Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 195

Chapter 195 – The Battle of Green Moon City

“Elder Lu, that request is a bit too much. Green Moon City does not officially belong to the Lu’s in any way.” Principal Gu was a man of few words, but he was not going to stay quiet when the city’s future could be forever damaged because of the Lu’s rage. Besides, his professionalism was not going to let him side with an outsider against the strongest cultivator South Star had ever schooled.


Xiao Qingyun also felt the need to give a speech. He was convinced by the Lu’s that he should let the superpower run an operation around the area, and was led by the elder to believe that Lu’s expedition was going to benefit the city. He needed to let the citizens know. Even though he was responsible for the recent mess, he wished nothing more than returning peace to the people.


“Lu Qianhuan, I was authorized by the dynasty itself to take care of this city. The martial families are under my command by law! You will have to stop threatening them, you are basically challenging the dynasty’s reign doing so!” The City Lord grunted and said.


“Say whatever you want, this is the real world where strength is all that counts, the Lu family is well established, and we have royal connections! You should be grateful that you have a chance to serve us!” Lu Qianhuan argued, his gaze was as cold as his voice, his Qi was pressuring the City Lord and the principal.


The returned prime Warrior’s presence was threatening everyone at the square, physically and mentally. The minds of the Green Moon City cultivators were greatly weakened. Lu Qianhuan didn’t care about the price he might have to pay, he just wanted to avenge the chubby man who grew up with him.


Every single one of Green Moon City’s elders and patriarchs willingly bowed to Lu Qianhuan, the cultivation mismatch eliminated their will, the slim chance they had to retaliate.


After making sure everyone was quiet and obedient, the skinny elder started his speech, “As you might have heard, the Lu’s are not in good terms with the Ye family at the moment. I know Ye Wei is protected by the Runemaster Union, that’s why I don’t wish to harm him, I just need him captured.”


The patriarchs were looking at each other, confused. They all wondered if Lu Qianhuan had gone insane.


“Please, keep in mind that he did commit murder.” Lu Qianhuan could sense the tension, tried his best to cover his rage. “My brother deserves justice as much as Ye Wei deserves protection.”


“If you don’t cooperate I will make sure all of you get punished for conspiring together with the Ye’s” Lu Qianhuan said slowly, staring at Gu Qing and Xiao Qingyun.


The City Lord and the principal then shared a look. Subconsciously, they both understood it was better to agree than to retaliate.


“So be it. People! You heard what elder Lu said.” Xiao Qingyun pretended he was still mind controlled by the elder, turned to the martial families’ leaders.


Seeing that the principal and the City Lord had softened up, Lu Qianhuan grunted scornfully. “The Lu family respects and appreciates, we will reward him or her who locates Ye Wei with ten million silver, three four-star Myst grade mystic arms and ten Myst grade scrolls!”


The news of Master Yi’s returned prime Warrior friend had already spread amongst the martial families before Lu Qianhuan called for the meeting, although nearly all the guests were mesmerize, they could feel that something was not right, that the orders they heard were not beneficial to them in anyway.


“Three days,that’s how long you have! If Ye Wei isn’t delivered here by then, I cannot guarantee your safety.” Lu Qianhuan chuckled, “I’ve heard reports of demons and wild beasts sighting around the area, maybe they will decided to raid the city, who knows?”


Gu Qing and Xiao Qingyun knew exactly what the elder was implying, they widened their eyes, silently protesting against the ludicrous ultimatum. The two strongest men in Green Moon City wanted to unite the people in the square to stand up against tyranny, but had no way of doing so.


A belt of light in the sky and a shrill sound snapped the guests out of confusion, a small dark figure blinked within the bright arc.


“Lu Qianhuan, don’t waste your time terrorizing my home town, I am right here.” The young Runemaster appeared in the air, in the center of the square. “What are you going to do?”


“You!” Lu Qianhuan’s eyes lit up, his smile turned sinister, “You are not on the guest list but I am glad to see you!”


The elder’s bloodthirsty gaze landed on Ye Wei like darks.


“Take him down!” Lu Qianhuan grunted.


Eighteen of the Lu’s ten-star condensed prime Warriors and over fifty other weaker condensed prime Warriors flew upwards to Ye Wei like a swarm of locusts.


“Why would you walk yourself into a dead end to die!?” Lu De, the ten-star Warrior who previously met the young Runemaster was one of the first Lu’s to recognize the intruder, his lips curled up to make an evil smile, “You are seriously outnumbered!”


“Surround him! Don’t let him escape! He is known to run like a chicken!”


The Lu’s fired their best stances once they were in range, the sky momentarily filled with runes, and sunlight was blocked by the small army.


“You are a talented kid, but you are seriously stupid to return!” Principal looked worryingly at Ye Wei, muttering as he tried to calculate how he could rescue the South Star student.


The City Lord was also analyzing the situation, he too could not believe Ye Wei would walk into the Lu’s crew alone. Xiao Qingyun rooted for the Ye’s but knew how strong the three-star returned prime Warrior was.


The local patriarchs and their men immediately took cover when the fight broke out. In the chaos, they communicated with each other using voice transmission technique.


“Argh! I feel bad for the Ye’s! They could have put the city on the map.”


“The Ye’s future is heading to its end! I heard the rest of the Lu’s are at the Ye mansion right now, this must have been a trap all along! They are trying to bait Master Yi’s returned prime Warrior friend out of the house so they can destroy the mansion!”


“Ye Wei is a fool! I can guarantee you, Lu Qianhuan will not turn Ye Wei over the authorities! The Runemaster Union was known to have zero tolerance to whoever threatens or even just harasses protected subjects. The Lu’s will get into trouble, not the Ye’s.”


“Does that mean… We are witnesses?!”


The locals shivered, they realized if the Lu’s were going to kill Ye Wei right here, they will also be killed. Although they were jealous and some of them even wanted Ye Wei dead, they’d rather be alive and live in a city where the Ye’s dominated than to die.


Led by a three-star returned prime Warrior, the Lu’s crew was rather confident. They worked as a team, synchronizing their strikes. They trusted their leader and believed in their strength as a collective more than they feared the sixteen year old.


Ye Wei stared down at the swarm of the Lu’s men and their stances, he grunted as he activated the second Supernova Evolution, his cultivation exploded to one-star returned prime level.


“Lu Qianhuan, nice stance, what’s its name? The human shield?” Ye Wei shouted comedically riding the light arc, his palm fanned downwards, a Qi wave pressed down at the Lu’s men towards the ground.




The condensed prime Warriors’ stance did not hold up against Ye Wei’s simple strike. They exploded and thousands of runes scattered in the sky.


Ye Wei used the screen of runes to his advantage, without any of his opponents noticing, he quickly channeled energy from his blood, empowered Starblink Steps and activated Selenic Triple-Primal Sword.


The sharp bolts of Qi accurately landed on his targets, pinning them down, interrupting any attempt at levitation.


Contrary to Lu Qianhuan’s expectation, Ye Wei did not hold back. The Lu’s men were quickly mutilated, none of them could defend themselves even the slightest.


The young Runemaster had no fear, with Helian Jieyuan’s promise, he was ruthlessly expressing his rage and resentment that had been building up ever since he returned to Green Moon City from the tournament.


He turned the number disadvantage around effortlessly, and became the only person levitating in the sky just seconds after the Lu’s began their attack.


The City Lord, the principal and the rest of the guest were shocked to see the battle, the teenager’s domination confirmed all the rumors regarding the sixteen year old’s capabilities.


Subsequently, both Gu Qing and Xiao Qingyun decided to help Ye Wei escape if so he needed, even if it meant sacrificing their lives. They figured out if Lu Qianhuan’s revenge was to succeed, the human race would have lost a rare and powerful asset.


“You little prick, even if you are protected by the Runemaster Union my family will make sure you pay a price for what you have done to us!” Lu Qianhuan’s face turned pale, his veins bulged up as he witnessed his men dropping from the sky one by one.