Galactic Dark Net Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Path of All Gods, Open!

                The dark net meet ended. From Han’s perspective, the end result was ultimately not a bad thing. He saw many strange people and strange techniques, and of course, no one would teach their unique skills to Han.

But during his lifetime, it was always a good thing to continue experiencing new things. At least the next time Han saw someone making a mummy out of their father, he wouldn’t be as surprised and can quickly find ways to deal with it.

To Han, the more practical benefit from this was Silver Fox. This smart little guy was a very good addition to Han’s combat force.

In simple terms, the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw were both fusion beasts with a tough guy image. After Han summoned them, they will always follow Han’s orders strictly.

But Silver Fox was different. Whatever Han told it to do, this little guy would think of a way to do it himself. In addition, it was also very small, not even the size of Han’s palm, and it could also sneak around, making it very appropriate to perform some special tasks.

Standing in front of the particle capsule, Han said farewell to Black Tower and Faint Blue. Xiaoman was there too, she looked a bit sad with Han’s departure.

“Remember, everyone’s journey on the dark net is a one-way street. We might see each other, we might not.” Xiao Man said seriously, “The reason founder Sansheng told you guys to disguise yourselves is because he’s afraid that you would affect each other after getting to know each other. After all, although we are all on dark net, the path we walk isn’t the same.”

“Wind Speaker is registered as a genetic biologist and also a beast tamer, but Black Tower and Faint Blue are both warriors. Technical experts and warriors will encounter different situations. In short, in order to pass this road, what you need is not group strength, but individual strength.”

Han nodded and replied, “Understood. If we rely on the power of the group, we humans probably have been killed by other sentient races a long time ago. Does the road we are taking have a name?”

Xiaoman said, “Yep, it’s call the Path of All Gods. The legend says that walking along this road until the end, everyone that makes it will become a shining star in the universe.”

Han frowned, not certain about this saying but at this moment, Faint Blue suddenly said, “Although we all came here in disguise, but I might know who Wind Speaker is now. Does this count as a disciplinary offence?”

Xiaoman smiled, a pair of dimples appeared on her face as she whispered, “Doesn’t count, doesn’t count. Sansheng just hopes that everyone tries their most to not recognize each other, thus avoiding affecting each other. Assuming that you recognized someone due to your understanding on their exclusive techniques, Sansheng can’t do anything about it.”

Han also spoke, “Faint Blue, even if you hadn’t guessed who I am, I already know who you are now.”



Seeing Faint Blue and Han saying these things, Black Tower nervously said, “What about me? You guys all know each other but I still don’t know who you guys are! After leaving this place, I won’t be able to see you guys again! How about I just tell you guys who I am! Or you guys telling me would be fine too.”

“No you can’t!” Xiaoman sternly rebuked Black Tower, “There are still people watching. Just say goodbye now.”

Then, Xiaoman shook hands with everyone, secretly slipped a piece of paper into each of their hands and then pushed them into the particle module.


Han experienced the weird ride once again, all materials inside the cabin were broken down into the most minute particles, and then through the wonder of space remote transmission, they were transferred back to Earth.

Han pushed open the module lid, sat up, took out the paper note Xiaoman left him before the departure, and saw that on there, besides Black Tower and Faint Blue’s real name and contact information, there was also Xiaoman’s name.

Like Han expected, Faint Blue was Lance, Lance Landis, the abnormality within the infamous assassination family, with the identity of an assassin but the heart of a nice man. Han had already met him in the A-19 relic.

Black Tower was called Hei Xiaolin, and he came from a famous and good traditional mercenary family.

“So her name is Hua Manxue.” Han whispered to himself.

However, Xiaoman doesn’t have contact in the real world, she was a part of the dark guardians, only existing inside Sansheng’s big plan, but not in reality.

After noticing that the particle module magically came back to the underground floor of the base, Long Chuan, Talin, Li Yu, Ke Lake, and Old Mo all came.

Han hid the things that took place at the dark net from them. After all, Han hadn’t personally come into contact with the challenge called the Path of All Gods, and many things about it was heard from others. With Han’s personality, he preferred to see it first.

No one gave Han a tough time, and Han just told them to keep to keep the particle module there, but have no one approach it. As well, he informed them that in the future, if he took the particle module and left, there was no need to be too surprised.

Long Chuan and the others didn’t say anything due to the absolute trust they had in Han, but in their hearts they were all a bit more worried. Now, they understood even less of Han’s behaviors.

Immediately afterwards, Han then contacted the three addicts. To them, Han obviously didn’t hide anything and told them everything.

Pathless heard and angrily stomped the floor, “If I knew this was the case I would’ve went! I always felt that the dark net wasn’t that simple, this is a golden opportunity! Han, you said the deeper level of the dark net really has a lot of martial arts you have never seen before?”

The martial art addict Pathless cares most about martial arts. After hearing about the massive amount of martial art scrolls, his passion and addiction started burning again.

Night Walker interrupted, “It’s not that simple. Don’t you notice? The threat of the god race didn’t truly come yet, and the humans have already been divided into three main camps. First there is the traditional camp represented by the 12 permanent members of the Alliance. You should all know their power. We have to take refuge here because the 12 permanent countries death-sentenced us.”

“Then it’s the Protector’s Progressive camps, formed by us who are being hunted by the traditional camp.”

“Now there’s a third camp, dark net’s Sansheng. He trained a group of young talents, and also gathered elites like Han. Their direction isn’t in the reality, but in the giant dark net system.”

“Sigh, the war didn’t even start yet, and there are already increasing chaos among humans.”

Han slightly frowned and said, “I think what happens in the dark net doesn’t conflict with reality. Take me for an example, although I will go to that Path of All Gods, I will still be fighting with my all in the reality. And, if I can acquire loot from the Path of All Gods, I will still take it out and then let the Milky Way in reality benefit as well.”

“So, I think Sanshen’s plan is the most advanced, reality and the dark net, holding both battle fields to the end.”

Night Walker sighed and said, “I know, whether it’s Sansheng or the Protector, they are both trying. I just don’t like the Alliance, they are actually the most powerful one, calling themselves the Orthodox party, but it’s also only them, living in comfort, without any effort.”

“Han, you said that when you have enough points, you can take other people to the deeper level of the dark net?”

Han nodded, “Yep, the rule is like that, just like how Sansheng took us into the deeper level of the dark net, it seems that the points obtained on the Path of All Gods can exchange for anything.”

Night Walker said, “Very well. I think you already can’t wait to see what the Path of All Gods is like, and same with us. After you have enough points, maybe we will join too.”

Han laid down in the particle module, in the dark. Han was still thinking about the deeper level of the dark net and the Path of All Gods.

Very possibly, Sansheng suddenly decided to start the dark net meet after hearing about the Protector’s Operation Butterfly. Sansheng seems to be attracting everyone’s attention, because he thinks whether it was the indifferent Alliance, or the Butterfly Operation performing mass migrations, both were not as important as the importance of the dark net.

No matter what, he had succeeded, and Night Walker and the others were also very interested. If these things spread to the ears of the Alliance, they should be interested too. That way, there will be more talented humans joining the fight on the Path of All Gods, this should be a good thing.


The bright light sent Han to the destination.

After the particle module opened, Han put it into his Lunar Mark. He found himself in a snow-shrouded world. There was no sun in the sky, overcast, the fluttering snow almost buried the mountains in the distance, completely covering its look.

This was the starting point of the Path of All Gods. According to the information Han got from the manual, this was the setting of this path.

The moment the Path of All Gods was activated, the system would give a starting point. If Han could survive 72 hours at the starting point, then he can leave that place and go back to Earth.

Within three months, Han has to activate the particle module again, and where he will get sent to at that time, no one knew. There was no pattern to be analyzed, so that’s why Xiaoman said meeting again will be very difficult.

In short, participation in the Path of All Gods was mandatory, and the remaining activities and transactions were all voluntary. This was the rule of the deeper level of the dark net.

In comparison to the dark net Han had experienced before, the biggest difference is that this is reality, and everything’s existence is real. You will feel hungry if you don’t eat, and you will die if you get killed. It can also be called the real dark net.

If Han consecutively emerged victorious in the Path of All Gods, he might be sent to somewhere even deeper, perhaps even the third level of the dark net. Of course, no one knew whether this was really the case, because there aren’t really any clear rules about the Path of All Gods. The only thing Han knew for sure, was to survive here.

Just when Han stood firm on his feet on this snowy terrain and was about to take a look at the surrounding environment, he noticed that there seemed to be a figure heading towards him in the distance, don’t know if it’s a human or god race. According to what Sansheng said, recently the biggest challenge they faced was the rising number of god race opponents.

“You are human?” Han asked in curiosity. He felt that his feet were sinking down, the snow was very deep and it was almost up to Han’s knees. Looks like he must activate the hidden anti-gravity system in his boots in order to ensure that mobility is not compromised.

“Ha! We are lucky, this is an ignorant beginner!”

Another voice came from Han’s back. Han turned around to take a look, and found himself being covered by both sides.

“Puny humans, you don’t need to think about releasing the fusion beasts. Because before your genetic fusion beasts even appear, the demons we hid in the snow will kill you!”

The person behind Han continued, “Now I have a question to ask you. If you answer honestly, maybe I will let you live a bit longer, or die quicker to avoid torture.”

“Why? Why is it that the population of you puny humans grew so much recently? Is it because you guys have some unspeakable plans?! Wanting to fight against us for the control of the dark net?”

Han didn’t say anything. Looks like the people that came back from the dark net meet had already embarked on their Path of All Gods journey. The massive appearance of humans had alerted these beings, and these beings were undoubtedly part of the legendary god race.

“Answer me!” The man behind Han shouted.


From the blizzard storm came a violent vibration. Han felt as if something, like a bloodthirsty shark, began wandering in the thick layer of snow below his feet.