Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan


Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome “Hell’s Peak.”

But he could have never imagined that this would reincarnate him in another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay.

The continent of Douluo.

How will Tang San survive in this unknown environment? With a new road to follow, a new legend begins…

Associated Names:
Combat Continent
Lands of Battle
Soul Land
Đấu La Đại Lục

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Tang Jia San Shao

Douluo Dalu Chapter 266

Douluo Dalu Chapter 266 – Blue Silver Domain’s Final Evolution, All Rivers Run Into The Sea Seeing his parents’ both surprised and disbelieving expressions, Tang San sternly said: “Dad, mom, listen. I originally didn’t dare be certain either, but resurrecting Xiao Wu has let me realize a lot of the mysteries of spirit cultivation, and even spirit beast cultivation. If I’m not mistaken, dad, in the years you’ve kept mom company, you’ve definitely eaten a lot of medicinal ingredients.” Tang Hao nodded: “Those were all found for me by your mother, with the effect of banking up my fundamentals. Adding in


Douluo Dalu Chapter 265

Douluo Dalu Chapter 265 – Resurrect, My Beloved As Tang San opened his eyes, Tang Hao and Ah Yin clearly a faint jewel light in their son’s eyes, and a faint golden luster appeared on his skin, his spirit, energy and soul had already reached a frightening degree. Tang San stood. After first bowing to his parents, he retreated around fifty meters to a wide open space in the basin. Cautiously, carefully, he brought out Xiao Wu’s body from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, laying her flat on the ground in front of him. Tang San was extremely cautious about what

Douluo Dalu Chapter 264

Douluo Dalu Chapter 264 – Resurrection Ground, Sunset Forest Even though Tang San had just added his first spirit ring to the Clear Sky Hammer, if his circumstances were those of an ordinary spirit master, he would just now discover the reason why the body couldn’t endure the strengthening. Ordinary Title Douluo, even with an ideal spirit ring configuration, had nine rings of: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. It was practically impossible for hundred thousand year spirit bones to appear. They might have two spirit bones, and that alone would be quite astonishing. But Tang San? Tang

Douluo Dalu Chapter 263

Douluo Dalu Chapter 263 – Sacrifice! Forest King, Tang San’s Nine Rings That dignified voice in Tang San’s mind was already faint by the end, but Tang San still felt deeply respectful. He didn’t need to ask to understand that, whether that golden figure or this voice, both came from the true Seagod. Perhaps it could be called the Seagod’s brand on this world. He’d also finally for the first time peeked at the door to divine skills. At the same time as Tang San regained control over his body, the four seriously injured Title Douluo were just crawling up from

Douluo Dalu Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Seagod’s Ability, Golden Thirteen Halberds It wasn’t pleasant for Bibi Dong either. With a low roar, a layer of the Seagod’s golden light flashed all over her, the original dark green light instantly dulled a moment, then recovered again. With a muffled grunt, she also retreated a step. Of course Bibi Dong wasn’t forced back by Tang San’s spirit power attack, but rather the blazing holy wound that pure Seagod’s Light gave her. This was the might of a true divine tool. Relying on the Seagod Trident Tang San held, even though Tang San was at a disadvantage

Douluo Dalu Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Tang San and Bibi Dong’s First Fight “No——” Chrysanthemum Douluo watched the wide golden light polearm thrust out from Ghost Douluo’s back, intense golden light instantly spreading to each part of Ghost Douluo’s body, and he couldn’t help roaring furiously. His speed reached the limit, and from his hand his Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum flew out, straight towards Tang San. But he understood that, at this moment, everything was already too late. Title Douluo Gui Mei no longer had any chance to return alive. The death energy his body radiated had instantly been evaporated by the giant polearm.

Douluo Dalu Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Two Great Spirit Beasts’ Crisis Tang San said: “Xiao Wu, don’t worry, I’ll catch up as fast as possible, one day or so doesn’t matter. Da Ming and Er Ming are after all the rulers of Star Dou Great Forest, they have an absolute advantage in location. Also, they’re both highly intelligent, when they discover they can’t contend they will figure out a way to deal with it. Even though Bibi Dong’s people have great power, killing Da Ming and Er Ming quickly still won’t be easy. After we enter the forest, we’ll meet with them as soon

Douluo Dalu Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Slaughter King? Great Grandfather? His full strength attack was easily beaten by the opponent’s heaven scorching strike, and all that happened to the enemy was that he sank into the ground to his knees. That enormous pit was caused by the force of Tang San and the Slaugher King simultaneously warding off the explosive energy of the trident and long sword colliding. In just a single exchange, Tang San was already completely defeated, so much that he even lost hold of the Seagod Trident. Ever since he started cultivating Spirit Power as a child, Tang San had never

Douluo Dalu Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Reunion, Slaughter King That’s right, it was blood mist, exactly the same nauseating blood reek as when he entered the forest before. A miserable shriek echoed, clearly someone else had suffered. Immediately after, a cry of alarm Tang San was somewhat familiar with echoed from within the blood mist. Even though he hadn’t heard this voice for many years now, Tang San still instantly recognized the owner, Hu Liena? Was it really her? What was she doing here? This red blood mist was something similar to a domain, and Tang San naturally wouldn’t intrude rashly. That dense slaughter

Douluo Dalu Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Seagod Trident’s Power Tang San said indifferently: “I don’t know what will happen to the Clear Sky School in the future, but I can be certain, this day next year will be the anniversary of your deaths.” Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage roared furiously: “Say that after you’ve defeated me! Hear my command, everyone leave immediately, report the Clear Sky School’s reappearance to the city master, go.” At the same time as he roared, he was already lunging straight at Tang San, the Blood Devil Axe in his hand glittering with light, a black seventh spirit ring becoming