Juvenile Medical God Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 Storming the tiger’s cave                                                                           

“Shit! Biology class was in the morning.”

While returning to school, Qin Lang realized that he missed biology class because he had been practicing kungfu. If it were any other classes, it wouldn’t matter, but the biology teacher was Tao Ruoxiang! By even missing her class, it could even be somewhat regarded as disrespecting her.

Thinking of this, Qin Lang decided to be honest, and just when he was thinking of explaining it to Tao Ruoxiang, his phone rang.

The call was from Han Sanqiang, he told Qin Lang that the boss of Qinghuan group, Qing Heyun already found out that An Yang and Qing Jun were killed, and he put this debt on Qin Lang and Han Sanqiang’s people, he already announced that he would get rid of Qin Lang, Han Sanqiang and Man Niu.

Qin Lang had already thought of this before. An Yang and Qing Jun were killed, so even if Qing Heyun was stupid, he would suspect Han Sanqiang and Man Niu. Moreover Qing Heyun was a Jianghu person and not police, he could act based on just his guess and didn’t need any evidence.

“Ah’Qiang, send a message to Qing Heyun, tell him that I will go to Nanping county to find him!”

Qinghuan group already controlled several areas of Xiayang city, but Nanping county was their main base, so Qin Lang intended to make a trip to Nanping county and deal with Qing Heyun thoroughly.

This was the mission given by Old Poison, he must finish it! Moreover, Qing Heyun was currently mourning for his child, he was like a mad dog now, and Qin Lang wouldn’t let him make a mess in Xiayang city.

So, Qin Lang would strike first and gain advantage.

“Qin bro, a powerful dragon cannot repress the local snake!” Han Sanqiang reminded Qin Lang to be careful, he knew Qin Lang had powerful kungfu and methods, but Qing Heyun was Qinghuan group’s boss and it had been growing for many years and was very deep rooted in Nanping county. It would be hard to say what would happen to Qin Lang if he went there alone.

“No problem.” Qin Lang calmly said, “You can give my phone number to Qinghuang group’s people. What you and Man Niu need to do is to quickly consolidate Xiayang city’s underground powers and settle all disputes in the shortest time. But, remember that you must do it within the legal boundary!”

“Okay. But you really must be careful” Han Sanqiang again reminded Qin Lang.

Generally speaking, Jianghu figures of urban areas didn’t put the underground forces of counties in their eyes, but the structure of Xiayang city was different; taking Xiayang city as a whole, Qinghuan group was the gang with the strongest power!

But, Qin Lang was actually going to deal with the whole Qinghuan group by himself, how could Han Sanqiang not be worried?

Qin Lang wasn’t someone who was bold but not wise, he had already thought of handling Qinghuan group when he dealt with Qing Jun and An Yang. So called destroy the leader and the gang will collapse, the best way to thoroughly destroy Qinghuan group was to put an end to Qing Heyun.

Qing Jun’s evil deeds were not few, to say nothing of his father. If nothing else, just the drug ‘spring sprouts welcome rain’ was planned out by Qing Heyun. Originally, An Desheng had committed many evil deeds, but most of them were to cut off his relation with Qing Heyun.

So, even if Old Poison hadn’t given him the task, Qin Lang would have set out against Qing Heyun.

After making the decision, Qin Lang decided to bunk the rest of his classes as well, and rode a bus to Nanping county.

After getting on the bus, Qin Lang called Tao Ruoxiang: “Hello…..Aunt Tao, I am sorry I couldn’t attend your class, I hope you don’t mind.”

Qin Lang’s tone didn’t seem sorry at all, it was more like he was joking. But, Teacher Tao’s tone wasn’t joking at all: “Qin Lang, even if you missed my class, I hadn’t thought that when I checked in your record for cutting classes, it could only be described with four words —- shocking eye and heart! Really and extremely hateful!”

“Aunt Tao, you said eight words.”

“Stop your nonsense!” Tao Ruoxiang coldly said, “Return quickly! I want to ask you in person, what your approach and thoughts are towards study!”

“Eh…..Aunt Tao, I can’t come back today, I am going on a trip.”

“Trip? What? You are actually travelling at this time?” Tao Ruoxiang’s voice was shocked.

“This……I felt that there was too much pressure from studying recently, I need to relax my mood. So, going on a small trip is a good choice, let me off for a day or two.”

“Even if the pressure was great, there was no need to choose to escape.” Tao Ruoxiang’s tone actually changed from furious to caring.

“I am not escaping, this is just adjusting my state of mind and this trip should do it.” Qin Lang explained.

“Is it because you have been staying up too late these several days to make up for the missed lessons, that you are feeling pressure and your mental state turned bad?” Tao Ruoxiang said, “Haa, you have no one to blame but yourself for setting such a high goal, otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to endure such pressure. In psychological terms, this is called meltdown. Alright, pay attention to your safety and quickly adjust your mood. Call me if you need any help.”


Qin Lang let out a long breath after ending the call, he hadn’t thought he would be able to bluff his way out.

From Tao Ruoxiang’s voice, she didn’t seem to be that angry. Well, after he returned from this trip, he would properly explain to her and speak few pleasant words, then everything would be okay. With his great eloquence, he was sure it wouldn’t be a difficult thing.

At this point, the bus had left the urban areas of Xiayang city and was quickly moving towards Nanping county.

Qin Lang had heard of Nanping county, but he had never visited it before, because Nanping county was rather remote. It was also a hilly area. The ethnicity of the residents here were Qiang, Miao, Zang, Zhuang and other few ethnic groups. Among these ethnic groups, those of Qiang ethnicity were the majority.

Despite Nanping county only being over hundred kilometers from Xiayang city, the bus had to travel for three whole hours, because the road was snaky and rugged, the conditions were dangerous and even a driver who was familiar with the terrain would have to be fully concentrated.

When Qin Lang reach Nanping county, it was already four in the afternoon.

After getting off the bus, Qin Lang looked at his phone and saw there was a missed call from unknown number and there was also a message.

This message was registered under that unknown number and it wrote: Qin Lang, come to Baipingshan Qiang village, we will get it over with!

There was no name in the message, but Qin Lang was certain this message was written by Qing Heyun.

However, Qin Lang hadn’t expected the place Qing Heyun chose would be Qiang village,. Qiang village, as the name implied was a place inhabited by Qiang ethnic group. Was Qing Heyun from Qiang ethnicity?

“Uncle, can you help me with something?” Qin Lang walked in front of a small fruit vendor stand near the bus station, and asked the fruit seller while smiling, “Could you tell me whether Baipingshan has a Qiang village?”

“What, you want to go to Baipingshan?” The fruit seller old man spoke in a low and alarmed tone and it even contained a bit of fear, as if that place was something very horrific.