Chinese Novel

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan

Fang Xiang,

Associated Names:
Bù Bài Zhànshén,
Bất bại chiến thần,
Legend of the Invincible,

Related Series:
World of Cultivation (Shared Universe)

Youth, is meant to be used to shed sweat under the sun!

Youth, is to continuously engage in battles, and secure the win!

The endless journey on Heaven’s Road, an endless expedition, a testimony of a hot-blooded youth’s legend!

A dream every man harbors, with the ignition of the blood! Forever young, Undefeated God of War!

Undefeated God of War Chapter 364

Chapter 364- Poof!  The Fairy Hoop that was grabbed by Angelina suddenly exploded out with a light aura, as though it had awakened from it’s slumber. The Fairy Hoop was entirely golden, as though it was weaved from a golden cane, 13 leaves stuck onto the Hoop. “Don’t let go.” The cold voice made Angelina come to her senses, she gripped tightly onto the Fairy Hoop, not daring to let go. Her heart was flustered and scared. “God, today is the day where I am actually snatching the saint treasure!” she thought. She had touched the Fairy Hoop once before,

Undefeated God of War Chapter 363

Chapter 363 – Servant Angelina’s face was pale, she had lost her spirit, it was an ambush. Qiu Shan had long set the ambush to wait for them, and the swordsman actually saw it, but did not tell her. Although she knew that he did not have any obligation, but her heart was ice cold, she knew she was too naive. Her face was pale white, but the stubbornness and strength in her eyes slowly congealed. From today onward, Angelina will no longer be a little girl. She bit her lips, and shakily reflected on a few matters. “If the

Undefeated God of War Chapter 362

Chapter 362 – Qiu Shan’s Methods Ming Yue stood at the boat’s bow, the night wind brushing past her, causing her to squint her eyes. It was extremely comfortable. Seeing that she was enjoying it, Qiu Shan stood by the side quietly, gazing at the distance. Fairy Lake was wide, during the late autumn, The Blue Light Algae gorgeously blossomed, but only for a short lived life of 25 days. As far as the eyes can see, the entire lake surface was covered in stars of blue lights, scattering in every corner of Fairy lake, it was spectacular. If gazed

Undefeated God of War Chapter 361

Chapter 361 – Creating a Diversion “There were no traces of fighting, and the carriage was split into two, it should be created from a sword, and there were some dim remnants of True Power on the bottom, your subordinate is unable to find out what it was.” Listening to the report, Qiu Shan could not help but smile: “Miss Ming Yue’s sword technique is a unique inheritance, you not being able to find out what it was is normal, do not lose heart. You’ve worked hard the past few days, go to Old Hu to receive 500 thousand star

Undefeated God of War Chapter 360

Chapter 360 – Cooperation “Uncle Noel!” Angelina shouted out in a pleasant surprise. Noel smiled at her: “My little princess, you don’t have to worry anymore, Master has already received the news, I didn’t expect that I was still one step too late! Luckily you’re alright, if not I would have been chopped up by them!” Seeing that Angelina was safe and sound, Noel heaved a sigh of relief. Under the Master’s orders, he made haste under the night, and didn’t expect himself to still be one step too late, and became extremely anxious. If something were to have happened to

Undefeated God of War Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – West River Street Ming Yue waited for a long time, but there were no movements on the carriage. Her faced changed, flicking her wrist suddenly, the sword light was as white as snow, and the carriage split in two, but the bottom of the carriage was empty. Ming Yue’s gaze was stuck for a long time, then suddenly she let out a laugh. I have met a powerful opponent, to be able to sneak under the carriage right under Qiu Shan’s nose, he must definitely be strong, and brave. I’ never expected Andromeda Constellation to have Crouching Tiger

Undefeated God of War Chapter 358

Chapter 358 – Entering the City Angelina’s gaze was stuck on Tang Tian. Since the start, she did not know anything about him. Who was he? Where was he from? Why did he save her? She did not know anything. His face was covered in the black flame mask, his entire body was also covered, so she couldn’t make anything out. He also did not seem to have any intention of dropping the mask. But from his posture, Angelina could infer, that he was someone who had received good education. Even if he was seated on the ground or on the

Undefeated God of War Chapter 357

Chapter 357 – Making His Move Tang Tian stood there as though he did not hear anything. (TN: previously Ba Fu asked who was it. LOL) A person who was the third in place in succession, interesting. That was why Tang Tian decided to make his move. Almost every Constellation Master would appoint a few successors. Fighting openly and maneuvering discreetly was common, but to every constellation, ensuring the continuance of the inheritance of the Constellation was forever the most important. Because the selected few successors were usually young people, how their future turned out, even the brilliant Masters could

Undefeated God of War Chapter 356

Chapter 356 – Angelina Tang Tian leisurely strolled around the hall after killing countless star spirit beasts and destroying many traps without a single drop of blood on his body. Facing the sunlight, Tang Tian squinted his eyes, his eyebrows frowned. He did not like the sunlight. Glancing at the stars in the sky, Tang Tian judged his current position. Andromeda Constellation. He considered that he had plenty of time to move this time, and could do many things. If not, he would not be able to endure “his” low rate of efficiency which could piss anyone off. But, he

Undefeated God of War Chapter 355

Chapter 355 – Ultimate Seventh Level Pa Pa! The Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart on his dantian crumbled at the same time and disappeared. Tang Tian’s mind was shocked, the Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart in his dantian originated from his blood meridians, and he had a close connection to them. Only to see the 36 rays of spiraling energy suddenly rushing to his dantian without him controlling them. The dantian was like a lake, and the 36 rays of spiraling energy were swimming inside the dantian. Tang Tian did not understand, but he had a