Chinese Novel

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy, Xianxia

I Eat Tomatoes,
Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi,

Associated Names:
Age of Desolation,
Mãng Hoang Kỷ,
Mǎng Huāng Jì,
The Legend of Jade Sword (official English title of drama and cartoon version),

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Fate had never been kind to Ji Ning. Wracked by illnesses and infirm his entire life on Earth, Ning knew early on that he would die as a teenager. What he didn’t know was that there really was such a thing as life after death, and that the universe was a far larger place than he thought. A lucky twist of fate (one of the few in Ning’s life) meant that Ning was reborn into a world of Immortals and monsters, of Ki Refiners and powerful Fiendgods, a world where Dynasties lasted for millions of years.

A world which is both greater and yet also smaller than he ever could imagine.

He would have the opportunity to join them, and in this life, Ning swore to himself, he would never let himself be weak again! The Era he was born into was a Desolate one, but Ning would make it his era.

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 27

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 27 – The Nine Divine Generals “Why would you say that they are dead?” Old Man Yuan flicked his whisk, a smile on his face. “They are alive and well. Isn’t that right, Gonggong?” “Yes, Master.” Gonggong spoke in a low, respectful voice. Upon Gonggong say the word ‘master’, whispers broke out within both the Nuwa Alliance and the Seamless Gate. Looks of pain and hatred appeared in the eyes of Ji Ning, Daoist Three Purities, and the others. They wanted nothing more than to kill Old Man Yuan right now. They weren’t fools; they could


Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 26

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 26 – Unexpected Events The white-robed Ji Ning and the black-robed Ji Ning were standing shoulder-to-shoulder, staring towards the Seamless Gate. Although they were in the process of withdrawing, Ning’s heartforce was still kept active, continuously rippling out as he kept a careful watch over the region. At a time like this, there was no such thing as being too careful. The enemy forces still had the Lord of All Fiends, after all? “Eh?” Ning suddenly frowned slightly. Just now, there seemed to have been a small ripple…but the ripple was so hidden and secretive that

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 25

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 25 – The End of the Road for the Godking The two great alliances faced off against each other as Daoist Three Purities, Tathagata, Fuxi, Shennong, Houyi, Jueming, Gonggong, and Ji Ning spoke mentally to each other. “Everyone, should we keep fighting? Or should we force them to leave the Three Realms instead?” Daoist Three Purities sent mentally. “Kill them. Kill them all. Make sure they will never pose a problem ever again.” Gonggong’s mental voice was filled with murder. “Who can kill the Lord of All Fiends?” Tathagata asked. Everyone fell silent. Tathagata spoke out

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 24

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 24 – The Kindlefire is Eternal “Protect Suiren.” Daoist Three Purities frantically exerted the power of his Immortal Slaying Swords. He was fairly far away from Keeper Everwood, and so he could afford to take a moment’s respite and temporarily ignore his opponent. A dazzling, freezing sword pierced out through the Void, stabbing directly at the flood of water surrounding Suiren. Boom! A raging river of water immediately turned to smash head-on against the Immortal Slaying Swords. The sword-light shattered and the Immortal Slaying Swords were knocked flying backwards. “Rescue Suiren.” Ji Ning and Buddha Jueming

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 23

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 23 – Inconsolable Lord Demonheart could still feel a tinge of fear in his heart, and he didn’t dare to be the slightest bit overconfident in facing this attack. Although he acted with bravado, when the arrow actually shot out towards him he acted with great caution. “Hmph.” Lord Demonheart let out a cold snort, his entire body beginning to transform into an endless flood of water. It was as though his body was made of countless drops of water to begin with. Boom! The arrow pierced straight towards Lord Demonheart. Lord Demonheart didn’t try to

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 22

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 22 – Surrounded and Attacked “Let’s go.” Godfiend Witherspike and Saber were standing at the margins of the battlefield. The Nuwa Alliance had yet to actually begin to fight against the Seamless Gate once more, but the two exchanged a glance and instantly hid themselves within their dark-gold castle. With a swoosh, they flew far away. Protected within the castle, Godfiend Witherspike, Saber, and the retainers were now quite relaxed. “I didn’t expect a local chaosworld to produce a truly supreme Elder God.” Godfiend Witherspike let out a chortling sigh. “This supreme Elder God would be

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 21

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 21 – The Lord of the Demonheart Ji Ning’s true body was as tough as a top-grade Protocosmic spirit-treasure. Buddha Jueming had mastered the [Nine Elements Annihilation], coming up with his own palm-arts that were even more formidable than those of Lord Tathagata’s. Not only were his palms comparable to top-grade Protocosmic spirit-treasures, so was the rest of his body! As for Suiren…his attainments in fire were simply too profound. He had long ago mastered his own flameform incarnation technique, which was similar to how Lord Demonheart could transform his body into the waters of a

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 20

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 20 – Escaping the Three Realms “That voice…it sounded like the voice of the heavens themselves.” The countless denizens of the Three Realms, human and monster alike, stared questioningly at the skies. The weaker ones were confused, while the powerful cultivators and Diremonsters were stunned. As for the two battling armies in the Void, their experts and major powers were similarly shocked. “Is that…” Ji Ning and the others all felt fear in their hearts. Rumble… The entirety of the Three Realms was trembling. Heaven and Earth were thundering and shaking. Even the Void itself was

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 19

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 19 – Executed “Damn.” The Lord of All Fiends’ face turned pale. His body surged forward like a gust of wind, quickly flying towards the black-robed Ji Ning. He knew exactly how formidable Ji Ning’s true body was; it was as tough as a top-grade Protocosmic spirit-treasure and was simply unbreakable. By comparison, the Primaltwin should be much easier to deal with, as it had a much more fragile body. “Go.” The black-robed Ning turned his head to stare icily at him. Swish! Swish! Swish! Three streaks of sword-light flew out from his forehead. Those three

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 18

Desolate Era Book 23, Chapter 18 – A Bloody Battle The overlords of the Seamless Gate all had ashen looks on their faces. They had made extensive and careful preparations for this fight, but the might which the Nuwa Alliance had just displayed was just too strong. Five Elder God-level combatants had just appeared out of nowhere! Just one or two, the Seamless Gate would’ve been able to deal with, but now? They had instantly been pushed to the edges of the cliff. “Ugh.” Old Man Yuan let out a sigh, then sent mentally, “Allfiend, I’ll do what I promised I