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The King of the Battlefield (Korean Novel)

I failed and will challenge again.

There is no room for failure in my second life!

72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth.

And the Awakened.

I am a hunter that will devour all of them.

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25-26: Dungeon’s Internal Stability The kobold and goblin bosses. At first there was 9 but now only 5 remained. 4 had died during the war. And the 1,700 troops had decreased by more than half. The war was that violent. Of course, I took care of most of the Awakened alone but a promise was a promise. I considered the number of creatures left and presented them with some females. The just summoned female kobolds and goblins were frightened but I didn’t worry about it and placed a fixed number with each unit. “Kiek! Dungeon Master! Thank you!” “Increase the number! Make


Dungeon Hunter Chapter 21-24

Chapter 21-24: 2000 vs 800 10 days. Yoo Eun-hye completely changed. Her confidence rose and she acted more aggressively. Her physical abilities rose to a state similar to a warrior. With a little more help, she could take care of the dungeon alone. Then after a long time, I finally returned to the top floor of the dungeon. ‘I need to find a skill book for Yoo Eun-hye. An electric current is flowing through her body so she needs to move onto the next step.’ In a previous life, I was a solo person. I did everything alone and tried to get

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 17-20

Chapter 17-20: Lightning Queen The previous evening. A bluish twilight welcomed us. ‘Not bad.’ I chuckled at the sight of the sunset. The first experience had a variety of things. In the end, the only ones that emerged from the entrance were the three women. Lee Ji-hye and I were carrying the two unconscious women. Yoon Hyuk-soo…… He walked with the sword sunk in him. It was possible thanks to his high stamina. But he collapsed right in front of the entrance. His eyes were closed like he was sleeping. ‘Things have been resolved.’ Shortly after leaving the dungeon, the

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 12-16

Chapter 12-16: Deception I wore a black suit, a tie and gelled back my hair. It was the traditional hair style referred to as a pomade. The suit and pomade was the perfect combination. Humans felt the need for a presentable appearance. I drove my car to an underground parking lot near the appointed place. I  drove the car with a great deal of expertise. Of course, I had a driver’s license. I only had it for 3 days. My field of concentration and memory was superior to humans. Once I became accustomed to driving the car, it wasn’t that hard. After driving

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 9-11

Chapter 9-11: Raid The streets of Hongdae were filled with young people. A place filled with the passion and dream of many young men and women. At Cafe Amoa in the heart of Hongdae, four men and women were gathered. They were dressed differently and the atmosphere they gave off was entirely different from a common person. They seemed like a combination that would rarely gather together but they were all tied by one common thing. All of them were Awakened. In addition, each one of them were Starters and a guild master! “If only this place was Paris. We could have

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 5-8

Chapter 5-8: Easter Egg March 14th, 2016. People would never forget this day. 72 dungeons simultaneously appeared with no warning on this day. The dungeons were large enough to be seen with the naked eyes so it was natural that they would block the sky. People were at a loss from the giant shadow. The scale was so unrivalled that they had no choice but to be overwhelmed. There were a number of assumptions such as an alien’s house, the dwelling place of a god, a subterranean world, etc. In the end, some brave people were unable to overcome their curiosity. And most

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 2-4

Chapter 2-4: Beginner’s Protection Period The message window that filled the air disappeared as I looked around. ‘Really…back at the beginning.’ I was in a huge cave. The blue light flaring that represented a ‘Dungeon Core’ was the only presence. The right arm that I had lost ages ago now remained in front of me. It couldn’t be. Yet there was only one meaning in this situation. I really came back to the past! It was unbelievable. Going back in time. ‘Status Window.’ I repeated it in my brain and a window rose in front of me. Name: Randalph Surname: Brigsiel Occupation

Dungeon Hunter Chapter 1

 Chapter 1: Prologue “Become stronger! In this world, those who are weak will die!” Who was it? A vicious battlefield. The last words a man gave me before dying. My whole body trembled after hearing those words. I couldn’t remember the name of the man but the words he spat out was still a vivid memory. 13 years old. After being thrown into the battlefield, I only sought to live. The enemies didn’t care that I was young. They would cut my throat if they had the chance. So I was more desperate. I only thought about protecting my life.