A teenager who unexpectedly gets transported to the modern world from ‘the world of the immortals’ . He finds himself in the body of an ordinary guy. He wants to go back to his world and for that, he will have to practice to get stronger and investigate the reason why and how he crossed through to this world.

Action, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Tiāncái Jiàn Xiān,

Feng Yin Zi Chen

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 224

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 224 – All get lost, I have to kill him Presently, the matter of primary importance to Ye Feng was to take Su Feiying along and leave this place as soon as possible. As for the thousand years thick mysterious ice, if he couldn’t obtain it, then, would have just a little regret. In case he really failed to grab it at the last moment, then he would have no other choice but give up, after all, it was a mere worldly possession which couldn’t be compared to Su Feiying ever. However, when he was all prepared


Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 223

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 223 – The life seizing sword! When the old man Liuzhi Guai dashed towards Ye Feng with the intention to kill him, simultaneously Niu Meng also made his move and quietly arrived at the edge of the ice platform, while his electronic eye was already operating fast and capturing the panoramic view of the current situation. “Thunder this moron, he can’t even accomplish his mission, instead totally messed up everything!” Niu Meng was very unhappy seeing the performance of Thunder, he was just dealing with a boy, but still actually had tied his hands as well as

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 222

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 222 – The martial arts world’s resentment Thunder moved a step ahead, while his solemn expression finally appeared in Ye Feng’s line of sight, then, they looked at each other from across more than 20 meters of distance. “Ye Feng, would you like to talk about it calmly and properly?” Thunder tentatively asked one. “We don’t seem to have anything important to talk about.” Ye Feng said in a light tone: “It seems that you are not willing to let me go.” “Haha, that’s naturally not the issue, but the thing you have right now, it must

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 221

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 221 – Surrounded by groups In a flash the original iceberg disintegrated and submerged into the sea, while a new higher iceberg towered aloft again, making the surrounding sea area again chaotic. When Thunder issued the order to surround Ye Feng at once, right at this time on the other side, people from several other directions also started their action. Long Mo’ran and Xu Xiaoyu together embarked on a speedboat and from the coast, proceeded towards the place where the iceberg island had emerged. Meanwhile, they also noticed an immense sound and movement which suddenly took place

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 220

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 220 – Iceberg mounts aloft! Once again the dark blue arrow was shot at the already tattered and torn ice city fortress. But this time inside and outside was only separated by three layers of the ice wall, altogether mere thirty meters thick. So this half an hour condensed Star Arrow shot by Long Wan’er could absolutely penetrate through this wall at one fell swoop! Ye Feng quickly held Su Feiying’s ice piece, even though the cold was penetrating through his bone marrow, but still, he didn’t flinch back, while his two extremely bright eyes were constantly

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 219

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 219 – Fifty years Cultivation, yeah right! Having realized that the youth in front was unexpectedly Ye Feng who was recently in abuzz, the wrinkled face of Grandma Jueqing suddenly changed. It was reported that when Ye Feng collaborated with his partners, then not only he had been able to withstand the Head of Long Clan, Long Mo’ran, but also carried off one of his arms. So in that case, apart from Ye Feng, if his partners were also somewhere around, didn’t that mean she was screwed now? She thought that and hurriedly sized up all around,

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 218

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 218 – Grandma Jueqing Long Wan’er immediately started condensing the dark blue Star Arrow, while constantly observing the ice city centre from across the three-layered ice wall. But when she spotted a figure suddenly fell down in the centre of the ice city and surprisingly that figure turned out to be Grandma Jueqing, she couldn’t help but feel surprised, while her eyes went wide open as she thought that the secret passage this time finally ended. Grandma Jueqing arrived here certainly in order to grab the holy treasure, but she also had an old grudge against Ye

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 217

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 217 – Immortal Technique – Extreme Inflammation But Ye Feng soon restrained himself from pondering over the Teleportation Spell. This was simply foolish to grasp it blindly, he thought that he might as well save Su Feiying and listen to her viewpoint later. Red Inflammation! Single-handedly, he again congealed out the red flame and continued using it to surround Su Feiying’s ice piece. But no matter how hard he tried, the ice piece didn’t show the slightest sign of melting, even Su Feiying’s eyes didn’t blink even once. This made him little anxious. “How about I take

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 216

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 216 – Teleportation Spell At first, Ye Feng sized up the surrounding environment. There was no water at all in the entire dome space, instead, it looked quite dry. However, the above two ice wall channels were actually completely suffused with seawater and it would be definitely because of the effect of the thousand years thick ice’s mysterious energy. Su Feiying’s ice sculpture was trapped inside this thousand years thick mysterious ice. Indeed it was one piece of a completely transparent diamond-shaped ice crystal which was almost as long as a person’s arm. It looked very exquisite,

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 215

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 215 – Sword pierces through void space! Void Swordsmanship? Ye Feng immediately knitted his eyebrows. Just like before how Ancient Dragon Sword Ring taught him a new technique – Beheading Dragon Sword Qi, it was the same. And now that he had attained 15 years of Cultivation, so his heart had a strong desire to grasp it. Ancient Dragon Sword Ring again imparted an Immortal Technique to him. As for the Void Swordsmanship, if he comprehended this move, then could he pass through that three-tier ice wall? He was a bit puzzled, what was this Void Swordsmanship