Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan


Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome “Hell’s Peak.”

But he could have never imagined that this would reincarnate him in another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay.

The continent of Douluo.

How will Tang San survive in this unknown environment? With a new road to follow, a new legend begins…

Associated Names:
Combat Continent
Lands of Battle
Soul Land
Đấu La Đại Lục

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Tang Jia San Shao

Douluo Dalu Chapter 287

Douluo Dalu Chapter 287 – Angel’s Ninth Trial, Inheriting Divinity Seeing the shock in Xiao Wu’s eyes, so much so that there was even a bit of worry and fear, Tang San laughed despite himself, “Silly girl, don’t get nervous, listen to the end first! I’m talking about a very short time.” “But, ge, don’t you need us to become Seagod? I still want to complete the Seagod Trials with you!” Tang San smiled: “Of course. Not just you, Mubai and the others have to go too. Didn’t senior Bo Saixi say that without all your help, I can’t become Seagod.


Douluo Dalu Chapter 286

Douluo Dalu Chapter 286 – Clear Sky School Divine Ability, Great Sumeru Hammer Tang San’s own final words was that there was only one way to break through Jialing Pass. This immediately made Xue Beng’s eyes shine, impatiently asking more. As Xue Beng saw it, this time they were throwing in all the national strength of the Heaven Dou Empire, and cooperating with the Star Luo army, to smash the Spirit Empire before they had stabilized. Otherwise, if they let the Spirit Empire truly flourish, with their numbers of spirit masters it would be a disaster to the two empires. Seeing

Douluo Dalu Chapter 285

Douluo Dalu Chapter 285 – True Clear Sky Hammer, Fully Restored Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao shouted wildly: “LIttle San, look closely. This is the true might of our Clear Sky Hammer.” While speaking, Tang Hao walked forward with large strides, his body like a whirlwind, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand dancing swiftly, charging straight at Golden Crocodile Douluo. If Golden Crocodile Douluo was now like a dazzling golden sun, then now Tang Hao was like a black devil star, filled with violent tyranny and devouring vicious aggressiveness. Ever since he was a child, Tang San had only seen

Douluo Dalu Chapter 284

Douluo Dalu Chapter 284 The Haven Dou Imperial soldiers hesitating on whether to retreat had no choice but to advance once again as they heard the sound of the wardrums. Military orders are like the mountains, and martial law has no mercy on cold feet. They had no other choice. Only the spirit masters had a special position, and while Xue Beng gave orders, the only listened to Grandmaster’s dispatch, and so swiftly retreated from the gates. The defenders inside Jialing Pass weren’t easy to deal with to begin with, and although the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus and the Tang

Douluo Dalu Chapter 283

Douluo Dalu Chapter 283 Ten thousand Tang Army troops of course wasn’t enough to decide the outcome of this war, but they definitely opened a clear path for the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s assault, and more and more soldiers poured into Jialing Pass. Spirit masters really were powerful, capable of capable of facing the charge of tens of thousands heavy cavalry troops. If they were suitably prepared, they could kill countless. Especially those high level spirit masters that were already busy on top of the walls. At this stage, the battle had already transformed from a siege into a melee.

Douluo Dalu Chapter 282

Douluo Dalu Chapter 282 Tang San moved very quickly. The instant he moved, he seemed to completely stick to the ground in front of him. Adding that Hu Liena stepped forward to meet him, Bibi Dong basically didn’t even clearly see this sudden change. Her mental strength was severely injured, and still far from recovered, making her unable to control the situation as in the past. Bibi Dong noticed Tang San’s attack only once he was right by Hu Linea, too late to help. With Hu Liena’s strength, even though she was still a well known figure of her generation,

Douluo Dalu Chapter 281

Douluo Dalu Chapter 281 – One Man’s Battlefield Under Hu Liena’s orders, the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass quickly mobilized. At times like this, even if those ranking officers were a bit resentful of the Spirit Hall spirit masters, they still understood that if they didn’t work together with one purpose right now, and if the Heaven Dou Imperial Army broke through Jialing Pass, the consequences would be difficult to imagine. Especially the ones who came from the kingdoms and duchies that were originally part of the Heaven Dou Empire understood what they would face. Their treason in joining the

Douluo Dalu Chapter 280

Douluo Dalu Chapter 280 – Planning The Main Attack On the Spirit Empire’s side, besides the Sacred Dragon Legion commander Tang San instantly killed, there were eight Title Douluo that followed Bibi Dong into battle. In the first engagement, one was thrown into Bibi Dong’s all out attack by Xiao Wu’s Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop and met a violent death, and Yang Wudi left Snakelance Douluo near death. The Title Douluo that lent his mental strength to Bibi Dong was also seriously injured when he was implicated in the mental attack, leaving only five Title Douluo in fighting shape. Seeing

Douluo Dalu Chapter 279

Douluo Dalu Chapter 279 – Purple Demon Eye’s Asura Demon Light Without a doubt, the higher their spirit power, the faster the spirit master returned. The dense crowd basically couldn’t slow down these high level spirit masters. They either leapt over the lower level spirit masters, or if a bit tyrannical directly knocked them aside. Those high level spirit masters very quickly charged to the front of their retreat. Like this, those low level spirit masters and support type spirit masters were naturally exposed in front of the Tang Army. Galloping horses might not be able to catch up to higher

Douluo Dalu Chapter 278

Douluo Dalu Chapter 278 – Fighting Bibi Dong Again, The Tang Army’s First Show Of Force On the battlefield, Ning Rongrong’s body had completely disappeared. All that remained was a seven meter tall nine floor pagoda sparkling with resplendent light. Seeing this scene, Ning Fengzhi in the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master camp couldn’t keep his eyes from shining, his fists tightening, his excitement showing through. Indeed, this was the eighth spirit ring the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had never reached. At the same time as the first six spirit ring ability boosts rose to ninety percent, this eighth spirit