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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Vũ Cực Thiên Hạ,
Wuji Tianxia,

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Cocooned Cow,

Martial World Chapter 596

Chapter 596 – To Use Fingers As a Spear After Maha’s words, Kai Yang also recovered from his shock. Although Lin Ming’s talent was high, it wasn’t enough for him to dread. For a martial artist’s improvement, the King’s Cage fell far short of the Road of Emperor. Lin Ming had undoubtedly grown stronger within the King’s Cage. But, they hadn’t been lazing around either; they had entered the Road of Emperor during these past months! They were completely different levels of practice areas. How could their gains be any worse than Lin Ming’s! ‘Good! Then before my fight with

Martial World Chapter 595

Chapter 595 – Sacrifice To My Saber A fountain of blood erupted 20 feet into the air. The Giant Demon’s eyes were as large as brass bells. He stared at Lin Ming, his eyes and mouth twisted, his last expression pained and unable to die in peace. “Lin Ming!” All the other martial artists were scared silly. Lin Ming had killed someone, and in an area that prohibited fighting! “Everyone split up and run! Wait for the enforcement team to come!” A martial artist suddenly shouted. After all, he was someone who had experienced countless slaughters on the edge of

Martial World Chapter 594

Chapter 594 – Return With A Blood Sacrifice To This Spear The light barrier array formation within the special practice area was only there to deceive the eyes and ears of others. These days, an old Imp man was actually within the light barrier. He was array master that High Lord Heian had personally invited over – Suo Ge. Suo Ge was familiar with ancient array formations. This great space locking array was naturally of his own making. The great space locking array formation could only last for four months. But just in case, in order to prepare for all

Martial World Chapter 593

Chapter 593 –  Asura of the Heavenly Demon Martial Intent Peng! The Purple Comet Spear struck the ground. Lin Ming was only barely propping himself up with the spear shaft. His entire body groaned and it felt like he was about to burst apart at the seams. His meridians were nearly to the point of exploding. With the entire Heavenly demon force field entering into his body, the pressure could be imagined! Luckily, he was strong enough. If an ordinary martial artist were to suddenly bear such a great pressure, their entire body would splatter! But then again, could an

Martial World Chapter 592

Chapter 592 – [Breaking Through the Last Cage] Bang! Bang! Bang! Spear after spear, Lin Ming’s relentless onslaught of attacks didn’t falter. At the beginning, the space barrier would tremble, cracks would appear and then instantly disappear. Then, these cracks appeared for several breaths of time, and finally, before the old cracks disappeared, new cracks were already forming. The cracks were becoming increasingly dense! During such a barrage, Lin Ming’s understandings towards the Concept of Space were becoming increasingly profound! When the cracks in the space barrier reached a tipping point, there was finally a ringing explosion as the barrier

Martial World Chapter 591

Chapter 591 – Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates The Nameless Divine Pill used a Nirvana Dragon Root as a main ingredient, and by combining all sorts of other rare and precious materials, it became a medicine even more brutally tyrannical than the Demon God Bone! When Lin Min absorbed the Nameless Divine Pill, he had done so by melting its medicinal efficacy into a barrel of solar origin water, and even then he had only dared to absorb less than half of it. Even so, Lin Ming’s hands had been frozen old, the pain piercing as his skin and

Martial World Chapter 590

Chapter 590 – Betting It All The transmission array would only appear once this space cage was broken and it would only appear for a short period of time. If Lin Ming wanted to break open the space locking array during that brief period of time, then that was simply unrealistic! Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt his back go cold. The tiny space fragments were hidden around him, appearing and disappearing; he simply couldn’t evade them all. If this continued then he would die without a doubt! Chi! With a light din, Lin Ming felt a cool touch upon

Martial World Chapter 589

Chapter 589 – Crisis In the dimensional fragment cage, Lin Ming closed his eyes, moving with Golden Roc Shattering the Void. Under the tremendous pressure, his steps didn’t have any of the usual fleeting vibrancy, instead, it was like they were made of lead. In this cage of space, his eyes were useless. The space cracks simply couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. Even his perception was limited. What Lin Ming could depend on was his understanding towards the Law of Space, and his mastery over the power of space only. Whenever a space crack quietly approached, Lin Ming

Martial World Chapter 588

Chapter 588 – King’s Cage, 100 Days For an entire month, Lin Ming was trapped in complete darkness. Even breath had become incomparably difficult. All of his organs were under pressure, and every small step he took required a tremendous amount of energy. That sort of aching fatigue made one prefer the bliss of death. After arriving at the extremes of exhaustion, it became even more unbearable than the pain. Once the pain reached the limit, one could numb themselves to it after a long time, but if one was exhausted, then it was impossible to rid oneself of that

Martial World Chapter 587

Chapter 587 – Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years Two months, and Lin Ming still hadn’t come out! As the time passed 61 days, the news rapidly spread throughout Skysplit Tower. The time that Lin Ming had been in the King’s Cage for had already surpassed the Eightfall War Emperor’s record! This was the creation of a new legend! The only one to do so in 10,000 years! Soon, not only did the martial artists of the third level know, but even those of the second floor and first floor. Although these people didn’t know what it meant to stay