but a long time has passed since the last sighting of the legendary monster. After such a long time has pass, people now start to question its existence itself and now say it’s a fairy tale. But if it was said to exist in the past, then some people may have seen or encountered and may have already just died. “I know about it, what

LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Part 1

It Was Too Late To Notice 1 ” We did not even make a dent with the sales” (kagami) It’s been a week since the casino opened, in the afternoon when it was nearing lunch time, Kagami suggested that they take a break and go eat. Kagami, Takako, Krul, Rex, Tina, Menou, Alice and David gathered at Takako bar and sat at the side. While each person sitting at his or her table and was helping Takako carry the dishes, Kagami thought. “We only had about 800 customers and after taking expenses and the supplies needed we made only a

LV999 Villager Chapter 6 Part 10

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 10 It was hard to think of other people who had heard the conversation between the Demon King and Estellar at the battle of Salumeria. Kagami himself had confirmed that there was nobody in the surroundings. If there really was anyone who had his or her ears open during that situation, Estellar probably would have dealt with them quickly. However, it was only Kagami who knew this. Although there was value in just asking about it, even if he was refused, when considering whether this was true or not, this knowledge wouldn’t be

LV999 Villager Chapter 6 Part 9

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 9 “This isn’t something you should be saying so casually, Kagami-dono! It’s dangerous to leave it alone!” Alice returned to the passage exclusive to the Casino Staff again and tried to turn the knob to the door of the break area. However, at that moment, she heard yelling from inside the break area, and just for a moment, Alice shrunk back. She slowly opened the door and peeped inside, as if wary of something. Inside stood a restless Krul, Takako, and Rex. Kagami was also there, seeming troubled by something as he stood

LV999 Villager Chapter 6 Part 8

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 8 “Pardon my rudeness, but it’s about time for the last order of imports to arrive, so please allow me to be excused. I must help out with bringing them in, so I will return later on. If it’s fine with you, Krul-sama, I would be happy if you just waited here.” David avoided this with a god-like timing and what could only be thought of as an excuse. However, his expression turned serious and his speech became polite, so his standard performance couldn’t be called a lie. Although David didn’t normally try

LV999 Villager Chapter 6 Part 7

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 7 “You two…this is fine already. It won’t change that much.” As for Alice, whose outfit design was dependent on Takako and Krul, 30 minutes had passed since Kagami had left the break room. Alice couldn’t suppress her feelings of wanting to run away from the situation, where they were constantly changing her clothes, which were nearly the same every time. “You can’t! It’s important to dress up the parts that you can’t see. Dignity can be born if you consider the combination of colors, you know!” “That’s right, Alice-chan. If this becomes