A Little Fatty who was constantly bullied in his sect, by relying on the Magical Artifact his parents left behind, cultivated the peerless, primarily chaotic Five Elements Lightning technique. Using this, he slowly rose and dominated the continents. 10th Step Water Divine Lighting, 3rd Step Fire Divine Lightning, 5th Step Earth Divine Lighting, 7th Step Metal Divine Lighting, Lesser 5 Element Soul Divine Lighting, Greater 5 Element Destruction Divine Lighting, Dark Purple Divine Lighting, Pure Divine Lighting, Clear Sky Divine Lighting, Righteous Taichi Divine Lightning.

~A monk once said, “One who has dissatisfaction should get struck by all 5 bolts of lightning”~

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Chaos Lightning Cultivation,
Hun Dun Lei Xiu,
Hỗn Độn Lôi Tu,

Writing Board,
Xie Zi Ban,

Chinese Novel

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 221

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 221 – Black Shark King No matter how difficult the journey, he still had to go home. Waiting for respite in the Eastern Ocean is akin to seeking their deaths. As such, they all quickly got into formation and pulled each other along like a bunch of refugees, and slowly flew to the mainland. It was safe for the first few days. However, at a certain point of time, they suddenly felt that something was wrong. There were no clouds above them in the skies, for a few thousand kilometres journey. In addition, there was a sudden


Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 220

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 220 – Eagle King’s Scheme However, now that Eagle King Shan’er had released them, he can’t possibly ask her to capture them back right? Thus, he can only grit his teeth and accept the fact! After Eagle King Shan’er released them all, she said with a smile, “SongZhong, I had a great day today. I hope that we can see each other again!”As she said that, she did not give SongZhong a chance to reply her and she took her leave with her troops. Needless to say, Eagle King Shan’er quickly flew a few thousand kilometres away

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 219

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 219 – Divine Lightning’s Might At this moment, SongZhong was extremely thankful that he spent all of his assets on the Lightning Congregating Stations. He thought inwardly, ‘If not for the Lightning Congregating Stations, who knows when would I be able to refine so many Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning. If that’s the case, I would most likely perish here today! Thank goodness, thank goodness!’ Eagle King Shan’er was dumbfounded as she saw that scene. You have to know, it is already extremely difficult for her to handle two to three hundred divine lightnings and

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 218

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 218 – Eagle King Shan’er Thinking about this, SiYu and SiYun looked at each other for a moment. Then, they took out a small bottle from their dimensional storage rings and consumed a pill. Then, both their appearances began to change greatly. As a large amount of skin shed away, it revealed their fair and soft skins. Both their faces looked exactly the same, as though they were fairies. They were different from Han Bing’er’s saintly charisma, unlike ShuiJing’s mysterious charisma and also dissimilar from HongYing’s innocence. They looked extremely pitiful, making everyone who see them can’t

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 217

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 217 – Perilous Situation After SongZhong said that, he realised that the atmosphere was a little tense. He hurriedly turned and looked at everyone around him and realised that apart from Mu ZiRong, everyone had fear in their faces. They all stared at the silverish white eagle as though the embodiment of death was staring at them in the face.Especially the most cowardly Old Poison, he was scared to the point he almost trembled while mumbling to himself, “We’re dead for sure, we’re definitely dead for sure this time!” Although SiYu and SiYun were not as cowardly,

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 216

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 216 – Ingenious Split “Afraid that we’ll be scared by this bunch of corpse? Then I’ll really have to thank you for that!” SongZhong sneered. “No no, I am afraid that you guys will be injured by the fleeing demonic beasts remnants!” The Naked Skinning Witch hurriedly defended herself.   “Very good! If that’s the case, go, scout, the surroundings. You can leave this place as it is!” As SongZhong said that, he waved his hands impatiently as though he was swatting a fly. As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, her expression changed. For SongZhong to

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 215

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 215 – Slaughtering Demonic Beasts The eastern part of the volcanic island was indeed a flat plain. Lush green vegetation grew on it and it was as though no one had passed this place. Apart from SongZhong and Mu ZiRong, the rest of them were already veterans. When they arrived, they immediately went to their respective positions and started working in tandem. SiYun and SiYu both took out a large number of formation plates, formation flags and various middle grade spiritual stones. They hurriedly began to estimate the correct position and set up their formation flags. The

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 214

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 214 – Arriving At Volcanic Island On top of the black boat was a beautiful pavilion where Little Fatty and gang were resting in. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery while enjoying the tea and snacks which Little Fatty prepared. Of course, the stone was an exception. He was still in meditation as though he was in bitter cultivation. This made Little Fatty could not help but applaud at how hardworking he was. After flying a while, SiYun and SiYu suddenly said together, “Daoist brother~” As SongZhong heard that, he interrupted them with a bitter expression, “I am

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 213

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 213 – Setting Sail “Why not you let me possess her!” Another demonic witch by the side said excitedly. As SongZhong heard that, he became tempted to do so. But after a moment of consideration, he shook his head helplessly and said, “It’s best not to, at least not for now!” “Why would that be so?” The demonic witch asked curiously. “It will be too easy for others to see that something is wrong!” SongZhong explained with a bitter laughter, “There’s already a Mu ZiRong with perverse sword skills besides me, making things seem extremely strange. If

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 212

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 212 – Betraying The Witch After the pair of sisters were startled as they heard that,  and their faces turned white. One of them hurriedly replied, “I don’t know what the Face Changing Pill is, our ugly countenances are congenital!” Although their rejection were resolute, their expression had already betrayed them. Everyone present here were all extremely sharp and could immediately tell what was going on. It was obvious that they were afraid that their good looks would attract lechers. Unfortunately, they were exposed by the knowledgeable Mu ZiRong. After hearing this news, Old Poison’s lecherous eyes