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We are the #1 growing library source for translated light novels and web novels! At LNEG we own a translated library of all the best Asian novels. We are here to keep all these Light Novels available for everyone to enjoy and make sure they don’t get lost. If you enjoy reading and have a lot of free time we encourage you to read some light novels from LNEG. We guarantee that these novels are something different from what you would normally read since they are stories from different countries. Bookmark our website and read your favorite translated novels anytime, anywhere, everyday!

If your new to light novels and don’t know which novel to read first below is a list of Light Novel Recommendations that we have chosen and a reason why we chose that novel as a starter.

Below is the Light Novel Recommendations list

  1. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – This is the first light novel I ever read which got me hooked into light novels. I started reading the light novel after reading the manga. It has a really unique storyline.
  2. A Thought Through Eternity – This is a must read novel if you like something that has alot of comedy. Contains an extremely funny main character. This is a Xianxia novel
  3. Dungeon Defense – This is a highly rated Korean Novel. 
  4. Galactic Dark Net – This novel is a sci-fi novel with its own unique story line. Reading this novel always makes one wanting more.
  5. I’m Really a Superstar – This is a novel that is completely different from all the usual light novels as it contains a lot of Chinese idioms and poems. 
  6. My Wife is a Beautiful CEO – This is honestly one of my favorite light novels and the second one that i read. It revolves on a Over-Powered Main Character who is shameless at everything he does. You won’t regret reading this in my opinion.
  7. I am the Monarch – This is a Korean novel that is war based. Honestly i got hooked reading this light novel very fast since its rare to read a novel where the MC is not overpowered or has any special abilities and is constantly at war. This is a Must Read if you like war based novels.
  8. Tales of Demons and Gods – Another must read Chinese Novel. Revolves around a funny Main character who travels back in time and re does everything differently. Much better than the manga version honestly in my opinion. 
  9. Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Since this is novel that was requested to be translated, we decided to start translating it ourselves. Please read it and help support us! OUR FIRST TIME EVER TRANSLATING PERSONALLY WITHOUT ANY OUTSIDE HELPi
  10. Hail the King – This is another novel that is a must read! If you ever played Diablo 2 this has a weird story line in which the MC gets his powers from playing D2. Imagine a mix of D2 with a medieval setting.


The list above is the recommendations of light novels we suggest new comers to read. The list will be updated regularly so check it out every once in a while to find a good novel. All the novels listed above have been read by us. We only put novels on this list if we find that reading that novel makes us wanting even more.

Leave some comments below if you have any suggestions or comments about our light novel recommendations list!


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