Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 178

Chapter 178 -> Yin Soul Fake Body Technique

The moment Ye Feng stepped into the water, suddenly felt that the water was icy-cold, but he had to go all the way to the south.

Long Wan’er had shown him the position of the big Coral King before, which he had already recorded it in his mind, hence it was easy to find it following the direction.

Quietly, he cast out Invisibility and dashed towards the destination. In the meantime, he also found that the more he was getting closer to the south, the deeper the water was getting bit by bit, the mighty waves were also rolling over and over crazily, while the water was, even more, piercing cold.

Immortal Technique, Dragon Turtle Holding Breath!

After running around five kilometres, he displayed this Technique and jumped into the water. To this place, the water surface had already reached a person’s height. The sky was darker, while far in the sky, the thunder and lightning were continuously showing their power, along with the violent storm, which seemed to never stop. Everything altogether was demonstrating that the weather outside the East China Sea was extremely nasty.

Once he entered the water, suddenly he picked up a high speed. Moreover, his Soul Search Technique was also assisting him, making him feel like he was a fish back in the water. He was advancing rapidly by easily avoiding the various floating things like wood, ruins, debris, etc, appearing right against his face.

He believed that even an expert martial artist, almost equal to Long Mo’ran’s class, couldn’t catch up with his speed in the water!

As he was moving ahead, simultaneously, the sea water was also getting deeper and more and more icy-cold, however, as for him, he was actually getting closer to his destination. When he was very close to the coastline, then swept his Soul Search Technique and found a little movement not far away from there.

Around 20-30 martial artists were gathered there for the competition! Their position was on the towering coastal cliff because that place was presently the only land of the sea. In addition, the distance from that place to the big Coral King was the nearest from the rest of the places.

Ye Feng stopped at once and decided to explore for awhile since he wanted to find out who would be participating in this competition, so that he could prepare himself properly in advance.

“So, Long Mo’ran really hasn’t died yet.”

He swept his Soul Search and noticed that on the cliff, in the rain, Long Mo’ran’s stature was still appearing lofty and at present, he was commanding his Clan’s people to put on the diving outfit and equipment.

However this time, the sword Long Mo’ran had in his scabbard before, it had been actually replaced by another one. Ye Feng could easily feel the quality of the sword was not as good as before. It seemed that the resonance explosion caused by Long Wan’er’s body back then, which had curled Long Mo’ran up and thrown him away somewhere, during then his sword must have lost somewhere in the vast sea and now there was no way to find it.

He secretly sneered and continued checking the rest of the people.

In the Long Clan, altogether there were just three powerhouses including Long Mo’ran, who had over 50 years of Cultivation, while the rest of them were just playing around, or they were there just to be used for sacrifices. Interestingly, Long Zi and Long Qing were also not one of the powerhouses.

Apart from Long Clan, there were other twelve super powerful martial artists from Tang Clan, Heavenly Sword Palace and other top martial arts sects, who were also taking part in this competition.

Ye Feng noticed that these martial arts were rolling up their sleeves for battle while looking at each other maliciously, which force him to chuckle in his heart while thinking that at the crucial moment, when these people would be clashing with each other, it would be more conducive to him to capture the big Coral King.

After waiting for a while, he decided to display an Immortal Technique, which he hadn’t used it ever in this world – Yin Soul Fake Body Technique!

When an Immortal Cultivator used this technique, then he could actually condense out a fake body to use him as a puppet. However, it also had some obvious shortcomings, when there was the existence of Yin Soul Fake Body, then the detection range of that Immortal Cultivator’s Soul Search Technique used to reduce by half.

That was the reason why he never displayed this technique before, but now, the use of a Fake body was obviously a more appropriate action. As long as he controlled it well, this Fake body could attract the attention of the opposite party and then he could take advantage of the opportunity to act ……..

Quietly, he contracted his Soul Search Technique, simultaneously congealed his Zhenqi out in the form of a puppet youth wearing a mask, who looked exactly the same as him, quite realistic and genuine!

When Ye Feng was about to launch his action, on the other side, carrying Ye Wentian and Su Menghan, Hummer H2 finally arrived at Xiangshan County and stopped in the centre of the city.

“Grandpa, don’t get too tired, let’s have a dinner first, okay?”

Su Menghan gently, a bit considerately said: “You see, we don’t know anyone here, so looking for a person would be too difficult.”

“I’ll think of a way, so little girl, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Ye Wentian thought that she was playing the idea of purposely delaying the time, hence he immediately pulled out his cell phone and made a phone call. The only one he could contact with in order to find a person was the NSA since he had already heard that the NSA people were also here, so he thought to just ask them to help him in his investigation.

Thunder quickly answered the phone, but as soon as heard Ye Wentian’s voice, his face immediately turned somewhat bitter.

At present, Thunder was busy finding a way to send people to the iceberg island, he was totally occupied in this process. He had no time to help him find someone, so he could only just narrate the incident which had happened before in the small village.

Since Ye Wentian had a connection with Lin Clan, so Thunder used to very much respect him.

“He went towards the south.”

Ye Wentian knew that the masked man was Ye Feng, so he immediately hung up the phone to make a decision.

“Grandpa, I’m hungry, let’s eat something first, ok?”

She started to act like a spoiled brat by using both hard and soft tricks.

“Little girl, you know quite well how to procrastinate for him.”

He said that as he looked at her pretty but miserable appearance. He couldn’t vent his anger on her, therefore only said: “See, when he would have an accident or something, you will be the one who would feel too late to regret! Well, okay then let’s eat something first!”

Although Su Menghan smiled but was obviously a little worried deep inside her heart.

Ever since Ye Feng left Yanjing, she couldn’t get through his phone, hence she didn’t have any idea how the situation was there presently, was there any danger?

Xiangshan County’s centre, in a private room of a top-notch family restaurant’s.

“Beautiful women, just relax.”

Wang Shaodong, with a dog-shaped jade hanging around his neck, said with a smile: “In the morning, I hired more than ten local people especially to look for the masked boy and I believe, soon there will be some news related to his whereabouts.

At this moment, his eyes were all stuck at the most noticeable and prettiest lady present there. This extreme beauty was not only considered as the first beauty of Yanjing, but she also belonged to Yanjing’s Lin Clan, no matter which place they arrived, they used to make their extremely dazzling presence!

Lin Shiqing!

Altogether four people were there in that private room, in addition to Wang Shaodong, Lin Shiqing, Xiao Qi and Xiao Yue were there.

“Elder sister, you saw him but why didn’t you tell me that?”

Xiao Qi was sitting close to Xiao Yue, holding a very annoyed look on her face, which was instead making her look very cute. If it were not for Lin Shiqing who obtained information from the NSA, she would have never known that the masked man had shown up here. Although Xiao Yue met him before but actually she didn’t tell her anything about it!

“You little girl, that person already have a woman, so why are you blindly following him?”

Xiao Yue was in a foul mood, hence immediately chided her, while her fuller front supported her words by rhythmically bouncing under her red dress.

“Elder Sister!”

Xiao Qi’s face turned red at once: “I am looking for him, not for that ……… In short, he has saved me, that’s why I just want to find him!

“Wang Shaodong, I hope your people would act a bit faster to obtain the news, even if the day is dark today………”

Lin Shiqing seemingly said a bit calmly, although had worn a set of white casual attire, but actually couldn’t conceal her elegant heroic appearance.

In fact, she was a bit anxious in her heart, as per the information conveyed by the NSA, beause of an unclear picture of the weather, the whole road leading to the coast of Xiangshan County had been blocked, so going to the beach to find the masked man was not only difficult but was also extremely dangerous.

As per her status, obviously Thunder wouldn’t let her have the opportunity to take risks, besides, she was also afraid that once she stepped out of this restaurant, someone would immediately seize her so that she couldn’t run around.

“Rest assured, I try to find the native people of this place………”

Wang Shaodong vowed solemnly, but right then, his cell phone suddenly rang up. He pulled it out and the moment he looked at the number, a happy expression crawled on his face : “Look, there is a news, we have definitely found that kid!