Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 176

Chapter 176 -> Control a bit

However, Long Wan’er couldn’t believe Ye Feng’s words, because in this world, having such a strange technique like Soul Search Technique was indeed hard to believe.

Just like a radar, one could also clearly sense everything present in the surrounding. Moreover, if everyone in the world of the Immortals was Immortal Cultivator, then couldn’t it be said that this technique wasn’t secret over there?

“With the help of this technique, an Immortal Cultivator can easily sense everything falls in his surrounding range and then can naturally shield himself.”

Ye Feng smiled: “Therefore, in the Immortals’ world, this technique isn’t considered as anything special. But on this planet, as long as we have this technique, there is nothing which could remain hidden from us.”

A moment later, Long Wan’er finally believed this argument, because now, she could also personally feel it.

Having Ye Feng by her side to help her practice this technique, made the whole process very simple for her. In the beginning, she used it very clumsily, however, after trying for a long time, she finally succeeded in proliferating this technique in the whole room.

She clicked her tongue in amazement, so was this technique also very powerful?

Now that she had the perspective eyes, she could easily feel wardrobe, next door as well as the situation outside! This feeling wasn’t just involved seeing things around, rather was like a feeling of personally touching the same, actually, it was a very different feeling.

This wonderful feeling all of a sudden made her totally infatuated with it. She happily hugged Ye Feng in her arms and kissed him crazily several times.

Feeling her soft and smooth white hands around his body, made him unable to endure any more, he simply wanted to press her down under his body severely in some way. However, unfortunately, now was not the right time to do that, he had some more important things to handle.

He didn’t know yet what was the condition of that Taiji Palace’s masked youth. He was directly pierced by Thunder Sword qi, because of which he was really severely injured, even the Holy Cure Technique wasn’t good to start with.

Moreover, tonight, the big coral king was going to mature, he couldn’t let it go. Hence he needed to recharge his batteries at all cost. If presently, because of his burning passion, he went too far with Long Wan’er, then at the crucial time, he might suffer badly.

To be able to enhance his Cultivation by five years, he could never give up that opportunity!

“Well, Aunt is outside.”

Long Wan’er was playing cheerfully in the blanket, right then suddenly she felt that outside at the door, there was a person’s shadow standing, making her immediately lean against Ye Feng.

Ye Feng slipped his arms around her, simultaneously swept his Soul Search Technique and also found that someone was standing outside. It was Shu Shu and it seemed that she was being hesitant to knock at the door.

By this time, Shu Shu had already taken a bath and had found a clean one piece long dress in her room to put on. However, the thing that made Ye Feng almost unable to bear was that piece of dress she had worn, it actually was a pure black V-neck, low-neckline skirt, making her mature fullness appear more captivating and stirring.

“Little Feng, Wan’er, you people inside?”

After hesitating for a long time, Shu Shu finally knocked at the door and asked softly.

“You idiot, what should we do now?”

Long Wan’er waved her fist softly and hammered on his chest a bit. Since both of them were in a completely bare state, then how could they open the door?

She clumsily swept Soul Search Technique towards the bathroom and found her clothes hanging inside along with Ye Feng’s clothes, while a fireball was under them to dry them up, but it seemed that the job wasn’t done yet.

“I’ll go, you rest.”

Ye Feng kissed her wildly on her long and snow-white nape of the neck, then, jumped out of the bed.

“Aunt, coming right away.”

He shouted, then entered the bathroom to put on his clothes which were still wet. Anyway, he had to go to the sea soon, so wet clothes wouldn’t create any big difference. As for Long Wan’er’s clothes, the heat of the fireball produced by Red Inflammation wouldn’t take long to dry them up, so she could change her clothes awhile later.

After getting properly dressed, he arrived at the entrance and opened the door, where he saw Shu Shu, clad in a black, V-neck one piece dress, was standing and waiting quietly outside.

Seeing Ye Feng staring at her, Shu Shu’s matured and attractive face turned red at once, as if she also knew that the dress she had put on was a quite exposed one. But she had no other choice, her own clothes were dripping soaked, so when she looked for a clean and dry cloth in the room, then noticed that the room actually had mostly exposed clothes. Hence, under such circumstances, she could only pick a clean one to put on.

“Aunt, come inside.”

Ye Feng invited her inside very politely, besides he also knew that just like Long Wan’er, she also couldn’t go back to Long Clan anymore.

“Don’t be so polite.”

Seeing him being so courteous, Shu Shu blushed a little accompanied with a sweet smile: “You young people, try to keep a little control, that would be better ………”

A while ago, when she had knocked at the door, then waited outside for a while before Ye Feng opened the door. So naturally she could

guess that after hastily putting on the clothes, he opened the door. Not to mention when she looked inside and saw Long Wan’er hiding under a blanket as if she hadn’t worn anything, making her even more sure about her guess.

Ye Feng wondered for a while, what should he control a bit?

Could it be that Shu Shu also thought that just now he had done something with Long Wan’er which was not suitable for her?

Think about it, it seemed quite suspicious ……..

He shook his head and decided not to think about it anymore, then, he smiled helplessly: “Aunt, you come in and chat with her, I am going to see how the boy is.


Shu Shu was somewhat startled : “Actually, I have come here to examine your wound ……….”

“Don’t worry, I’m all right.”

Ye Feng smiled, the wound he had on his chest had already been cured by the Holy Cure Technique.

“Youngsters always try to be brave.”

Shu Shu looked at his face holding somewhat annoyed expression as she thought that nowadays young people didn’t want to treasure their own bodies. Wasn’t his chest severely stabbed by Long Wuren’s sword, then, how could his injury heal so fast?

“Come on, let your aunt see your wound for dressing.”

Shu Shu grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room.

Suddenly he felt the temperature of her hand, at the same time, the fragrance of her body also greeted his nostrils, making him suddenly blush and he slightly lowered his head. However now, he could clearly see under the black, V collar dress of her, a pair of rounded full along with a deep seductive gully.

Fuck, how obstinate this woman Shu Shu was, couldn’t she believe his wound was already well?

He wondered, but since knew that her intention was pure, hence he couldn’t break himself free. Suddenly he got pulled into the room and was pushed down to sit on the sofa.

“You are also blushing, we are not strangers anymore, so why are you being so bashful?”

Shu Shu saw his facial expression and smiled a bit while covering her mouth. Then after, her white hands pull him and ripped open his cloth, making his chest visible to her.

Due to Long Wuren’s sword, Ye Feng’s shirt was already little torn, while the rest was now pulled by her and tore open. However the moment Shu Shu’s eyes fell on his chest, she couldn’t help but her eyes turn wide open, while her delicate hand covered her lips, an incredible appearance!

The astonishing matter was, there was not even a little trace of any wound on his chest!

“Aunt, well, let him go.”

Long Wan’er, wrapped in a quilt, looked at Shu Shu’s expression and felt a bit funny : “His healing level is much fiercer than yours.”

However, she knew that Ye Feng must have used Holy Cure Technique!

“Ah … I’ll go first, you people carry on.”

Ye Feng felt a little embarrassment facing her, so he hastily ran away from the room and finally felt relieved. But even after walking outside the room, his mind couldn’t help but keep on imagining Shu Shu’s that matured and plentiful physique  …………

He shook his head and shrugged this thought of his mind. Anyway, firstly, he had to examine that unconscious youth and then should prepare to go to snatch away the big Coral King.

He believed that the big Coral King was such a holy treasure which must provide enough strength to the martial artists. Because of which, they could absolutely not let it go, even if the tsunami turned as fiercer as a tiger and there arose a heart-chilling competition between the people!