An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a “Cheating Code” of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him an ultimate legend that will be recited between every generation to come.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural ,Xuanhuan

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Mad Blade During Troubled Times,

Hail the King Chapter 144

Hail the King Chapter 144 – An Unforgettable Scene On the top of Chambord city wall. The Empire’s Eldest Princess Tanasha stayed behind in the city after the battle of Eastern Mountain, but her intentions were unknown. No one knew when she appeared on top of the city wall. The female swordsman Susan and knight captain Romain guarded her left and right sides, and twenty fully armed knights stood behind her back. “Your Highness, should I go and order them to stop their attack?” The knight captain Romain frowned. Seeing the rolling torrent-like alliance army coming from afar and comparing them


Hail the King Chapter 143

Hail the King Chapter 143 – The Mighty Bylaw Enforcement Officers Arrows like rain. But the location of the dead bodies was a bit too far from the camp of the nine kingdom Alliance army, and it had already exceeded the effective range of the bows. The sparse arrows being shot out landed on the ground in a crooked manner, as if there was a light drizzle and they simply couldn’t pose any threat for Fei’s army. Big Black Dog excitedly barked as it carried Fei, flying back and forth like black smoke. This back and forth trip could transport back

Hail the King Chapter 142

Hail the King Chapter 142 – Hurry and Grab the Bodies One hundred yards… seventy yards… sixty yards… The distance was getting shorter and shorter. As the distance decreased, everyone’s hearts started to race, and they hoped that the scene they wanted to see would happen. A vicious and venomous expression appeared on the king of Chishui Kingdom’s face. He never thought that a dog could scare him off of his horse and make him lose face in front of all his peers. He tightly gripped his swords as he swore to chop that black dog into pieces when he conquered

Hail the King Chapter 141

Hail the King Chapter 141 – The Gap between Two Sides is too Big                 Chambord city’s army formation was more like a festive celebration that had nothing to do with the war. After the 22 heavily-armed soldiers finally used all of their strength and dragged themselves to the formation at the north shore, with a wave of crisp hoofs, six gorgeously decorated carriage slowly made their way over the stone bridge, each carried by four big horses, beautiful young ladies sitting above. Their laughter and beauty tickled the heart of the Alliance army soldiers. Looking at their angel-like faces, countless

Hail the King Chapter 140

Hail the King Chapter 140 – That must be a lie!                 Water was rolling, and a cold breeze was blowing. The nine kingdom alliance army gradually came to a halt a few hundred meters away from the south bank of Zuli river. Their formation was a bit scattered. The horses were making messy noises, and their footsteps were out of sync; after stopping, even their banners were not set up upright. Even people who weren’t familiar with the military at all could tell that these were a bunch of amateurs. In comparison to the Black Armor Army from before that

Hail the King Chapter 139

Hail the King Chapter 139 – They are all warriors who loved to fight As the sky-blue and water-like screen gradually grew thinner and disappeared, the seductive activity going on in the stone room finally ended. Elena was already in her inner armor. This was a very tight leather armor; it perfectly emphasized and drew out the female mercenary’s elegant, yet intriguing figure. Fei never would have thought that a woman’s figure could get to that degree of hotness – it was the type of beauty that would be impossible to move one’s eyes away after viewing it once. According to

Hail the King Chapter 138

Hail the King Chapter 138 – The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (2) Although it was called a remote and impoverished kingdom, Chambord wasn’t actually as impoverished as most people thought. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Surrounded by green mountain ranges and the Zuli River, Chambord was quite an aesthetic and cheerful place. In the afternoon, on the defense wall, a team of sharp soldiers was patrolling around the battlement. The plain across from the river seemed to feel the desolation of autumn; the green grass had turned yellow. Looking from afar, it looked like there was a golden

Hail the King Chapter 137

Hail the King Chapter 137 Huge changes occurred on the 3D screen. The seven characters who represented the Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Assassin, Amazon, Druid, and Necromancer classes were still standing there vividly. The changes on them weren’t that obvious. The weakest among all the classes was the Necromancer, and it was now level 19 already. Every character had at least a level 5 【Magic Item】on them. The Sorceress character was the fanciest with a complete set of green 【Arcanna’s Tricks】emitting a green light sphere and enveloping the character in it. The items the sorceress had were obviously better than the

Hail the King Chapter 136

Hail the King Chapter 136 Items in the Diablo World would fall into eight levels. The first level was 【Inferior Item】. The color was dark, and they would be divided into four more categories: inferior, chipped, damaged, and rough. These items were barely usable; a lot of novice warriors didn’t even use them. Even an ordinary demon or monster could drop these items when they were killed. The second level was 【Ordinary Item】. The color of these items was white. Some of them had natural holes where gems and runes could be embedded. However, these holes would be drilled on

Hail the King Chapter 135

Hail the King Chapter 135 – Prophecy and magic item set Fei was excited. “You… you finally finished identifying this set of armor?” Cain threw the almost complete set of magic armor to Fei as he laughed. “That’s right, it has been identified… I also made some adjustments to the magic arrays on them. Even if the creator of the set of armor was standing here, he or she wouldn’t be able to tell that this is something that they created… I have to say, this set of armor is very mystical. The way that the magic array is engraved onto