A Little Fatty who was constantly bullied in his sect, by relying on the Magical Artifact his parents left behind, cultivated the peerless, primarily chaotic Five Elements Lightning technique. Using this, he slowly rose and dominated the continents. 10th Step Water Divine Lighting, 3rd Step Fire Divine Lightning, 5th Step Earth Divine Lighting, 7th Step Metal Divine Lighting, Lesser 5 Element Soul Divine Lighting, Greater 5 Element Destruction Divine Lighting, Dark Purple Divine Lighting, Pure Divine Lighting, Clear Sky Divine Lighting, Righteous Taichi Divine Lightning.

~A monk once said, “One who has dissatisfaction should get struck by all 5 bolts of lightning”~

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Chaos Lightning Cultivation,
Hun Dun Lei Xiu,
Hỗn Độn Lôi Tu,

Writing Board,
Xie Zi Ban,

Chinese Novel

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 163

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 163 – Foundational Cultivator As such, Little Fatty unknowingly became famous. But, his fame was a little too big, and definitely a little too dangerous! Now there were plenty of cultivators who surrounded the boundaries of the Mystical Sky Yard waiting to take care of him. Amongst those with bounties, it’s either they had a strong backing or spiritual artifacts and were difficult to deal with. Only Little Fatty was an exception, the only thing he had was his divine lightning which could be considered to be of some threat. But in the Jade Green Screen, he


Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 162

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 162 – Devil Sect Bounty “Like hell I was feeling good. I was almost killed by you!” Han LingFeng said weakly, “How did you become so strong? In the past, I would just have to catch my breath for a while. But now, I feel like I’m a dead log, completely unable to move!” “Heh heh, that’s cause I’ve got the vitality of a dragon and tiger!” Little Fatty said in delight. “If this goes on, I won’t be able to take it!” Han LingFeng replied, “Anyway if you do this again next time, I will rather

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 161

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 161 – Bed Battle With LingFeng “Child, let me ask you, why were you able to use Han Bing’er’s Divine Ice Soul Sword?” The First Lady asked with a frown. Hearing the question, Little Fatty inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, pointing towards ShuiJing, “I don’t know, ask her. Junior sister ShuiJing recommended me to do it!” When she heard that, ShuiJing did not know whether to laugh or cry. How could she not tell that Little Fatty was taking revenge for her taking his Mystical Spiritual Fruit? She could only reply while bitterly laughing, “Senior

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 160

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 160 – Heaven Shaking Sword The experts of the devil sects were not pushovers either. The moment they saw that their disciples were in trouble, they unleashed devil spells, blocking any follow-up attacks of that cultivator. The JinDan disciples behind him then retreated back into the clouds. If they were given a blink of an eye, the black cloud would be restored completely. At that moment, even the YuanYing cultivator would not be able to kill them in a single hit, being only able to split the clouds at the very best. However, in the instant that

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 159

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 159 – Bitter Battle It was a pity that his cultivation base was still insufficient for greater comprehension. Even so, Little Fatty felt that his mental state had a qualitative improvement, and was no weaker than a foundational cultivator. He believed that with these advantages, he was very likely to advance into the foundational stage after a close door cultivation when he returns. Just as Little Fatty was enraptured by the sight which the Divine Ice Soul Sword was transmitting to him, everyone around him witnessed an amazing sight. They saw that after he came into contact

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 158

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 158 – Divine Sword Origins Since things have already developed till this stage, what else could Little Fatty possibly reply? He shook his head helplessly, “Why not I give it a try?” “That’ll be the best!” ShuiJing smiled and looked towards Han Bing’er, “Will junior sister release her spiritual artifact?” “Alright!” As Han Bing’er heard that, she did not say anything else. With a wave of her hands, a 3 foot long transparent Divine Ice Soul Sword appeared. Seeing this legendary spiritual artifact, everyone present could not help but inhaled a deep breath; especially Gong YuHan, he

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 157

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 157 – Only Chance For Survival If it was any other XianTian disciples, Daoist HuoLong and these YuanYing cultivators could not care less if they died. But this bunch of people was made up of the elites from the various sects. ShuiJing, HongYing, and Han Bing’er even had spiritual artifacts. With their status, the YuanYing cultivators did not have a choice but to save them. The devil cultivators also knew this point, thus focusing all their attacks to those disciples. This resulted in the righteous cultivators being on the passive end. If nothing else reverses this situation,

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 156

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 156 – Heaven Shaking Battle “ShuiJing, what happened? Why did you guys walk out from here? Where are the disciples from the devil sects?” Daoist HuoLong asked with a face full of bewilderment. “Senior uncle, the reason why we are here is because we ambushed the gathering spot of the devil cultivators. After killing over 30 devil cultivators, we did not have the time to go back. Thus, we could only come back through the transportation portal of the devils’ sect!” ShuiJing explained. As ShuiJing said that, a commotion immediately broke out from the surrounding cultivators. The

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 155

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 155 – Harassing a Young Lady “Of course not!” ShuiJing said with a frown. Then, she said with a tinge of sadness, “Of the two who did not come, one of them is Peerless Sword Deity. He killed YuFeng and is suffering from the revenge curse. Thus, he is completely paralysed and thus unable to come. However, we could not rest easy if we were to throw him there alone. Thus, we can only leave another senior brother to take care of him. As such, both of them did not come!” As she said that, she looked

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 154

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation Chapter 154 – Ambush But they very quickly understood what had happened. After the golden light flashed by, a red figure materialised in front of Little Fatty. This beautiful lady looked towards Little Fatty with a face full of anxiousness, and she was the sect master’s daughter, HongYing. Only her spiritual artifact, Phoenix Crying Blade, could create such an impact as before. Being so far just a while ago, but executing someone right after the phoenix cry is heard. This was indeed a spiritual artifact which specialises in speed. As HongYing met up with Little Fatty, she was