Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 185

Chapter 185 -> An exorcist

When Ye Feng returned, immediately swept his Soul Search and found that Long Wan’er together with other two people was upstairs. Probably they were discussing someone’s appearance, while that Taiji Palace’s youth was still in the deep slumber.

In addition, there were also five young hooligans present in that building’s courtyard, who were trying to cross the courtyard’s walls to enter the house.

“Just inform Wang Shao, he will have to quickly bring people over here, before then, let’s handle this matter efficiently!”

“Boss, you really want to kill him?”

“Nonsense, at present this area is already under the effect of this dangerous tidal wave, we just have to kill him and throw him into the sea, that’s all. Do you even know the reward Wang Shao is offering us on the completion of this task? It’s one million! If we divide this sum equally among us, each one would have a share of 200,000. So we must kill that fellow maintaining complete secrecy so that no one can discover …………… ”

The fact was Wang Shaodong had actually offered two million to the boss but more than one million was swallowed by him.

For this kind of small punks of Xiangshan County, not to mention two million, even two lakhs were more than enough to make them work to death!

Ye Feng didn’t come forward because for him, these small bludgers were not worth paying attention. Even though these five had iron rods in their hands, still they could never be Long Mo’ran’s opponents.

He simply hid outside the building as he just wanted to see how Long Wan’er would deal with them. Besides, he also discovered another person with a mysterious appearance and unique personality.

That mysterious person was the same man clad in a black windproof coat, carrying a small-sized crossbow arrow behind, apparently had a quite trendy appearance. He was just standing alone on the hilltop, drenching in the pouring rain but still he actually didn’t even slightly wrinkle his brows.

“Who is this fellow?”

Ye Feng didn’t take the initiative to come forward, although he could sense using his Soul Search that the man was not a martial artist, but had a dangerous aura around him. Confronting such an unknown and strange person, he thought that better he should tighten his guard.

Again he swept around and heard the conversation going on in the building, as per that it seemed that Nan Fang had actually recognized this guy, then, they played a clever game and decided to let Long Wan’er deal with them first then they would think about any other thing.

By this time, those five punks, holding iron rods, had already sneaked into the building. By passing through the icy-cold water up to their knees, trembling all the way, they finally set foot on the stairs leading to the second floor.

However suddenly from upstairs “bang, bang” sound echoed twice, as if something was broken into pieces. Then, one by one, the pieces of glass raided those five on the staircase!

In the utter darkness of the damp corridor, those five were using flashlights, so they immediately saw those glass pieces approaching but actually had no enough time to react. Consequently, various large and small pieces of glass jabbed into their bodies, immediately leading to pitiful screams and yells from all direction!

It was Nan Fang’s hand which threw these glass pieces.

He had just learnt Crying Ghost Blade Technique but since he didn’t have a flying blade at that moment, hence could only break two beer bottles to use the fragments of its glass as flying knife.

The martial arts techniques and Immortal Techniques were quite different because to practice an Immortal Technique, Cultivation was essentially required. However, until now, Ye Feng hadn’t seen anything proving that the martial arts also needed Cultivation for practising it.

As long as there was a martial arts book and inner qi inside, one could practice!

It was just that how the martial arts techniques could display their effect, even though they were closely related to Cultivation. At present Nan Fang’s Cultivation was very low, that was the reason why the might of the glass fragments thrown by him was just slightly more than the average person.

But still, that was sufficient enough to make these five small punks pee in their pants in terror.

“Lying trough! That boy is there, upstairs!”

“Boss, my leg has been hit by a bullet!”

“You piece of a shit! Quickly take something to block his attack!”

These people endured the pain caused by the glass fragments and decided to go all the way to the end just because of the share of 2 lakhs! They went downstairs, lifted a table before their bodies like a shield and then, like a turtle, went upstairs slowly, quite cautiously.

After being pierced by the fragments of glass, they were constantly bleeding, however, they didn’t a bit care about it, because the 2 lakhs was glittering before their eyes and was constantly invoking them.

However, they barely arrived upstairs and suddenly heard a young girl’s loud voice, immediately followed by a strong kick, which heavily hit the table they had lifted.

A burst of crazy fierce strength passed through the table and hit those five, making them suddenly roll down the staircase. That kick was purposely thrown to heavily injure them so that they couldn’t prop up right away.

This was actually Long Wan’er’s shot, although now she had transformed into an Immortal Cultivator, but was still quite familiar with her Long Clan’s Dragon Leg Technique. In case she used Dragon Tail Technique right now, then these five hooligans would be knocked out straight away.

“Get lost.”

At this moment, a cold voice spread from the downstairs, it was actually Ye Feng who finally walked inside the building, picked up those five punks and threw them out of the courtyard directly into the icy-cold water which had inundated to their knees’ height.

These kind of small punks were actually not a threat, so Ye Feng didn’t want to kill them and dirty his own hands. Just now, how badly they were hit by Nan Fang and then immediately after, got kicked by Long Wan’er really hard. Because of these back to back attacks, they were really seriously injured.

“Ye Feng.”

At this time, Long Wan’er suddenly noticed that Ye Feng had finally returned, making her feel pleasantly surprised and she immediately ran down the stairs towards him.

When Ye Feng was in the Immortals’ world, he often used to completely shield himself so that other’s Soul Search couldn’t detect him, therefore, just now, Long Wan’er also couldn’t sense him.

“First come up, I have to discuss a matter with you.”

Ye Feng smiled as he spread his hands and swoop her up in his bosom. When the aroma of her body reached his nose, it made him have a kind of warm feeling.


Long Wan’er nodded, then embraced his neck and held him tight and close.

Ye Feng was helpless, he had to embrace her to go upstairs. At this time, Shu Shu and Nan Fang were in a bedroom, arranging a candle. Since the tide struck the house, therefore now it didn’t have the electricity, so they could only use candles for lighting.

On seeing Ye Feng, holding Long Wan’er, suddenly walked in, Shu Shu covered her mouth and smiled : “Sit quickly, how was everything, you didn’t get hurt, right?”

“It’s nothing.”

Ye Feng shook his head, the broken bone he had on his shoulder due to the punch had already been almost treated by him. Although he still had a lingering pain there, but it didn’t affect his motion at all.

For this kind of wound, Holy Cure Technique was enough to treat it easily. However, in the World of the Immortals, there used to have several categories of wounds, such as wounds caused by mysterious ice Zhenqi, lava Zhenqi, the strength of stars and the like, which certainly couldn’t be cured by this Holy Cure Technique.

“Nan Fang, who is that guy outside wearing a black windproof coat?”

Ye Feng entered the room and immediately asked Nan Fang about this.

“An exorcist, he is a global killer who has already made his entry in the list of world’s top 100 experts and is also one of the members of Viper Organization.”

Nan Fang’s tone dignified as he said.


Ye Feng gawked.

“Elder brother Ye, I have something important to say.”

Nan Fang said: “Since you are the masked man Mo Jiuge and during your last trip, that dark-skinned sniper you had killed outside the highway, he was actually one of the members of Viper. This is an international killer organisation who recruits a lot of experts and this exorcist is the gold medal killer of Viper!

“Why does he appear here?”

Ye Feng wrinkled his eyebrows.

“If I guess right, his goal is you, Ye elder brother.”

Nan Fang was very affirmative as he said: “Viper has lost its precious man because of you and naturally this gathering place will attract their attention ………”

“Is he powerful?”

Long Wa’ner, while letting herself completely melt in Ye Feng’s arms, asked an important question.

Nan Fang heard that and immediately smiled bitterly: “Regarding his strength, I am not clear, but it is said that once he received a task to come to this country China and kill the then notorious and most wanted criminal of the martial arts world, Xingchen Xueren!”

“What, Xingchen Xueren, but he had 40 years of Cultivation, so this fellow actually turned out to be that guy ……….”

Long Wan’er covered her mouth and called out in alarm all of a sudden.

However, right at this moment, Ye Feng and Long Wan’er simultaneously realized that stood in the black windproof coat outside on the hilltop, that exorcist suddenly started moving quite fast towards their building!