A 23-years-old man who graduated Harvard flew back to his home country to sell fried goat meat in his self-made small stall, representing a conservative generation of youth. He went to a bar looking for a girl to settle his lust and found a drunken beauty. They spent a wild night with each other, and the girl coldly and silently left in the morning in front of the guy’s face, leaving a small red stain on the bed sheet. After a few days, she forced him to marry her for 2 years by contract, and after the contract expires he’s free to do what he wants. She later revealed to him she’s the CEO of one of the biggest corporation in the country.

Will a girl with the burden of a giant corporation with her own emotional scar be able to find love and to share the person she loves with other beauties? Will a man who lived to kill his entire is life, with the burden of being Hades, one of the 12 gods of Olympus, be able to set aside his responsibilities to live with the girl(s) he loves or to improve his godly skills to protect everything he cares for from an unseen threat?

Action, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance

Associated Names:
Cô Vợ Tổng Giám Đốc Xinh Đẹp Của Tôi,
My Beautiful CEO Wife,
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO,
Wo De Meinu Zongcai Laopo,

Molded Dried Vegetable Flatbread,

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 127

Chapter 127: I forgot to tell you Lin Ruoxi was very displeased to hear these words, what did he mean by her being unable to start it up yet he could? Can cars even differentiate who the person starting it was? Or was he implying that she wasn’t as good as him?   The woman who had been proud since childhood was immediately angered. She coldly snorted and said, “Here’s the keys, let’s see how you’ll start it up.” While saying that she dropped the keys into Yang Chen’s hand.   Yang Chen caught it naturally, as if this set

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Awkward Problem As a honorable breakfast-buying staff, Yang Chen felt that it was very impolite for the ladies not to get into formation and welcome him. He was even more curious as to what the ladies were discussing. Therefore, after putting down the breakfast he had brought, he moved towards Liu Mingyu’s desk to join them.   The sharp-eyed Zhao Hongyan noticed Yang Chen walking over, so she waved, beckoning him, “Yang Chen, come over here and congratulate Mingyu-jie, let us hear some auspicious words.”   “What am I congratulating her for?” Yang Chen happily asked.   “Mingyu-jie

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Yang Chen’s ailment Rose’s sudden question caught Yang Chen off guard. When he realized what this question meant, he became taciturn.   It wasn’t that he couldn’t tell her, as he had absolute confidence in Rose. The problem was, even if he said it, she might not even understand. But of course, some things mustn’t be said; nothing would happen to him if he said it, but if Rose found out, it would become an unimaginable adversity for her.   Every person has a circle within which they should stay. If they went beyond that, they would be

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Rose’s Choice The pattering autumn rain softly landed on the swimming pool in the courtyard, causing ripples after ripples to appear on the surface.   Two large banana trees swayed along with the wind. The broad leaves blocked away the already dim light, causing shadows to form on the floor behind the glass door.   In the early morning, Rose’s room seemed chilly and quiet. The antique-style bedside lamp had been on the entire night. Because it was a cloudy day, the lamp felt just as bright as it was during the night.   Yang Chen who had

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Scarlet There are many highs and lows in life. When happiness comes but gets heartlessly stripped away immediately after, with everything going back to square one or even worse than before, this isn’t something ordinary people can handle. Furthermore; this time, it was a betrayal to the soul, and even death!   Rose felt her surroundings chill. According to reason, the air conditioner wouldn’t be turned on during this time of year, but nonetheless she felt the chill seeping into her bones.   For the first time, Rose rather admired this father of hers that she has refused to

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Watched too many movies In a flash, the scene turned stiflingly cold. Anybody who had their life hanging by a thread would feel nervous.   It was as if Rose couldn’t see the muzzle which could flash at any moment. She calmly spoke, “What if I adamantly refuse to listen to your words, and don’t wanna let you send me to the other side as well?”   “That’s impossible, I didn’t plan a third option.” Situ Mingze grinned. His gaze was similar to that of an eagle glaring at a bunny.   “I’ll help you plan it.”  

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 121

Chapter 121: I am a beast The faces of Situ Mingze and Zhou Guangnian turned green while Yang Chen and Rose laughed. Zhou Dongcheng… ehh no, Miss Chanel’s stunning appearance and perfect performance made the two overbearing godfathers seem like deflated balloons.   “Bastard…… Are you trying to kill me with anger……” Zhou Guangnian pointed his finger at Chanel, “Get the hell out! Get the hell out of my sight immediately! Don’t embarrass me any further!!”   “Why are you so agitated father? It’s such a beautiful night, I still want to dance with Mr. Yang.” Chanel retorted coquettishly like

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Chanel “Is that so?” Rose revealed an expression of understanding, then purposefully asked, “Does that mean that you’ve already retired from the underworld, and washed your hands off from those unlawful acts, Mr. Zhou Guangnian?”   Zhou Guangnian grinned, “These words are a little strange, this Zhou has never done such things. I’ve always been doing honest and careful work, sweating it out with my fellow brothers in Dongxing. This was how the Dongxing Corporation of today was established, Miss Rose may have heard some biased reports.”   If a lowly hoodlum says that he didn’t steal a

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Another Big Sis Elk Garden, in Zhong Hai’s west region, from hearing this name anyone would think of a place that raised elks, but in actuality it was a high-class venue that was close to the suburbs. There were a total of three Italian fort-like buildings that were rich in the Gothic style, just like the headquarters of a mafia.   What made it different from other places was that it was surrounded by lush and verdant greenery. It took approximately ten minutes to drive from the entrance of the garden to the meandering road.   The usual

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 118

Chapter 118: I lose appetite Because it was time for people to get off work, the traffic was at its peak, so when Yang Chen arrived at the west suburb’s villa’s area which TangTang mentioned, over an hour had passed and the skies were gradually darkening.   The greenery in the west suburbs were extremely lush, the shade from the trees covered the roads, causing the white BMW to seem incredibly conspicuous. But obviously, all high-class villa areas like this one had the same problem; there’s no one else on the road.   According to TangTang’s directions, they drove up