Hail the King Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: The First Meet between Him and Her

                The former military judge Conca’s estate covered more than 10 hectares, and it was a self-contained stone castle.

Inside the manor, there were streams, forests, birds and flowers, and the most amazing thing was the towering incense tree that stood in the most central spot of the garden. Every autumn season, it would grow little fine beige flowers, just like a giant yellow umbrella opened in between heaven and Earth, with a rich aroma, covering Chambord City in the sweet scent. It could be said that the origin of the name Chambord City (TL: means waves of aroma in Chinese) could have come in part from this incense tree.

Fei jumped off the big black dog and pat it on the head to tell it to obediently go to the side and play. He then followed the female warrior Susan through the tree-lined trail in front of the manor, passing through layers of layers of guard posts. After being searched by the Princess Highness’s bodyguards a total of six times, he finally arrived at the small and quiet, central-most yard in the manor, and saw Princess Tanasha who was sitting on a rocking chair napping below the giant incense tree.

This was Fei’s first time seeing this mysterious Princess.

This woman in front of Fei’s eyes was skinnier than Fei imagined, and wasn’t all that beautiful, at least being far off from Angela and Elena who would give people a stunning feeling when seeing them for the first time. She could only be considered normal looking; her lips were full, which wasn’t too suitable with her thin body and pale white face. The red color gave people an indescribable feeling of temptation, and her hair is soft and beautiful, shining under the sun.

Hearing Fei come in, Princess Tanasha didn’t open her eyes.

This woman just sat quietly on the delicate rocking chair made out of bamboo and green vine. Her thin fingers gently tapped to an unknown beat, and after glancing at Fei, her whole body seemed to be immersed in the leisurely atmosphere. She was like a drawing, with her slightly closed eyes and tightly shut mouth.

After the female warrior Susan took Fei in, she also left without saying anything.

Now, only Fei and the Princess were left in the courtyard.

The atmosphere was very silent.

However, Fei didn’t have the slightest feeling of awkwardness. He swaggeringly walked over, sat down on a stone chair not too far away from Princess Tanasha, and checked out the giant tree in front of him. There was a casual expression on his face, unlike any normal expression a prince should have when sitting with a monarch country’s Princess Highness.

But on the inside, Fei was secretly surprised.

This was because the melee combat experts’ keen sense from Fei’s Barbarian mode told him that in this seemingly quite small yard, there were at least 20 sources of powerful existences. In addition to all those strict guard points along the way, Fei had a very strange feeling —- it seemed like this mysterious princess was currently defending against some kind of threat, and that was why she set up all these intangible steel walls around her. Under such careful protection, not to mention humans, even a little fly wouldn’t think about getting close to this skinny and fragile-looking princess without permission.

Fei had a feeling – the entire Zenit Imperial’s Crowning Emissary group (TL: the people sent by the Imperial to deliver the crowning ceremony for Fei) and this pale and fragile looking Princess Highness were all in the state of extreme vigilance.

They seemed to be nervously preparing for a coming danger…

But… how was that possible?

The Crowning Emissary group came to Chambord, a tier 6 little subsidiary country, to crown a little king who just turned into an adult, so it was more like a tour and certainly not something adventurous. The bosses from Zenit capital could just come relax, do some sightseeing, and then finish the ascension ceremony… But, the situation Fei saw was clearly not the case. Such a heavily guarded place made King Alexander raise doubt, that perhaps soon, Chambord city would face a brutal war.

Exactly, what happened… what was going to happen?

Time quietly passed.

The Princess had been lying on the bamboo chair swinging slowly back and forth. She didn’t open her sapphire-like eyes, nor did she speak. She just kept on tapping on the chair’s arm in a rhythm that was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, as if Fei who was sitting on the side was just an optical illusion and not a real existence.

Fei also didn’t want to talk first.

It was as if the two were playing a kid’s game called whoever speaks first loses.

After another dozen minutes, Fei felt bored, so he closed his eyes to relax. Who knew that after a while, from the quiet yard came a faint snoring sound, and this snoring sound was like a sh*t stick stirring a pot of soup, ruthlessly crushing the quiet and picturesque courtyard.

The princess on the bamboo chair finally opened her eyes.

She took a look at Fei crookedly lying on the stone bench, and a look of surprise flashed in her eyes. Her slender fingers that were tapping on the bamboo chair finally came to a stop. She straightened up, carefully observed for awhile, and after confirming that this young king in front of her was really asleep, a glimmer of mixed facial expressions emerged on her face.

She was stunned for a second, and then stopped minding Fei’s snores which were gradually getting louder. Princess Highness seemed to be used to it now.

She lied back down onto the bamboo chair.

But this time, she didn’t close her eyes. Her sky-blue sapphire-like eyes started coldly at the blue sky, and no one could tell what she was thinking. The yellow fragrant petals slowly drifted down from the branches of the giant tree, scattering its aroma across the floor.

The snoring sound beside her was ear-piercing, yet harmonious.

The guards hiding in the shadows saw this scene, and all of them were jaw-droppingly shocked.

“This little king, ignorance really does make him fearless. He’s actually being this rude in front of our First Princess Highness… At Zenit capital Saint Petersburg, not even Emperor Yashin of the Zenit Empire would dare to do this, right?”

It’s just that they didn’t know that at the moment, Fei had already travelled to another world.

[Rogue Encampment]

The boiling hot flame sparked up and down in the furnace.

The big chest beauty blacksmith Charsi’s magical iron hammer drew beautiful residual shadows in the air one after another. “Ding ding dong dong” sounds landed on a burning red big sword that was on the forging anvil at a strange rhythm, and droplets of sweat dropped onto it, turning into vapor.

On the other side of the iron furnace, Barbarian Fei was pulling on the lever of the bellows, forcefully feeding into it to make sure the demon-tongue-like flame could fully lick the metal in the fire every time.


When Charsi’s last hammer fell on the sword, it was like drawing the period on the beautiful storm-like symphony. In the next instant, a hint of magic started distributing out of the sword, and then the orchid-colored flame started blinking. The sword started issuing waves of noise, and it actually started vibrating.

“God bless, it’s finally done!”

The big chested beauty Charsi got really excited and didn’t even bother wiping the cluster of sweat on her forehead as she picked up the still-blazing hot blade and waved it forcefully. A blue flame flashed out, and the blue air force actually opened a big gap on the whole blacksmith wood shed.

“It really worked?”

Fei saw the scene and was also pleasantly surprised. He took over the blue broad sword, felt the temperature coming from the hilt, looked at it, and then he saw the stats of the sword in his eyes: One-handed damage: 4 – 9, double-handed damage: 8-14, +3 ice damage, durability 16/16, no level requirement, no strength point requirement.

“Although the damage isn’t as high as [Purple Green Dual Blades], the quality definitely isn’t low, and it actually doesn’t have any requirements on strength points and level, so this is a completely sharp weapon for low level characters!”

Fei felt ecstatic.

Half an hour ago, Fei really couldn’t be more patient. He really felt bored sitting beside the First Princess, so he might as well take advantage of this opportunity to choose the option to enter the Diablo World in his dream. He went to [Rogue Encampment], found blacksmith Charsi in [Barbarian Mode], and asked her about the progress on using gems to forge magic weapons. He coincidently came when Charsi was conducting the last experiment, and decided to lend a hand, and finally got to witness the whole process of successfully using [Chipped Gems] to forge the first magic sword.

Although this blue magic sword served no useful purpose for Fei, its meaning was extraordinary.

First, the birth of this ice-style magic sword meant that blacksmith Charsi’s forging skills finally leveled up, capable of using gems to forge higher level magic weapons. As long as she continued working hard and practicing, she would definitely be able to forge an even sharper magic weapon. Under Fei’s almost limitless supply of gems, maybe one day, Charsi would be able to forge a super weapon beyond yellow or golden equipment. That way, Fei wouldn’t need to clear bosses daily to collect all the equipment.

Second, for Fei, all the equipment and weapons in the past were acquired from killing monsters or purchased from NPCS. These weapons were all finished goods, so Fei only had the right to choose, but now it was different. Whatever style of weapon or magic property, Fei could directly let Charsi forge it. The range of selection was much bigger, and the degree of focus was also stronger, and it was even possible to invent new weapons.

“Haha, this is awesome! I swear, I can see the birth of a great forging master on the Rogue Continent…” Fei buttered up to Charsi, and then took out 20 pieces or so of all kinds of gems and a dozen already prepared sheepskin manuscript scrolls and handed them to Charsi, and then smiled. “This time I will need you to forge me some armor, you just have to follow these drawings…”

“These are…. armor blueprints?”

Charsi opened up the goatskin scrolls, carefully looked over them once, and frowned as she said, “These are beautiful armors… But armor is harder to forge than weapons. Master Fei, with my current forging skill level, I’m afraid that I won’t have a 100% success rate. To complete the forging of these armors, I might need to waste a bit more elemental gems.”

“That’s no problem, you can use however many you want,” Fei said with full confidence.

With the Horadric Cube, Fei just needed 3 [Chipped Gems] to make one [Flawed Gem], and then exchange the one [Flawed gem] to exchange for 100 [Chipped Gems] in the real world. Fei felt like he was sitting on a gold mountain, and he never had to worry about money in the future anymore.

“Yes. Oh right, Charsi, in fact, you can go to the real world to try to build these weapons. Chambord City has a few quite skilled blacksmiths, and maybe they can help you.” Fei suggested.

Charsi wiped off the sweat on her forehead, then thought about what she saw in the stone maze like those big and perfect furnace facilities. Her eyes brightened and was pleasantly surprised after hearing it. “That’s right, how did I not think of it? Master Fei, I will go find them right now…”

This female blacksmith had a short temper.

After sending away the big chested beauty Charsi, Fei stored the ice sword into his inventory, and then found aunt Akara, and started following her to study how to identify herbs, configure agents and produce magic scrolls.

Of course, the things he learned in the beginning were all very basic knowledge.

Fei was originally quite impatient for these things, and aunt Akara was extremely sneaky, forcing him to sign the [apprenticeship contract], so now he had to force himself to learn these things. However, as he gained more knowledge, Fei surprisingly found himself actually starting to getting interested in the knowledge. It was just that his memory was still as blurry as his past life, and often he remembered things wrong…

He spent very little time studying with Akara, around half an hour. After that, Fei logged out of his Barbarian mode, and then came to the 3D holographic projection screen and selected Druid mode, entering another parallel universe of the Diablo World, and began to challenge the first little map.

In this space, the mercenary Fei had the female flame archer Kayle.

Ultimately, there were some differences with Barbarian mode, and that was that the mercenary was a lot less agile and vivid than Elena, appearing a bit stiff and having rusty cooperation while fighting. Actually, aside from the flame archer Kayle, in his Druid mode, even the other NPCs in [Rogue Encampment] looked more like a computer program, far different from that dimension under his Barbarian mode where the NPCs had emotions.

This situation was very similar to Fei’s experience in the second map [Lut Gholein], making Fei very confused again, not knowing what caused this weird situation.

Under all the modes, only the NPCs in [Rogue Encampment] under Barbarian mode were real flesh-and-blood people.

With his doubts, during the next three hours, Fei actually cleared Druid mode’s final challenge in one go, eliminating Rogue Continent’s final boss Andalier in the temple’s basement. He also got a few nice golden gears.

At this time, his Druid had leveled up to 16.

After getting fully geared, Fei’s real combat strength in the real world was approximately at an intermediate 3-star level warrior. Of course, if his Druid character had all kinds of magical summoning and transforming skills, maybe it could bring a challenge even when facing beginner 4-star elites.