Cult of the Sacred Runes

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Xianxia

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The formless ancient world was infested with despicable demons. They hunted and feasted on mankind, keeping the human civilization constantly in a weak and suppressed state.

During the first known year, a magical mountain descended into the world from the realm of the Gods. Carved on this enormous mountain was a message: ‘Heaven Prevails’…

After the Grand Descent, a name that was given to the descending of the mountain, the Three Great Sages made their ways to Mystic Mountain where they learned to harvest what we now call magic, establishing the Mystic Cults and eighty-one sacred shrines to help aid mankind with the cult’s mystic powers against the eternal fight to the death with demons.

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 231

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 231 “So that’s why…” Ye Wei nodded after a brief moment of thinking, ‘Everyone apart from the initiates I’ve met here are all returned prime Warriors.” “Out of all the secret realms the Helian has control over, there is a special one called Ancient Cloud, it’s is guarded by golden runic puppets, which are less powerful than returned prime level. It is relatively safe comparing to other realms.” “It’s not a dangerous realm and you can’t find anything too valuable there. However, it is one of the only known locations where you can find


Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 230

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 230 “Bang!” When Xue Er’s figure appeared again, her puffy palm had already connected to Ye Wei’s chest. ‘Damn! What happened?’ Ye Wei did not expect such speed nor had he faced an opponent armed with this level of quickness. Before he could process Xue Er’s strike, he was already sent flying, falling backwards. “Haha! Loser!” Xue Er clapped her tiny hands hysterically, overwhelmed by the excitement of victory. “How was that possible?” Ye Wei stood himself up and widened his eyes in shock, struggling to believe the innocent looking girl, who now had

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 229

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 229 “Please, relax. We do not mean to pressure you any further, this is merely a token of appreciation. The Light Slash Finger Stance is important to the family and we are just rewarding you accordingly.” Elder Qing Ming spoke passionately as he could feel that Ye Wei was about to refuse the gift. “Ye Wei, you are thinking too much! Just take it!” Xue Er smiled, revealing her slightly oversized, rabbit-like front teeth. “They would have to pay a lot to a Grand-Runemaster to refine the stance and even then they might not

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 228

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 228 – Please Stay ‘The patriarch put this rune in because he wanted to split the Qi flow into three, but he also made each of the three subsequences to draw energy…’ The elder council were all looking at the rune sequence modified by Ye Wei, they slowly understood the reason behind Ye Wei’s correction. “This is a very minor but impactful modification and we all missed it because we looked too close.” Elder Qing Ming felt a chill down his spine as he muttered. “I have never seen anyone with such perception except when

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 227

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 227 – Four Bolts Knowing that the Qing family was strong enough to be respected by even the royals, Ye Wei did not dare to say no to them and decided to give an honest answer. The elders all took the hint, they looked at each other in confusion, wondering why Ye Wei was so cautious, why he rejected the great offer in such manner. Although the offer would appeal to most cultivators at the palace, the elders could not take into calculation that Ye Wei, being the Glacial Emperor’s inheritor, did not lack resources.

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 226

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 226 – Recruit Stances above Earth grade were always so well refined during the process of their creation, that even assisted by the other Qing elders, their ten-star Runemaster leader was not able to make any progress. Three days flew by in a flash, but even Qing Yao’s help did not quicken the process. Outside Ye Wei’s new villa, Xue Er restlessly paced next to the gate, waiting for the initiate to disable the seal. “What is this about! Why would Qing Yao make me camp outside his doorstep without telling me why she so

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 225

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 225 – The Qing Family Inner demons were known to have enough mental influence to turn even the kindest cultivators into merciless killing machines if they managed to take over one’s mind. By the time most Condensed Prime Warriors reached ten star level, most of them would have been warned by their teachers and mentors about the bloodlust these demons can trigger. Ye Wei’s body was tense but his mind was unshaken, his experience had taught him that fear did not solve anything. “These are just meaningless illusions!” Ye Wei took a deep breath and

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 224

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 224 – Against the High-Graded “So, would you like to invite me inside?” Wu Shuanger blinked gently while looking at Ye Wei, and spoke in a softened, affectionate voice. “That wouldn’t be appropriate. Out here is as good as anywhere else if you would like to talk.” Ye Wei tried to smile, but frowned instead. He felt intruded upon, like he was wasting time that he could be spending on training. Wu Shuanger was endlessly attractive, but lacked Qing Yao’s class and Xue Er’s energetic charm, therefore Ye Wei did not really appreciate the beauty

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 223

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 223 – Wu Shuanger “You got nine howls, which means you will catch up with him! I believe in you!” Xue Er clenched her little fist, trying to sincerely encourage him. “I will work very hard regardless!” Ye Wei touched his nose awkwardly and said. “You will be moving to the Black Dragon Valley now that you are on the list. If you didn’t know who Chi Wuxiu is, you probably have no idea how you can find your way to your new villa.” Xue Er spoke in a trustworthy tone. “I will lead the

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 222

Cult of the Sacred Runes Chapter 222 – Muse “Six howls? So what? When my name got on the list for the first time, the dragon howled eight times, just one less than Chi Wuxiu and he is the strongest on the list!” Qing Mu was annoyed by howling sound, he grinned disrespectfully while staring at Ye Wei, ‘you are good, but not good enough for me to care.’ The Spiritualist always admired Qing Yao, but the attention had never been mutual. He was therefore relieved to know Ye Wei earned less howls than he did, in hopes that Qing Yao