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As a mage, it’s very embarrassing to be in the water-type. Although it’s a battle profession, the attack is very weak. Most people use it as a support profession.

But, the appearance of Suo Jia (索加) changed that convention. A water-type mage can also be incomparably strong!

Associated Names:
Jin Zhan Fa Shi

Yun Tian Kong

Close Combat Mage Chapter 361

Close Combat Mage Chapter 361 – Searching for Business Opportunities Pt. 2 Suo Jia stared at Nicole for a long while before replying, “Nicole, what exactly is the reason you came to the Greater Trade Routes with me? What is your goal?” Nicole thought about this for a moment before firmly answering, “I have many reasons for coming here, such as completing my family’s Invisible equipment set, becoming a leading role on the Greater Trade Routes, and reviving my family’s prestige!” Nicole raised her head to look into Suo Jia’s eyes and earnestly added, “However…these are all side goals. The main


Close Combat Mage Chapter 360

Close Combat Mage Chapter 360 – Searching for Business Opportunities Pt. 1 Nicole studied Suo Jia for a long while before she finally replied, “Alright, since you want to know, I’ll just tell you. The world within that gemstone is actually the sea realm; in other words, that space is Poseidon’s realm!” Suo Jia stared at Nicole blankly and asked, “How is that possible? That can’t be a barrier or realm, that’s an independent world!” “Haha…” Nicole shook her head. “If it were just large, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The issue is that the realm’s energy is absolute, while

Close Combat Mage Chapter 359

Chapter 359 – Weapon Soul Pt. 2 Just as he was about to examine the glacier underneath him more closely, Suo Jia felt his mind blank once more. This time, upon awakening, he found himself back on the ship, with Nicole next to his side. Suo Jia stood there blankly for a long while, still not understanding what exactly had happened. He shot a suspicious look at the gem on the trident, and he sensed a faint ripple spread out from it. Suo Jia closed his eyes and activated Psychic Technique, connecting with that ripple. The next instant, Suo Jia was

Close Combat Mage Chapter 358

Chapter 358 – Weapon Soul Pt. 1 Suo Jia was serenely sitting at the bow of the ship, entranced by the sight of the endless sea before him. The Diamond Dragon in his arms was currently holding and licking an egg-sized monster core with its small red tongue from time to time, as if it was enjoying a sweet candy. The sharp sound of footsteps came from behind Suo Jia, breaking the silence. Without even needing to turn around, Suo Jia knew who it was. “Why aren’t you resting? You know, once we reach the shore, we’ll be facing constant battles

Close Combat Mage Chapter 357

Chapter 357 – One Step Forwards, One Step Back Pt. 2 A few days later, Suo Jia’s party finally stepped onto the ship going to the second checkpoint. The white sail billowed in the sea breeze, pushing against the mast, and sending the boat out to the depths of the ocean. After spending a long time of half a year, Suo Jia’s party had finally passed the checkpoint successfully. At the same exact time Suo Jia’s party had departed from the first checkpoint, a group of crimson figures appeared at the edge of Tagan Desert outside the Greater Trade Routes.

Close Combat Mage Chapter 356

Chapter 356 – One Step Forwards, One Step Back Pt. 1 Nicole calmly sat at the table. Although it was already filled with various dishes, nobody had made any move to go eat them. Suo Jia swept a glance around and said in a low voice, “Did you all pass on your messages? How did they respond?” Xiang Yun was the first to reply to Suo Jia’s words. “I passed it on. Those guys even ignored me at first, but…after I split a bottomless, dozen meter long crevice into the ground with my blade, their jaws all dropped wide open!”

Close Combat Mage Chapter 355

Chapter 355 – Relay Station Regulations Pt. 2 Although they could feel these glares of ill intent, none of these people made any moves, so Suo Jia’s party naturally couldn’t initiate an attack either. It didn’t matter how powerful Suo Jia’s party was, there was no way that a single group could go against thousands of people! Moreover, these thousands of people were only outside the relay station, who knew how many more adventurers there were throughout the entire area. Suo Jia’s party didn’t dare waste any time, and they headed straight to the administration building to submit ten trust

Close Combat Mage Chapter 354

Chapter 354 – Relay Station Regulations Pt. 1 Suo Jia let out a long sigh after reading the introduction to the shrine and the entire Greater Trade Routes, then continued to look through the book. Now…this extremely thick book only had one page left. Most of the beginning was all introducing things, without actually containing any information about the so-called Psychic Technique! Upon flipping to the final page, finally…an usual magic array, as well as some additional notes, appeared before him. A quick glance was enough for Suo Jia to confirm that this thing really was an internal system magic!

Close Combat Mage Chapter 353

Chapter 353 – Trade Route’s Secret Pt. 2 Sensing the trident in his hands, Suo Jia’s heart fluttered. He could vaguely conclude that, even it wasn’t a Divine Artifact, it was definitely a sub-Divine Artifact. Even Epic ranked magic equipment sets had never given him this kind of feeling before. Without wasting time, Suo Jia quickly opened his interspatial ring to store away the trident. Then…Suo Jia gave the main hall one final sweep before swiftly leaving. Although he hadn’t stayed in the shrine for a long time, who knew whether the Giant Icebear King would suddenly wake up or

Close Combat Mage Chapter 352

Chapter 352 – Trade Route’s Secret Pt. 1 After eating honey, the Giant Icebear King practically seemed dead. Whenever it slept, it would sleep for an entire day, and, as soon as it awoke, it would ask Suo Jia for honey. In this kind of situation, Suo Jia didn’t even bother trying to resist, and directly handed over the honey. Upon finishing its honey, the Giant Icebear King would contentedly sprawl back on the ground and continue sleeping without paying any further attention to Suo Jia. When Suo Jia looked at how relaxed the Giant Icebear King was as it