In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator.

Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. Their talent in cultivation was such that they could even establish innate links with constellations that existed in a layer higher than the Nine Layers of Heavens, eventually transforming into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens.

Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of meridians, successfully cultivate? There were countless Stellar Martial Cultivators, as there were countless constellations in the vast starry skies. What he wanted to be, was the brightest constellation of all, shining dazzlingly in the vast starry skies.

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Thái Cổ Thần Vương,

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts ,Mature ,Psychological, Romance, Xuanhuan

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 511

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 511 – Sharply Opposed, Neither Giving Way to Each Other The Sacred Royal Medallion, an ancient medallion personally promulgated by the Royal Sacred Sect with the purpose to recruit outstanding elites from all around the world. With the medallion in hand, one was considered an external disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect and would gain preferential treatment, able to bypass the tests of the nine great sects and directly take the test set by the Royal Sacred Sect. If one was able to pass that, they would become a true disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect and


Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 510

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 510 – The Sacred Royal Medallion Appears The battle stage had turned into a stage to showcase Qin Wentian’s performance. Right now, the focus of the entire crowd was on Qin Wentian, causing the brilliance of those who passed the nine sects’ test earlier to dim, becoming a backdrop to further showcase Qin Wentian’s radiance. The countenances of those from Xuan King City was incredibly ugly to behold, warped by rage and malevolence. Right now, an expert from the Yin Clan suddenly shouted, “KILL HIM! My Yin Clan will bestow an Ascendant-level cultivation art to those who

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 509

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 509 – Unrivalled Spear Who among you can kill me? The spoken words were like the roaring of a demon king, bringing with it an aura that felt unmatched, and incomparably arrogant. On the magnificent stage, the strongest existences were those at the sixth level of Heavenly Dipper. However, when Qin Wentian called upon the power of his bloodline, it allowed him to boost his cultivation base to become similar to the fifth level. In addition, his advantage in astral souls improved the quality of astral energy, as well as his condensed Astral Novas, this all gave

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 508

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 508 – Who Among You Can Kill Me? The instant Shang Qi’s words resounded out, the initial looks of anger were quickly replaced by looks of greed. The killing intent rising from the major powers’ experts only surged higher, as though they couldn’t wait to get onstage to kill Qin Wentian. “So it was him.” Right now they finally understood. Qin Wentian had challenged the five chosen not because he wanted to show off his strength. Rather, it was purely for the sake of revenge. Those experts from the King’s Manor in Xuan King City trembled with

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 507

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 507 – The Young Man with the Golden Eyes In the direction where the royal clan was situated, cultivators from the major powers stood up after one another, their palpable anger and aura intermingling as an overwhelming pressure gushed towards the stage. The arrival of the nine great sects was a great event, even the royal clan has arrived. Naturally, as a branch of the royal clan, the King’s Manor as well as representatives from the major powers in Xuan King City would also show respect and go the the event. Among them were the Golden Fire

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 506

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 506 – Tyrannical Slaughter Silence descended on the battle stage. Although Xie Yu was considered a chosen from one of the major powers in Xuan King City, he wasn’t the most dazzling one. But even so, his death attracted the attention of everyone present. Because that single spear attack was simply too brilliant. They didn’t know what Xie Yu had experienced, they couldn’t understand what they’d seen. A mighty existence at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper didn’t even have the chance to display his full strength, before dying from a stab through the throat by a

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 505

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 505 – A Spear Sealing The Throat Those who stood on the stage got increasingly more, and many among them started fighting against the others, hoping to display their combat prowess to gain approval of the nine great sects. After all, the test set by each of the nine sects were too difficult. The people standing on the stage were merely qualified to stand here, but it was far from enough to enter any of the nine sects. Shang Qi, the instant he stepped out he immediately sensed the might radiating from the nine rows of sword

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 504

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 504 – I’m Here To Kill Qin Wentian stood inconspicuously among the crowd but as he saw Yin Ting stepping out, a fiery killing intent flashed through his eyes. Back then when the six chosen led their men and surrounded him, Little Rascal and Purgatory had almost died. If it weren’t for their protection, he would have been killed there as well. Right now, Purgatory was heavily injured and hadn’t recovered; it could only live on in his bloodstream. Since Yin Ting dared to step out here today, today shall be the date of his death. Yun

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 503

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 503 – Violent Thunder Sword-Drum Formation The Warforge Residence was an extremely famous power in the Xuan King City. For generations, they were proficient in forging and refining divine weapons for others. In fact, the old master of the Warforge Residence, could even create fifth-ranked divine weapons. However, he was already extremely aged and still failed to break through the barrier of Heavenly Dipper, unable to cross into Celestial Phenomenon. Hence, although he could forge fifth-ranked divine weapons, his heart was not into it. For the running of daily matters of Warforge Residence, he already left it

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 502

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 502 – Arrival of the Nine Great Sects Naturally, Qin Wentian didn’t know what the old man had just done. After breaking through to the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper, he could clearly feel his physique had also grown in strength. Right now, he wanted nothing more than an intense battle to find out the full extent of his current limits. Back then, the six chosen who had ganged up on him all had a cultivation base at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper. Right now, if those fifth-level cultivators were to fight him in another six-to-one