An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a “Cheating Code” of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him an ultimate legend that will be recited between every generation to come.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural ,Xuanhuan

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Mad Blade During Troubled Times,

Hail the King Chapter 125

Hail the King Chapter 125 – I have to talk to my wife After Fei said that, the people on the peak of Eastern Mountain were terrified. Magic traps were not simple things that anyone could get. Only mages who were at least four star ranked could create them. On top of that, it would take a lot of magic power and a ton of precious magic materials. The reason why they were so rare was that the success rate was very low. However, once a magic trap was created, its power could not be underestimated. If it was used properly,


Hail the King Chapter 124

Hail the King Chapter 124 – Like killing a chicken. “It looks like we all underestimated you. You hid pretty well.” The flirtatious Paris smiled. Her dressed fluttered in the wind, and a portion of her legs were exposed; they were white and smooth, and dazzled like jades. She said, “Alexander, my prior promise still holds true. If you are still willing to work for His Highness Dominguez, I will ignore everything that has happened, and you can still get everything you want in life…… even if you want me!” After she said that, a charming blush appeared on her white

Hail the King Chapter 123

Hail the King Chapter 123 – I want to Feel Happier!                 Everyone at the top of Eastern Mountain almost vomited and fainted. This little King’s tone and word choice was a little too rude. How could this represent the demeanor of a small Royal Family? It was more like a flustered gangster! Could it be that he lost his mind due to what happened today? It was no wonder since at his most proud and glorious moment, a catastrophe occurred. Not only did the crowning ceremony become a big joke, but even his fiancée and loyal men were all killed

Hail the King Chapter 122

Hail the King Chapter 122 – Oh, That Was All Fake                  “Oh, no…” Seeing the white-haired master Murphy getting blown away like a rag sack, Paris in the distance let loose a desperate roar. She consecutively dashed forward a few times in the air like lightning, and caught him right before he violently collided with the ground. There were two shocking dents on the chest of this white hair old man – a pair of fist marks. These two fist marks were 4 to 5 centimeters in depth, deeply printed on the white hair master Murphy’s chest, and one could

Hail the King Chapter 121

Hail the King Chapter 121 – The Terrifying White Haired Master. A beautiful and horrifying death storm. Although Paris was powerful, she was pushed back by the force from the collision like a falling leaf in an autumn breeze. She had to admit that she still underestimated this little king’s true strength, although she was very careful. As she flew back like a leaf, her mind quickly calculated and planned the next move. Her pupil suddenly contracted. She saw two flashes of light that were emanating a murderous aura. Under the cover of this beautiful storm, a purple and green light

Hail the King Chapter 120

Hail the King Chapter 120 – Really Dead? “Ah? Come on madam, just go and kill the princess. Why are you holding a grudge against me?” Fei thought in his mind. He really wanted to say it to this crazy Paris. He thought this woman’s real mission was to kill the eldest princess, so why would she come and mess with his woman. “Let Angela go. I will swear with a king’s honour to not get involved with your business.” Fei stared at Paris’ flirtatious eyes and then stated his offer. It was obvious that this woman didn’t hold Angela purely

Hail the King Chapter 119

Hail the King Chapter 119 – The Wind Blew up a Girl’s Skirt. “Die!” Fei’s hands grasped into the air and a pair of purple and green swords appeared in his hands. Although there weren’t any fancy energy flames, the pure physical strength of a level 21 Barbarian exploded and shook everyone on the peak of East Mountain. The dual swords turned into two shiny shadows and accurately hit the two yellow blades. Tink, tink! Two clusters of sparks appeared in the air like magnificent fireworks. In terms of strength, the level 21 Barbarian was way stronger than his opponents. The

Hail the King Chapter 118

Hail the King Chapter 118 – I Shall Let You Live Fei was a bit surprised. For a moment, Fei wanted to slap 【One Sword】who had really left in the face and ask, “Are you f*cking dumb?” He really left in this tense situation after dropping a line. “Would you die if you stayed here a bit longer?” Fei thought. As the powerful 【One Sword】calmly left, the Eldest Princess’ chance of winning dropped significantly. Fei could almost see the Goddess of Victory suddenly changing stances and flirting with the other party. Paris, who was in white and holding onto a rose,

Hail the King Chapter 117

Hail the King Chapter 117 – Aww You Can’t Kill Me Anymore                 One white cloth and one broad sword. When the flying sparks disappeared, one man and one sword proudly stood in front of the Elder Princess. This was a very ordinary-looking young man, not tall nor short, not fat nor skinny. He was clothed in a coarse cloth robe, a budding beard on his face, and linen colored hair gently pulled to the back of his head with a rope. If this young man was placed in the sea of people, no one would look at him twice… Of

Hail the King Chapter 116

Hail the King Chapter 116 – A Sword’s Sudden Arrival Everything took place in an instant, and it tested everyone’s reflex. No one expected an assassination would suddenly take place targeting this young king during this crowning ceremony, and just when everyone was still digesting what was going on, something even more incredible happened- The assassination of Elder Princess Tanasha. Has this world gone mad? Someone even dares to target Her Highness? And, the first shot was already six merciless attacks. That bright sword light that fell from the sky, carrying peerless force. It was just a brief silver flash, then