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Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Tragedy, Xuanhuan

Kindhearted Bee,
Shan Liang de Mi Feng,

Associated Names:
Tu La Vũ Thần,
Xiuluo Wushen,

Related Series:
War God Asura (Prequel)

In terms of potential, even if you are not a genius, you can learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. You can also learn without a teacher.

In terms of strength, even if you have tens of thousands of treasures, you may not be able to defeat my grand World Spirit army.

Who am I? Every single living thing in the world views me as Asura. However, I did not know about that. Thus, as Asura, I became the Martial God.

Martial God Asura Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 – Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That “Mn, very well.” “It’s pretty late now, you should return and rest up.” “I’ll go and help that Bai Suyan with her injuries. As her injuries are not light, it would be extremely slow for her to try to heal herself, which might even delay our journey to the Boundless Green Sea,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed, Half Martial Emperor White Ape smiled a relieved smile before leaving. “Haha, I truly would have never imagined that this monkey-like old man would give you such an enormous gift.” “This

Martial God Asura Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 – Unexpected Harvest At this moment, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s eyebrows were raised. His anger was clearly visible. He pointed at Bai Suyan and said, “With what you’ve turned the Ascension Sect into, I should be disciplining you. Yet, because the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster did not mind it, I have decided to not mind it either.” “However, you, an outsider, actually dared to meddle in our Cyanwood Mountain’s domestic affairs. That I cannot disregard!” “I do not care where you’re from or what sort of background you possess, I will give you some warnings today. Else, you’ll

Martial God Asura Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 – Exploiting One Another “You cannot stop me,” When she saw the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster blocking her path, a flash of coldness shone through Bai Suyan’s eyes. She did not have the slightest sentiment towards him, despite the fact that she was married to him. “I am not planning to stop you,” Compared to the enormous coldness displayed by Bai Suyan, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was considerably calm. “In that case, what are you doing then?” Bai Suyan asked. “I merely wish to send you off,” The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster smiled. His smile was very easy-going, it was

Martial God Asura Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 – Already Prepared “It would seem that this was the reason why she had been staying in the Ascension Sect.” “Merely, what is it that she’s fighting for right now?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze changed slightly. He finally realized what had happened. It turned out that the map that Bai Suyan had had him decipher was not located elsewhere. Instead, it was actually deep in the Ascension Sect’s underground. Chu Feng had thought that Bai Suyan had stayed in the Ascension Sect for a certain purpose the entire time. And now, he finally knew what her purpose was.

Martial God Asura Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 – Who Is Attacking? At this moment, outside of the window, the Ascension Sect was a complete mess. The enormous trees that reached the sky had collapsed one after another. All kinds of buildings has already collapsed and all kinds of screams were being heard from all directions. Everyone from the Ascension Sect was alarmed by what was happening. Chaos, unease, worry, fear, and not knowing what to do was written on the faces of everyone from the Ascension Sect. “Boom~~~~~~~~” Right at this moment, another extremely loud explosion was heard. At this moment, Chu Feng managed to

Martial God Asura Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260 – An Extremely Loud Explosion Not only was Chu Feng pushed to the wall by Bai Suyan, his body was also being closely squeezed by her body. Her sweet bodily fragrance assailed his nostrils. Her soft body was right next to his. Although Chu Feng had always been a very calm individual, his heartbeat had now accelerated by leaps and bounds. His face turned red and his breathing became heavy. It was not that Chu Feng was thinking improper thoughts. Instead, he was truly too nervous. He did not know what Bai Suyan wanted to do. Yet, he

Martial God Asura Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259 – Mutual Assistance At this moment, wave upon wave of screams from that Punishment Department’s management elder resounded through the sky. Each scream was more miserable than the last. Yet, each scream was also weaker than the last. “Spare me, please, I beg of you, don’t do this,” Finally, that Punishment Department’s management elder was unable to bear the soul-penetrating torment and began to beg Bai Suyan for forgiveness. However, Bai Suyan ignored him completely. With a light smile on her face, she continued on with what she was doing. Her smile was extremely beautiful. It was both

Martial God Asura Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 – Bai Suyan’s Strength “A grand management elder of the Cyanwood Mountain’s Punishment Department, is this bit of skill all that you possess?” After Bai Suyan blocked that management elder’s attack, a light smile emerged on her face. Her smile was filled with disdain and mockery. As for that management elder, his expression turned ugly. He was no fool; from Bai Suyan’s previous counterattack, he was able to tell that she was most definitely not someone simple. At the very least, she greatly surpassed his imagination. He had truly underestimated his opponent this time around and encountered a

Martial God Asura Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 – A Whole New Level Of Respect “Lord Head, do you think what that Ascension Sect’s madam sectmaster said was true or false?” That management elder asked. Back then, he had also seen Nangong Longjian massacring the entire monstrous clan with only himself and his sword. Thus, he also had quite a lot of fear for Nangong Longjian. Even now, after he had became a management elder of the Punishment Department, he still felt a deep veneration and heartfelt fear upon recalling that black-haired man and his golden sword. “What sort of character do you take Nangong Longjian

Martial God Asura Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256 – Nangong Longjian After she blocked that management elder’s incoming attack, Bai Suyan’s expression turned ugly. She cast an angry look at that Punishment Department’s management elder and coldly asked, “You dare to attack me? Do you even know who I am?” “I could not care less as to who you are. For you to dare to attack our Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, you’ve already committed a capital offense.” That Punishment Department’s management elder was unwilling to drop the subject. With a movement of his body, he disappeared. By the time he reappeared, he was already behind Bai Suyan.