Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 183

Chapter 183 -> An extremely cold ice wall

The icy-blue Sword qi, splitting open the turbulent flow of water, rapidly moved towards Long Mo’ran’s face.

“Clan Head!”

The other two experts of Long Clan saw that and immediately exclaimed aloud. They clearly knew that just recently, his chest had suffered a heavy injury, so it would be certainly difficult for him to block this Sword qi!

However, on the other side, Long Mo’ran was all determined to save his face, so he thought that while facing a youngster if he dodged his blow, wouldn’t he look very pathetic?

He didn’t want to let that happen, hence quickly started condensing his inner qi in the hollow of his both palms, and the next moment, Gentle Palm Technique, first style – Cloud Arrangement! At first, he released his inner qi from his body, then instantly condensed it into the form of a rich Palm qi and finally, bravely welcomed the icy-blue Sword qi.


A muffled sound, accompanied with the arousing layers of waves, swept all around as the Palm qi and Sword qi collided with each other and instantly set off an intense mighty wave!

The place where the collision took place, right from there a formation of whirlpool immediately started. Its volume was much bigger and it instantly took the form of a bloody whirlpool!

Ye Feng didn’t stay there any further second, his body moved and he started proceeding forward!

But under such circumstances, Long Mo’ran along with other two people quickly closed his jet propeller. They hesitated a bit because the collision, which had taken place between inner qi and Zhenqi, had led to the formation of a turbulent whirlpool, making them withdraw at once.

Unfortunately, if they got stuck into it, that would be certainly the end of their lives!

A natural barrier suddenly turned these three people totally unable to follow Ye Feng furthermore. Besides, it would be definitely like courting death if they still continue pursuing him in this dangerous seabed.

“Go back, inform everyone, mobilise the strength of the common people, begin the coastal search, I don’t believe that he will stay hiding in the sea forever and will never come out!

Long Mo’ran was also a quite decisive person, seeing that things didn’t go as per his speculation, immediately made the most appropriate decision.

Afterwards, the three people turned around and departed.

Once again they passed through the hellish kind of treacherous seabed and then quickly returned to the shore, where they straightaway took out the reward they harvested just now and found that altogether they had obtained seven small corals.

Unfortunately, Long Mo’ran was in a severely injured state, because he had been smashed by an expert of God Fist Gate, causing a severe blood clot in his chest. But the things didn’t stop here, later on, while blocking Ye Feng’s blow, the internal injuries of his chest got worsened, making him a bit more critical.

After reaching the shore, when they looked around, then noticed that several people had also successively landed not far from the coast. Originally, altogether twelve martial artists had entered the sea, however, only seven people could return alive.

While the rest five people were buried in the seabed.

But interestingly, not all martial artists had stepped into the sea to compete for the big Coral King, instead few of them had some grudges, so they just wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and use ruthless methods in the bottom of the sea.

In contrast, Long Clan didn’t have any deceased person, so it had been regarded as an unusually lucky clan.

“Mo’ran, it’s a little strange, but that young boy?”

In a somewhat distressed state, a white-bearded old man also arose from the shallow water.  He was that Nandou God Fist, Xu Xiaoyu of God Fist Gate.


Long Mo’ran coldly swept his eyes around, directing his people to leave at once. He was gravely injured by a martial artist of God Fist Gate, so naturally Xu Xiaoyu couldn’t have any favourable impression for him.

Xu Xiaoyu looked at Long Moran’s back while thinking that big Coral King didn’t seem to be with them.

Were the big Coral King and the masked kid got buried together in the seabed?

He turned around to look towards the sea surface, still, waves were surging violently one after another. It seemed like this nasty weather would last forever and still, nobody knew what matter had led to such a perilous and unusual weather.

Obviously, he also knew that the NSA had already started a thorough investigation of this matter, but it looked like it didn’t have any prospect.

Should he attempt to have a look again?

He considered for a moment, then turned around and walked towards the northern direction. He must go back to the central zone of Xiangshan County, in order to take a rest, then after could make a new plan.

The weather of the East China Sea suddenly got nastier, perhaps there would be some other treasure taking birth somewhere. Moreover, on seeing this intensity, it seemed like the treasure would be much precious than the big Coral King! If he could investigate it, then could get his hand on it for sure.


Ye Feng eventually got rid of Long Mo’ran and other two Long people but still kept moving ahead constantly under the water.

He wanted to go forward deeper into the sea to examine why the weather had turned so nastier, that way he might suddenly bump into Su Feiying, it couldn’t be better than this.

Now that he didn’t have any pursuing troop, he was much relaxed. Only this kind of strange seabed environment was something intriguing him and was totally inconceivable for him. In the World of the Immortals, there used to have hundred times greater danger all over if compared with this current weather. Even he along with Su Feiying had experienced this kind of weather a lot of times there.

He went further into the deep sea, water was gradually getting colder, while the entire sea was covered with frost. At this time, small ice sludges also started showing up. Even though he was in the water, but his sensitivity completely failed to avoid them and soon was suddenly smashed by one of them, causing a terrible burning  pain.

From time to time, much bigger ice pieces, like a several-storied building, started hitting him similarly like before. Now he really needed to do something in advance so that he could avoid such large ice pieces. At this moment, he suddenly noticed a building-sized ice piece rushed far away and then was broken into several pieces by the turbulent current.

Because of those broken pieces, the deep sea water was entirely covered with several sharp knives. Now the seabed might be called as the place of death.

However, he still kept on moving ahead and once again got hit directly on his face. Ultimately he was compelled by the circumstances to use that technique which he had never used so far. Immediately his Zhenqi rushed outside his body and condensed into a form of Protective Shield, to block the attack of these ice sludges.

This kind of Protective Shield used to consume enormous Zhenqi, therefore it couldn’t be pulled for a long time. If Ye Feng’s Cultivation would be higher later, then could easily display this Immortal Technique with certainly much better effect that the current one. What a pity, he hadn’t yet reached that level.

As he was moving ahead, was getting more and more far from the coastline, 20 kilometres, 30 kilometres …….

Finally after swimming more than 30 kilometres, suddenly something appeared within the range of his Soul Search which was there right in front of him, beyond 100 meters. Just like a sudden appearance of a monster, the entire seabed was actually blocked by an ice wall, right in his front!

Unconsciously, he arrived at that position which had been actually detected by the NSA and that location was nearly 20 nautical miles away.

An iceberg island in front of him!

That was a spectacular picture, even he was taken aback. He had never thought that on this planet, in such a modern city, he would run into such a stirring scene. Besides, he must know that this place was neither the North Pole nor the South Pole, but still there was the existence of such a giant-sized iceberg island.

An extremely cold ice wall was lying in front of him, blocking his way. In the dark seabed, this ice wall was exuding a shallow white light, making the surrounding sea area look like a wonderland.

Besides, he noticed that there weren’t many fishes in the whole sea area, definitely, the sudden change in the weather would have forced them to leave this place.

The intuition of animals had always been much sharper than humans.

The entire ice wall, which had grown from the bottom of the deep sea, was just like an iron bucket, which had encircled the particular sea area. Standing tall above the sea level, it constituted an intriguing iceberg island.

In fact, this was not an island but a layer of the ice shell.

Interestingly, a layer of its mysterious energy not only had blocked the satellite detection of the NSA but had also blocked Ye Feng’s Soul Search detection range, making him totally unable to know what could be there inside the layer of this thick ice wall.

“Beheading Dragon Sword qi!”

Since he had again absorbed a small coral, hence he didn’t hesitate to make an effort to cut off this ice wall by his sword.

However, the real strength his Sword qi had before, he couldn’t use that in this condition. But still, the might of the present Sword qi couldn’t be overlooked. When his icy-blue Sword qi hit the ice wall, it could actually only create a fist-sized small hole on the ice wall.

Quite soon, a very cold air passed from inside the ice wall and supplemented the small hole, the restoration speed of which was extremely fast!

“This a little resembles like ……..”

Ye Feng’s heart moved a beat as he thought of some kind of a possibility.