Chinese Novel

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan

Heavenly Silkworm Potato,
Tian Can Tu Dou,

Associated Names:
Battle Through the Heavens,
Doupo Cangqiong,
Dou Po Cang Qiong,
Fights Break Sphere,
Đấu Phá Thương Khung,

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Wu Dong Qian Kun (Shared Universe),
The Great Ruler (Shared Universe),
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Battle Through the Heavens Prequel – The Legend of Yao Lao (Prequel)

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and the weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything. His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 604

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 604 – The Fallen Heart Flame, a Cheating Training Machine! The action of the invisible flame python caused everyone in the sky to be startled. Their gazes followed it and turned to Xiao Yan and Han Feng. They only came to a sudden understanding when their gazes drifted across the green and blue-colored flames which were writhing over the bodies of these two. However, on top of suddenly coming to an understanding, they also felt it was funny and surprising. It was really unexpected that this ‘Heavenly Flame’ actually had plans for those who had come


Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 603

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 603 – Ineffective Seal The bodies of everyone in the sky instantly stiffened as they sensed the surfacing of the enormous dark, cold snake eyes. The ‘Heavenly Flame’ possessed the greatest destructive strength in this world — strength that burned the sky and boiled the sea. Faced with such a strength, it was likely that there was no one, with the exception of those legendary elites who had trained their Dou Qi until it was on par with nature, who would not feel a trembling fear under it. Su Qian’s expression had also become extremely serious

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 602

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 602 – Extermination The sound of rushing wind, that was brought about by the human figures flashing about, sounded repeatedly in the blue sky. The energy explosions were like that of firecrackers sounding again and again. Powerful energy ripples were something that one could still vaguely sense despite being over fifty meters away. Most of the Inner Academy was currently destroyed by the remnant waves that had spread out from the fight. This caused some of the Inner Academy students to have little choice but to move to an even further place to avoid the remnant

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 601

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 601 – Similar Thought “Bang!” The rolling thunder-like explosion that caused mountains to collapse and the land to split suddenly resounded in the distant sky. At that instant, countless people had their ears temporarily deafened under this thunderous sound. A tornado-like energy ripple erupted from the point of contact between the green-colored energy pillar and the blood-colored energy under the clear sky before sweeping through the entire place as a countless number of shocked gazes watched. The space became unbearably distorted at the point where the energy came into contact. Deep folds could be clearly seen.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 600

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 600 – Great and Terrible Explosion Xiao Yan’s soft, cold laughter was just like throwing a basin of cold water into oil. Immediately, a wave of blood-red majestic Dou Qi came surging out in all directions from within the body of the ferocious looking Fan Lao! Three shriveled pale-white claw-like hands were abruptly thrust forth, and formed some strange seals with lightning-like speed. One could see that the Dou Qi that was surging out fluctuated a little before a dark-red blood spear that was as thick as two arms swiftly formed and appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 599

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 599 – Sea Heart Flame The green flame curled over the sky. Waves of distortion appeared in the air wherever one looked. A great heat spread through the air and was transmitted, covering the entire Inner Academy within it. Numerous gazes from the ground were stunned as they watched the green-colored flame that was curling out like a burning grassland. They could not help but wipe their cold sweat away. Such a frightening imposing feeling was indeed a little too terrifying. The middle of where the green flame spread was a cluster of bloody sea that

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 598

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 598 – Green Flame Everywhere! The sudden appearance of a powerful aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than an elite in the Dou Huang class not only caused the countless of students in the distance to be stunned, but even the chaotic battlefield in the sky had appeared slightly silent because of it. Numerous gazes swept toward the area where the aura erupted. Many experts were startled when they saw the source of the aura. Upon seeing Fan Lao who was facing the source on the opposite side, their expression became different. The faces

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 597

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 597 – Helping Hand A couple of human figures were suspended in the air opposing each other in the distant sky outside of the chaotic battleground. Behind one group was an enormous blood ball net that was extremely eye-catching. “Give me three minutes!” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept toward Zi Yan and the three others outside as he suddenly spoke. Zi Yan and the three others were stunned before they immediately nodded slightly. “Tsk tsk, with just you three Dou Wangs? Moreover, two of you only have half a foot in the Dou Wang class. Yet you

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 596

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 596 – Fighting Fan Lao The thunder-like roar that suddenly appeared on the horizon also caused Xiao Yan’s entire body to tremble. He hurriedly turned around, only to find a blood-red human figure swiftly expanding within his eyesight. “This is bad. How did this old fellow discover me?” Xiao Yan had clearly heard Fan Lao’s cry. Therefore, he was stunned in his heart. At the same time, the wings on his back flapped swiftly, and his body flashed in a lightning-like manner with the intention of shaking off Fan Lao. “Xiu!” Xiao Yan’s body had just

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 595

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 595 – Chaotic Great Battle Two human figures surfaced in the sky in a strange manner. One of them was in a golden robe while the other was in a silver one. However, if one were to look carefully, one would be able to discover that the faces of the two were basically identical. They had white hair and beards, and their features appeared to be carved out from a mold. The names of these two people were not unfamiliar even to the Elders within the Inner Academy. It was due to this that their expressions