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As a mage, it’s very embarrassing to be in the water-type. Although it’s a battle profession, the attack is very weak. Most people use it as a support profession.

But, the appearance of Suo Jia (索加) changed that convention. A water-type mage can also be incomparably strong!

Associated Names:
Jin Zhan Fa Shi

Yun Tian Kong

Close Combat Mage Chapter 366

Close Combat Mage Chapter 366 – Controlling Luck Pt.1 Failure, success, failure, failure, failure, success, failure, failure, failure, success, failure, failure, success, failure, failure, failure, success… Suo Jia’s frown deepened as he examined his records. No matter how he calculated, he couldn’t find any patterns in his results. Suo Jia stared at the densely packed statistics that didn’t seem to have any correlation. Although he couldn’t find a pattern, Suo Jia did make a bewildering discovery: the enhancement success rate was around 30%. Sometimes it was a bit more, and sometimes a bit less, but 30% was the average. Suo Jia


Close Combat Mage Chapter 365

Close Combat Mage Chapter 365 – Bustling Back and Forth Pt.2 Suo Jia took out a rank one Illusion Gem and put it in an extraction box, and then put the Atlantis’ Wisdom into an enhancement room. This extraction box utilized the properties of magic to remove a specific magic element. Once the gem lost its stability, it would collapse and then the equipment placed in the enhancement room would automatically start absorbing the energy. “Ding!” Suo Jia took a deep breath and abruptly opened the extraction box, and the Illusion Gem within immediately disintegrated. It looked as if the Illusion

Close Combat Mage Chapter 364

Close Combat Mage Chapter 364 – Bustling Back and Forth Pt.1 The store boss’s expression turned bitter. “Mister, if I took them for 14,000 each, I’d only be able to earn 1000 per item. That’s just too low. I’m sure you understand that as a merchant, one has to gain at least a 20% profit. Taking them for 13,000 each is already making an exception!” Suo Jia nodded, “That’s right, I agree with your words. However, you must remember that this is a huge amount of goods. Moreover, you can sell all of these within a year to gain that hundred

Close Combat Mage Chapter 363

Close Combat Mage Chapter 363 – Haggling Pt.2 Originally, Suo Jia had thought that because of the magic’s original attack range, power, and other factors he’d need to use at least a dozen Hailstorm Techniques to eradicate the mass of boars. But it seemed that with this strengthened hailstorm a single attack was enough to completely kill off all 300 boars! He gaped in shock at the Sea God’s Trident in his hand. Did it really only double the magic’s might? No…this wasn’t even a proportional effect anymore, it was exponential! However, Suo Jia couldn’t tell exactly how much it was

Close Combat Mage Chapter 362

Close Combat Mage Chapter 362 – Haggling Pt.1 Seeing Suo Jia’s excited expression, the station master couldn’t help but give a dry smile, “Don’t get excited too soon; although going back might not be a major issue, how are you going to return here? To my knowledge, there’s a huge backlog of adventure groups waiting on that side, yet there’s only one ship that comes here per day.” Suo Jia shook his head and confidently replied, “That’s not a problem at all. Neither going back nor returning here are issues, I can just build my own ship to travel!” “What! Build

Close Combat Mage Chapter 361

Close Combat Mage Chapter 361 – Searching for Business Opportunities Pt. 2 Suo Jia stared at Nicole for a long while before replying, “Nicole, what exactly is the reason you came to the Greater Trade Routes with me? What is your goal?” Nicole thought about this for a moment before firmly answering, “I have many reasons for coming here, such as completing my family’s Invisible equipment set, becoming a leading role on the Greater Trade Routes, and reviving my family’s prestige!” Nicole raised her head to look into Suo Jia’s eyes and earnestly added, “However…these are all side goals. The main

Close Combat Mage Chapter 360

Close Combat Mage Chapter 360 – Searching for Business Opportunities Pt. 1 Nicole studied Suo Jia for a long while before she finally replied, “Alright, since you want to know, I’ll just tell you. The world within that gemstone is actually the sea realm; in other words, that space is Poseidon’s realm!” Suo Jia stared at Nicole blankly and asked, “How is that possible? That can’t be a barrier or realm, that’s an independent world!” “Haha…” Nicole shook her head. “If it were just large, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The issue is that the realm’s energy is absolute, while

Close Combat Mage Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – Weapon Soul Pt. 2 Just as he was about to examine the glacier underneath him more closely, Suo Jia felt his mind blank once more. This time, upon awakening, he found himself back on the ship, with Nicole next to his side. Suo Jia stood there blankly for a long while, still not understanding what exactly had happened. He shot a suspicious look at the gem on the trident, and he sensed a faint ripple spread out from it. Suo Jia closed his eyes and activated Psychic Technique, connecting with that ripple. The next instant, Suo Jia was

Close Combat Mage Chapter 358

Chapter 358 – Weapon Soul Pt. 1 Suo Jia was serenely sitting at the bow of the ship, entranced by the sight of the endless sea before him. The Diamond Dragon in his arms was currently holding and licking an egg-sized monster core with its small red tongue from time to time, as if it was enjoying a sweet candy. The sharp sound of footsteps came from behind Suo Jia, breaking the silence. Without even needing to turn around, Suo Jia knew who it was. “Why aren’t you resting? You know, once we reach the shore, we’ll be facing constant battles

Close Combat Mage Chapter 357

Chapter 357 – One Step Forwards, One Step Back Pt. 2 A few days later, Suo Jia’s party finally stepped onto the ship going to the second checkpoint. The white sail billowed in the sea breeze, pushing against the mast, and sending the boat out to the depths of the ocean. After spending a long time of half a year, Suo Jia’s party had finally passed the checkpoint successfully. At the same exact time Suo Jia’s party had departed from the first checkpoint, a group of crimson figures appeared at the edge of Tagan Desert outside the Greater Trade Routes.