1. Anyone who has a heart disease… Please, don’t read any further.

2. Anyone who is emotionally fragile… Please, don’t read any further.

3. Anyone who is less intelligent… Please, don’t read any further.

4. Anyone who is reading other xianxia novels… Please, don’t read any further. After reading ‘Beast Piercing The Heavens’, you’ll find that other novels are an insult to your intelligence.

Only for those who believe in this novel, and are willing to give up the entire forest for this single tree… Please, read it!


1. A lot of foreshadowing and suspense.

2. Full of logic and reasoning.

3. A lot of innovative writing skills.

4. The plot is of high quality.

5. Master Sun’s Art of War has been utilized in combat.

6. The cultivation and weapons are described in concise phrases, to enhance readability.

7. The protagonist is vivid and substantial. He distinguishes himself from the masses with his chivalrous disposition, while his personality is a mixture of lofty heroism and an endless romantic.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan

Associated Names:
Shou Po Cang Qiong,

Yao Ye,

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 209

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 209 – Seven Techniques of Ye Huang “Splitting the Skies!”   Qinghan faced the sky and viciously hacked downwards. A green dragon emerged in the form of swordlight from the tip of his sword. In an instant, it transformed into a semicircle of sword energy, slicing towards the crocodile-like beasts in front of him.   One of the monsters in front him was directly hit by the sword energy resulting in it flying through the air, tumbling a few times. It flew for ten metres before rolling on the yellow sand upon collision.   “Hehe.”  


Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 208

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 208 – Seven Techniques of Ye Huang and Cultivating Spirit Field “What do i do?” Qinghan was befuddled. Didn’t his ancestor previously say it was relatively easy to pass this trial? Didn’t that mean he had relied on his own powers to break through? When Qinghan had heard this, he had inwardly smiled, thinking it would be easy to pass the Puppet Trial. On the surface, he only had the cultivation level of the Prince-Realm. Adding on the power of his beast, he would at most reach the peak of the Realm of the Prince. However,

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 207

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 207 – ­Dumbfounded Even though Ye Ruoshui had said this before, Monsters on Luo Shen Mountain don’t have souls, so all of his skills combined would not have any effect.   But Qinghan was obviously not willing to believe this and wanted to try it out.  While simultaneously making hand movements, the sword light hacked towards the monster in front of him.   As expected, the purple light passed through! Black fog enveloped a few crocodile monsters, and they did not even react in the slightest. As before, their eyes suffused with blood stared lifelessly at

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 206

Chapter 206 – Crocodile-like Beast The moment Qinghan stepped into this mysterious cave, he felt the whole world begin to shiver. The scene changed into a boundless desert. – Huhu! – The whistling of wind made this desert look barren and uncivilized. The sand that had been rolled up by the fierce wind blurred Qinghan’s sight. The hot waves also twitched everything he saw. However, Qinghan wasn’t surprised at all, for he had learned from Ye Ruoshui how weird this would be. The Puppet Trial was supposed to be made up of twelve caves, all formed by the mighty immortal

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – The Puppet Trial After digesting Ye Ruoshui’s advise, Qinghan fell sound asleep. According to Ye Ruoshui, he had to eat all the seven spirit fruit from the trees of the seven human emotions after which he would be teleported to the next trial, the Puppet Trial. It was said that one could only move forward, or the numerous puppet beasts would swoop him away. In the first few caves, the beasts were comparatively easier to handle; as the invader moved further in, the overall power of these beasts would increase. It was possible that he might even

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 204

Chapter 204 – Passing the Illusion Trial There was a special cave at the rear hill of the Ye Castle. This cave was on the hillside, facing south. It could easily be spotted anywhere in the Ye Castle. Despite its exposed location, seldom anyone had entered this cave. Inside the cave, the decoration was plain and clear. On top of the ceiling, a fix-sized luminous pearl drove away the darkness with its mild light. At the center, there stood a gigantic bed made of white jade, with puffs of white smoke coming out from its edges. In the middle of

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – Entrapped As Qinghan stepped further into the space, the illusions kept changing. Now, he was in a luxurious nightclub, a high-grade one. The strong smell of fragrance and liquor was mixed together here. Under the colorful light, several coquettish girls were gracefully waving their slim bodies in a rapid tempo aligned with the rhythm of the passionate music. Piece by piece, they got themselves stripped, stimulating the hearts and minds of the young men there. “Wow… I bet these girls cost several thousand dollars. Look at how they move their waist… so charming!” As soon as Qinghan

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 202

Chapter 202 – The Illusions of Lust Yes, Qinghan was undergoing a series of sufferings. Now, he was struggling in the Illusion Trial yet again. Qinghan had spent the last eight months, almost around the clock, in cultivation. Fortunately, he finally broke into the Realm of the Prince as he wished. Another thing worth mentioning was that Qinghan was now 17 years old. He had entered the Realm of the Prince half a month after his birthday. A 17-year old Prince-Realm cultivator, he had set a new record in the cultivation world, once again. Of course, the arduous efforts behind

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 201

Chapter 201 – Majesty Shi, the King of the Flaming Dragon Continent! “Come on, stop daydreaming! I don’t possess an Immortal Crystal!” Ye Ruoshui glanced at the three elders with cold eyes, for he already understood what they meant, “Neither do I nor that eccentric old man living on Concealed Island, or any of the great elders of the three prefectures have an Immortal Crystal. Humph, forget about using an Immortal Crystal as a shortcut in your cultivation!” “Even the leader of Concealed Island didn’t have one? But it was he that gave me the Immortal Crystal that Qingyu absorbed.”

Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 200

Chapter 200 – Ye Ruoshui Returns! When they all arrived at Qingyu’s small pavilion, they were dumbstruck by the white Battle Qi released from Qingyu’s palms. Each of them had an exaggerated expression. Within two months, Qingyu had passed three realms, and directly broke into the Realm of the General. She had indeed broken the record set up by the “previous” number one genius of the Mars Prefecture, in terms of the time used in reaching this realm. How terrifying! At the same time, they began having more confidence in their Ancestor Ye Ruoshui’s prediction about Ye Qingyu. It seemed