Author’s synopsis:

One million years ago, Li Qi Ye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.

Eight hundred thousand years ago, Li Qi Ye had a koi fish pet.

Five hundred thousand years ago, Li Qi Ye cared for a little girl.

In the present day, Li Qi Ye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds’ Immortal Empress.

This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, the Heavenly Beast, and the Immortal Empress.


Bao’s Synopsis:

A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Di Ba,
Đế Bá,

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng,

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 629

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 629 – Auction Li Qiye quite liked Bai Weng. In addition to being an alchemist, his experience and insight were both very rich. Li Qiye had decided that Bai Weng would be the guide for Shi Hao, so he said: “When Shi Hao joins the palace for training later on, he will need you to watch over him.” “Rest assured, Young Noble, I will take good care of Shi Hao!” Bai Weng solemnly stated his commitment. At this time, the old man from the square asked Li Qiye again in an earnest manner: “Young Noble, may I check


Emperor’s Domination Chapter 628

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 628 – My Time Is Very Precious The truth was that this sort of thing was no big deal to the auction house. If it happened, then they would only have to teach the perpetrator a good lesson then kick them out. The Golem Square was quite powerful, so they weren’t afraid of anyone. “Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t move at all while the two guards were blown away. With a series of bangs, the two guards shot through several large walls of the auction house before finally reaching the street. This commotion caused an uproar in the auction

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 627

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 627 – Golem Square Who was she? She came from a noble lineage, a phoenix among women, a heaven’s proud daughter on top of having exceptional beauty with countless admirers, including princes and prodigies. In the Alchemy Realm and the Stone Medicine World, many lost sleep thinking about her at night, then they lost their minds upon seeing her, never able to forget her beauty afterward. Yet last night, this brat again and again chose to oppose her in such a blustering manner. And today, he was even acting like he didn’t know who she was! His attitude

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 626

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 626 – Second Encounter With The Arrogant Girl The young man immediately sneered, showing a cold and serious glare as he said: “You have some nerve for a servant! If you know who I am, then you should know that it would be nothing for me to end a servant like you. Scram, I have more to say to your master so that he will understand who this capital belongs to!” If it was before, then Bai Weng would back down, but now was different. He didn’t want Li Qiye to become annoyed and ruin all of their

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 625

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 625 – A Tongue As Sharp As A Blade “Reason this out?” The arrogant girl sneered and said: “Oh, this bumpkin who started by attacking me wants to reason it out? Did you lose your confidence?” “Lose my confidence?” Due to his bad mood, he was more than happy to deal with someone who was asking for it. He lazily looked at her and said: “An ugly farm girl like you thinks you can make me lose my confidence? I don’t see anything about you that can scare me. Your chest? You think your flat chest that resembles

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 624

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 624 – Arrogant Girl It wasn’t until later when Li Qiye — inside the Dark Crow — weakened that he entered a deep slumber. At the very last minute, he especially called for her. He told her that if she wanted to seal herself as well for a long slumber, he would give her a hand. However, the girl gently answered: “Master, this world is full of hardships and the path towards the grand dao is paved with bitterness. I am already very satisfied to have spent so much time with you as we saw many colorful things

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 623

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 623 – The Past Is Gone With The Wind Li Qiye glanced at her again and nodded his head, saying: “You can put it that way. Unfortunately, you weren’t born in that era so you couldn’t see it with your own eyes.” She couldn’t help but play along when the young man answered in such a serious manner: “What kind of era was it?” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled. He was taking a journey back in time. After a while, he slowly spoke: “That era was the calm after an endless war; the peace that was

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 622

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 622 – Most Arrogant Throughout the Eons This house was the property of the Giant Bamboo Country, so although no one was staying here, the country maintained this house carefully so that it remained intact. It was the dead of the night so all the villagers were sleeping. There were only one or two flickering lights. In the dark, Li Qiye stood before the old house at the end of town that had lasted for millions of years with his emotions running rampant. It was still here… He looked at it and past images resurfaced in his heart.

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 621

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 621 – Recruiting Talents “I am absolutely certain. Here, this is a pill refined by Young Noble Li where I watched the process with my own eyes. Please have look, Your Majesty.” The demon monarch hurriedly handed a pill over. Madam Zi Yan’s expression greatly changed as she got up from her throne after seeing the six transformations pill. She cried out: “Impossible!” “This fate pill is real.” The Demon King’s reaction was within his expectations. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it either. Madam Zi Yan exclaimed with a pale

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 620

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 620 – Giant Bamboo Country Of course, for Li Qiye, who had seen countless treasures, no matter what Ancient Pine’s gift was, it wouldn’t enter his sight. Li Qiye said: “Take it, maybe you will have a use for it.” Shi Hao calmed down. He obediently listened to Li Qiye and accepted the box. Li Qiye added: “Take whatever you can with you. Perhaps you will stay there from now on after this trip. As long as you work hard, the Giant Bamboo Country will not mistreat you.” Shi Hao respectfully replied: “I will remember Brother Li’s words.”