Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 179

Chapter 179 -> Coral cluster

One of the hired men of Wang Shaodong passed him a message that by taking a secret route through a small hill forest route and then passing through the police blockade line, he could come all the way to the seacoast.

After crossing the hill forest, there was a village, which had already been evacuated and where the sea water had also inundated to the ankle. However, some bludglers found that there were still few people residing in that village!

Although it didn’t determine that there was the masked man, but it could be considered as a clue. After all, the news of windstorm had already been passed on everywhere, so ordinary people would never dare to still stay in the village regardless of their lives. Even if they didn’t want to leave, but would have been forced by the police to leave.

Wang Shaodong heard that and immediately stood up as he wanted to personally go over there, at the same time, quietly, he sent a text message to his hired bludgers, ordering them that once they found the masked man, must kill him and throw him directly into the sea. Luckily in this weather, this incident would remain a complete secret!

Simultaneously, clad in a red one-piece dress, Xiao Yue also got up to catch up with him, leaving behind Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi in the room. These two women didn’t come forward because they knew that they were under the supervision of the NSA, so most likely they couldn’t leave Xiangshan County.

“Elder sister, you have to be careful.”

When Xiao Qi saw her sister leaving with Wang Shaodong, she turned a bit worried in her heart while thinking that just at a glance, she felt that this guy, Wang Shaodong didn’t seem to be a nice person. But now, she was too late, did Xiao Yue have some matter with him alone?

“Don’t worry.”

A smile spread on Xiao Yui’s face along with a trace of ample confidence which her face revealed.

As per these two women, they left here because they wanted to look for the masked man and return safely along with him. However, Wang Shaodong and Xiao Yue didn’t think so, Wang Shaodong wanted to kill Ye Feng, while Xiao Yue didn’t want to let him get close to Xiao Qi even half a step ………

Wang Shaodong and Xiao Yue took some off-road equipment like flashlights and so on for the night and set out together. They decided to go to the seacoast as fast as possible.

“We should also think of a way, better to keep up with.”

Lin Shiqing talked in whispers to discuss with Xiao Qi, the masked man was very important to them and at present, the NSA didn’t have the time to look for him, so they could only depend on themselves.

As for Wang Shaodong and Xiao Yue, obviously, Lin Shiqing couldn’t completely trust them.

Xiao Qi nodded and the two women began to make plans ………

Shortly after, in another family restaurant, Ye Wentian and Su Menghan, after finishing their meal, also similarly set out to go to the southern seacoast.

For Ye Wentian, even if Su Menghan was tagged along with him, still breaking through the police blockade line was too easy for him!


By this time, Ye Feng had successfully created the Yin Soul Fake Body.

This fake body similarly had Soul Search Technique with a certain detection range. Even after separating this body, Ye Feng could easily manipulate it from quite afar and perceive the situation happening around it. Of course, the detection scope of the fake body was very small, this thing could only feel the situation within ten meters of range, but was still more than enough.

After making a fake body, Ye Feng turned around and advanced towards the place where the big Coral King was.

As he was proceeding towards his destination, the sea water was also simultaneously becoming icy-cold and piercing, while the undercurrent was surging forcefully too. Even though he was under the spell of Dragon Turtle Holding Breath, but was still enormously hindered by the piercing cold water.

One could imagine, once Long Mo’ran and other people jumped into the sea, they would certainly face even greater obstacles.

“Really cold, this nearby seabed definitely has the occurrence of some unusual situation. While waiting to grab the big Coral King, I must check around properly, most probably it has some relation with the master ……….”

He thought in his heart. Just like a fish, he was continuously swimming towards his destination.

In the seabed, various undercurrents were turbulent, even the terminal velocity of some ice pieces moving around was making abundant of sea fishes all rattled. Those fishes which were too late to dodge, were cut into two by the sharp ice pieces.

At this time, the seabed was very perilous and was already rippling the dirty smell of fishes everywhere!

Ye Feng was the only one there, who didn’t need to borrow the help of any diving equipment in such a submarine action. While the other people, including Long Mo’ran, needed to take the diving equipment before stepping into the sea.

Even if the breath holding time of the group of martial artists was put together, still couldn’t be compared with Ye Feng’s holding time, this was the dreadful effect of Dragon Turtle Holding Breath Technique.

The seabed was so pitch-dark that one could only occasionally see some fluorescent living creatures in the depth of the seabed.

The detection range of his Soul Search Technique had been reduced by half, therefore now, he could only sense thing appearing within 50 meters of range. Soon, a row of several strange things caught his attention.

Although he hadn’t yet arrived at the location where the big Coral King was, but could see in the vicinity, there was some sophisticated equipment floating all over. Actually, some sophisticated surveillance cameras were monitoring the nearby water area.

Once someone got close to the big Coral King, he would be surely found by the martial artists!

Though they were the martial artists, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t understand the modern technology, on the contrary, they could utilise the technology much more efficiently than the general public.

Ye Feng didn’t act rashly, instead, he turned around very carefully and found that similar precision small cameras were there in dozens, which were installed in the seabed grotto, soil and some other covert places.

If he were an ordinary person, he could never have found these cameras. Since he was an Immortal Cultivator who also knew using Soul Search Technique, so these cameras failed to escape his sensation.

“Well, there are several cameras which have already been destroyed by the turbulent current and ice pieces. So long as I move slowly, I can eliminate all these cameras installed in this region and believe it won’t cause any suspicion!

Ye Feng’s Zhenqi suddenly surged and the golden sword emerged out in the seabed. But unfortunately, since there was utter darkness in the seabed, along with such weather, which had made the whole sea water look all muddy, so not even this bright golden light could spread too far.

Puff ……Puff ……Puff ……

An expensive submarine camera was destroyed by his sword!

Suddenly the seabed turbulent flow rapidly rushed forth, he didn’t know from where these floating ice chunks were arriving, which were not only countless in number but were also very small in size. But again, crushing these cameras was quite normal. Even if the people, monitoring the scene, became suspicious, still they wouldn’t doubt Ye Feng for this.

Having spent a little time in crushing these cameras, Ye Feng, broke into the place where the big Coral King was, like a fish, with irresistible force.

A vast array of red coral cluster soon appeared in his perception range, making him have a scare.

“Isn’t there supposed to be a big Coral King? But actually, there are plenty of small corals!”

In the middle of the coral cluster, a big Coral King was dazzling and exuding a rich spiritual energy. However, in its periphery, there were dozens of the small coral group, which if absorbed, could also upgrade Cultivation by one or two years!

Before, Ye Feng was little worried about Su Menghan, Nan Fang and Scar as they didn’t have any means to quickly promote their skill, but had never expected that he would run into such a pleasant surprise here.

“Well, so they acted?”

At this moment, Ye Feng’s fake body sensed that the group of martial artists including Long Mo’ran, after completing their preparation, finally started putting on the precision diving equipment and then one after another jumped into the sea, all prepared to rob the fruit.

As a result, his fake body, hiding in the seabed, was all of a sudden got discovered by them!