Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 181

Chapter 181 -> Ye Feng’s stage!

In the pitch-black seabed, nobody dared to turn on their underwater searchlights, otherwise would definitely become the target of public criticism.

However, this thing provided the best action environment for Ye Feng, perhaps he could now try to kill Long Mo’ran here!

He swept his Soul Search Technique and found that the big Coral King had already been captured by one of the experts of God Fist Gate and immediately after that, he started swimming back towards the shore, without stopping even for a moment. Along with the violent turbulent flow, several pieces of sharp ice were continuously popping up on his way, but he was quite aware of it, hence every time he moved aside to dodge them.

“It seems that the martial arts experts can also somewhat sense the danger getting close to them.”

Ye Feng knew fairly well.

In the scope of his Soul Search Technique, almost all of them, relying on the water flow, were pursuing that God Fist Gate’s expert. Among them, Long Mo’ran was the fastest one and just in a flash, he took the lead!

However, Ye Feng decided not to pursue him, instead, he made his stature invisible, then quietly arrived close to the coral cluster, took off his coat, picked up the remaining all 12 small corals and wrapped them up into it.

After done packing these small corals, he carried them behind his back, then, silently moved towards the place where the other powerhouses had advanced chasing the big Coral King.

“Surprisingly, Long Mo’ran is actually blocked.”

He quickly clarified the situation ahead, when Long Mo’ran wanted to rush quickly to catch that God Fist Gate’s expert, right then, another expert of God Fist Gate arrived in front of him and blocked his way, simultaneously threw a fist towards him!

Long Mo’ran couldn’t dare to underestimate this fist, so he right away stopped his stature and carefully dealt with it. In this dark environment, all of them were blindly following suit, simply relying on their intuition and a little bit of perception, which couldn’t be compared with Ye Feng’s flexibility.

At this time, Ye Feng once again swept his Soul Search towards Long Mo’ran, simultaneously, quietly swam in that direction, displaying Dragon Turtle Holding Breath to streamline his body just like a fish in the water, with a terrifying speed, which was twice faster than other people.


He maintained ten meters of safe distance from Long Mo’ran because according to his previous judgment, the perception scope of the other martial artists including Long Mo’ran was limited to just five meters. In that case, beyond ten meters of range, they couldn’t even feel anything.

If it were an ordinary land, then probably the opposite party would have sensed his breath by now, but such a chaotic seabed was a totally different case.

“Beheading Dragon Sword qi!”

Ye Feng waited for the accurate opportunity, when he noticed that Long Mo’ran and God Fist Gate’s expert were about to unfold their showdown, in that split second, his Zhenqi rushed and got condensed in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring and the next moment, the golden light flashed faintly in the muddy sea water!

An icy-blue Sword qi, penetrating through the turbulent flow of seawater, rapidly rushed towards Long Mo’ran, directly aiming at his head, by sweeping everything away from its way.

Ye Feng’s sword was indeed very crafty!

But, Long Mo’ran instantly discovered that the approaching sword was inevitable, but if he tried to dodge this Sword qi, then would certainly be smashed by the fist of God Fist Gate’s expert.

Obviously, his fist couldn’t kill him, but he would get seriously injured, only if that God Fist Gate’s expert used his one horse.

The moment his Sword qi penetrated the sea water, Long Mo’ran immediately realised something and his complexion changed at once, he hadn’t thought that the masked man would actually launch a sneak from behind! Presently, in the East China Sea, other than him and the masked man “Mo Jiuge”, no other martial arts experts could display a Sword qi. Therefore, he suddenly understood that he could be the one behind this sneak attack.

Now he had just two options left, facing his death or a serious injury, naturally, he would choose getting seriously injured over other.

His head slanted quickly to avoid this ice blue Sword qi, however, a burst of very cold air passed over scratching him, leaving behind a deep bloodstain on his face. At this propitious moment when Long Mo’ran was in an injured state, that expert of God Fist Gate didn’t want to let go of this excellent opportunity.

Paochui Fist!

“Bang” a dull thumping sound passed on, his fist, holding extremely penetrating power, directly across the water, hit Long Mo’ran on his chest terribly.


The moment his fist hit Long Mo’ran, he spouted a mouthful of fresh blood and then, in a flash, his stature turned around and fled towards the distant place.

If it were a land, then this catastrophic punch of that expert was dangerous enough to completely shatter the heart of Long Mo’ran at once! Unfortunately, in such a disordered seabed, the impact of his punch was offset by the water, because of which Long Mo’ran could save his life.

In the martial arts world, one plus one could be far more than two, it was such a simple theory.

If singled out, then Long Mo’ran had an overwhelming advantage over both, either facing Ye Feng or God Fist gate’s expert. But in such a harsh environment, facing attacks from both sides and that also one after another, he couldn’t take it and was got badly injured.

Ye Feng wanted to pursue injured Long Mo’ran to get rid of him then and there, but right at this time, noticed that the expert of God Fist Gate turned back. Relying on his slight intuition, he could feel it was the same devastating fist, thrown by the opposite party, directly aiming towards him.

Obviously, that man also recognised his identity.

For Ye Feng, God Fist Gate also held its own share of considerable hatred!

At this instant, his stature instantly moved and avoided the fist of the opposite party, at the same time, also reached elegantly in the middle of the sea while escaping a giant ice piece like a flying saucer.

That flat flying saucer-type ice, from Ye Feng’s side, dashed towards that expert, carrying a huge speed and slashed him!

Ye Feng could sense through his Soul Search that he was a fifty-year-old middle-aged man, who used to look mediocre and had just one unique thing about him and that seemed to be his high temple.

Unfortunately, such a formidable martial arts expert, although noticed a huge ice piece approaching speedily, but didn’t get enough time to escape.

In a hurry, he swam in an upward direction, but the speed was not fast enough, that flying saucer-shaped ice suddenly hit him in the middle! Because of its huge impact, the man was directly thrown to the bottom of the sea and was cut off into two pieces right from his waist!

The smell of blood quickly spread nearby sea water.

“Not only the sea water is getting colder, but these floating ice pieces are also simultaneously increasing crazily ………..”

Ye Feng’s heart shivered for a second, he swept his Soul Search and found that the other two people of Long Clan were already around Long Mo’ran for the protection of their Clan’s head.

It seemed like temporarily he couldn’t kill the opposite party ……

He understood the situation, if he appeared again, then the other two experts of Long Clan would certainly kill him in a twinkling of an eye. Hence for the sake of his own small life, he finally gave up the alluring idea of killing Long Mo’ran now.

His stature moved and rapidly advanced towards the other side, to compete with a heap of people fighting for the big Coral King.

At this time, the big Coral King was still in the hands of an expert of God Fist Gate, who was constantly fleeing towards the seacoast. While the rest of the people were in a great mess behind, blocking each other to let that God Fist Gate’s guy take away the fruit.

Ye Feng simultaneously displayed Invisibility to make himself completely hidden from the eyes of the other people. Afterwards, conveniently, he held a big ice piece to make a shield. Then he swam towards that fellow, all prepared to assassinate him and capture the big Coral King.

However, God Fist Gate’s expert immediately sensed that an ice piece was approaching fast, so very vigilantly, he moved aside to escape it. However, at this instant, Ye Feng suddenly flashed from behind the ice piece and rained numerous punches heavily on his chest!

This sudden attack stunned the opposite party for a moment!

He had never thought that there would be someone hiding behind that ice piece like a ghost in general!

It was not accidental, on the one hand, Ye Feng’s fist hit the opposite party, while on the other hand, his Zhenqi surged and condensed in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring.

A golden light flashed.


In a flash, the golden Zhenqi sword congealed out and just like how a bean curd was cut, it jabbed into the chest of the opposite party!


However, that expert wielded his fist at the point of his death and pounded heavily on Ye Feng’s shoulder, his frightening and devastating inner qi all of a sudden smashed Ye Feng’s right shoulder thoroughly!

Ye Feng clenched his teeth as he started swimming single-handedly to grab the big Coral King.

“He is that boy!”

The other people immediately realised the change, the underwater searchlights were all of a sudden hit open and illuminated the translucent form of Ye Feng!