Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 177

Chapter 177 -> Unusual cold

After pressing down these beautiful thoughts, Ye Feng went 32 steps downstairs, then swept his Soul Search Technique and felt that Taiji Palace’s youth still hadn’t woken up, while Nan Fang was actually sleeping aside, constantly making a whirring noise.

The Hidden Immortal Tactics Nan Fang was studying before, he had already successfully operated it and that also quite smoothly. So according to his talent, it could be said that he could comprehend ‘Crying Ghost Blade Technique’ in no time.

And at the right time, Ye Feng would teach him Asura Sect’s ‘Ghost Shadow Soul Step’, then he would absolutely become the top-notch killer. At least having Ye Feng by his side meant his growth potential would definitely surpass any other disciple of the Hidden Immortal Faction.

As for the Immortal Cultivation, Ye Feng hadn’t told him temporarily, after all, this was his biggest secret.

He pushed open the door and entered the room. Then he walked towards the masked youth and started examining him. Soon he noticed that this boy was around 18-19 years old, but still actually had 10 years of Cultivation, indeed his strength was impressive. But unfortunately, he bumped into persistently unreasonable Li Feng and the tragedy happened.

Ye Feng thought to help this boy take off the mask permanently, therefore, he looked at his face which had severely burnt marks. However, he didn’t want to cast Holy Cure Technique for so long.

The golden light flashed and began shrouding the whole body of the boy. Just recently, in the torrential rain, he was hit by a Thunder Sword qi and was badly injured. Now his entire body’s necrotic cell as well as his disfigured face, both started recovering at a speed which was visible to the naked eye!

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour ……

Time kept on rolling until Ye Feng’s Zhenqi once again got totally used up, then he stopped. But the masked boy had already recovered a bit, even his previously burnt face’s necrotic cells had shed off. As long as he took a bath, he could make him no longer wear a mask to see people in the future.

This could be regarded as a little return to this boy for rescuing Shu Shu.

For the Immortal Cultivators. there were no such words like “disfigurement of face”. But again, talking about Mo Jiuge, of course, he was naturally an ugly guy. And as per Ye Feng’s view, even though there was splendid plastic surgery technology on this plane, but still they couldn’t do anything to do honour to the face of Mo Jiuge………….

The sky was gradually darkening, Ye Feng could clearly feel that the tide was spreading gradually from the coast, while the coastline was still elevating.

The water had already entered the entire village up to the ankle area. On the basis of this speed, till tomorrow morning, most likely, the first floor of the house they were in, would be submerged.

At present, if he went back to the centre of Xiangshan County, then certainly he would become too conspicuous. And in case, he was found by either Long Clan or God Fist Gate, then the consequences could be disastrous, so temporarily staying here would be a good option.

After chatting with Long Wan’er for awhile, Shu Shu went downstairs to find some food in the refrigerator and then soon made a simple supper.

Because the downstairs was already flooded with water, so they decided to have their dinner upstairs. Except for that unconscious masked youth, the rest four people were together at the dining table.

“I am starving to death, elder brother!”

On seeing the sight of full table meals, Nan Fang’s eyes lit up just like a reincarnated starved ghost.

“You eat more and then take a good rest in the evening.”

Ye Feng continued while eating: “Wan’er, you have to pay attention in the evening so be alert, if there is any situation, then immediately call Nan Fang and discuss with him.

Now she also had Soul Search Technique, so nobody could even think of approaching the house silently, whereas Nan Fang had a superb interpretation and decision-making capability. Therefore having him meant no matter how strong the enemy would be, he could always come up with several ways to deal with.

“Hmm and you?”

Long Wan’er listened to him speaking like this and suddenly turned somewhat anxious : “Where do you want to go?”

“I’ll go to have a look at the big Coral King.”

He said firmly.


The rest three people, sitting at the dining table, were suddenly thunderstruck, so Ye Feng still had the willingness to grab the big Coral King? In their opinion, they should now just try to find an opportunity to leave the East China Sea at once, however, Ye Feng wanted to do things exactly the opposite.

“I’ll go for the big coral king alone, you just stay here, will try to come back as soon as possible.”

Ye Feng emphasised.

“Are you sure?”

Nan Fang wrinkled his eyebrows, although had no objection, but just wanted to inquire a bit.

“Yes, I am.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Then I can rest assured.”

Nan Fang smiled, then without arguing with him furthermore, he continued to have his meal.

It must be said that Shu Shu’s cooking skill was splendid, especially now, when everyone was starving and had already turned into the hungry wolves. At such a time, a table full of delicious food was soon wiped out like how a wind used to sweep away scattered clouds.

Although Ye Feng didn’t want to make such comparison, but he had to acknowledge that dishes cooked by Shu Shu, if was compared with Su Menghan’s cooking, then it could be said that it was just beyond comparison ……

“Take care of yourself.”

Shu Shu thought that she neither had the right to speak nor could persuade Ye Feng in any form, hence she softly said: “Must remember that Wan’er is still here waiting for you, so your should be the most important thing here”.

Long Wan’er heard this and her face turned red, but still she said supporting her Aunt : “Right, if you don’t come back, I affirm that I will accompany you.

She wanted to go along with him but then changed her mind as she thought that besides Ye Feng, she was the only one here who knew using Soul Search Technique. Hence, if she would also leave with him, then Aunt’s security couldn’t be guaranteed. Moreover, Ye Feng might not allow her to accompany him. Therefore, she finally dispelled this idea.

“Relax, why I would think of shrugging you off, even if I fail to grab the big Coral King, still will come back.

Ye Feng helplessly tried to comfort her, but this little girl’s words were quite ominous. Moreover, why should she accompany him, was her Ye Feng so weak?

After finishing supper, Ye Feng took a break for a while. Soon he noticed that the sky was gradually darkening, which made him feel that now was the time to set out!

Long Wan’er leant on his arms: “Come back soon.”

“Will do.”

Ye Feng held her gently in his bosom, then, walked down the stairs while putting a black grimace mask on his face.

She looked at him from behind,  Shu Shu, who was standing next to her, draped over her shoulder and then tenderly smiled : “Rest assured, just now how Long Mo’ran couldn’t harm us, just like that, everything will be certainly all right tonight.


Long Wan’er nodded, although she leant against Shu Shu, but her complexion was appearing little complexed, from now on, the two of them couldn’t go back to Long Clan ever.

Fortunately, now she had at least Ye Feng to depend on, but Aunt?

However, at this moment, Nan Fang didn’t have these many thoughts, he just yawned and said: “I am going to sleep now, Miss Long, if there is any problem, directly knock at the door.”

“Dead pigs only know one thing and that is sleeping, go.”

Long Wan’er drove him away impolitely: “But I am not Miss Long of a rich and powerful Clan.”

“Well, its aunt, okay?”

Nan Fang said that, then waved his hand towards those two women and departed.

Although he was little heartless, but he had an optimistic attitude, which made these two women suddenly feel slightly relaxed. These two women, holding hands, started praying in her hearts for Ye Feng’s safety.

While on the other side, Ye Feng, wearing a mask, came downstairs and the moment he stepped into the water which had reached up to his ankle, suddenly was hit by an icy-cold feeling as if it was penetrating him to the bone.

His heart moved a bit.

In the morning, when they jumped into the sea from the cliff, afterwards he noticed that it was gradually getting colder nearby the sea, however now, it was more obvious. Things seemed to be very unusual, at least, as per what his memory hinted him, the modern society seemed to have not seen this kind of strange thing.

“Does it have any relation with Master?”

He couldn’t control himself from thinking that sometimes, something couldn’t be explained in scientific terms and that was what generally happened in the world of the Immortals.

However, even though, Su Feiying had a hundred years of Cultivation, but it was still impossible for her to create such a wide scope of cold ……….

He shook his head as he thought that no matter what the truth was, he had to grasp the big Coral King first! But he didn’t know how many people would be there tonight to compete for the big Coral King.