Korean Novel

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural

Cheol Jonggeum,

Associated Names:
나는 군주다

Roan who ran away 20 years ago from the rural village in the aim of becoming a Great General who will rule the world.

However, all he got 20 years later was just a handful of money and a low position that is a 1st legion’s spearman.

At the end, he becomes a cold corpse in the battlefield.

But somehow, he came back in the past.

“Alright. This time, I won’t become a Great General but a Monarch.”

His previous life’s aim was becoming a Great General.

Actually, he only became a spearman.

This time, his life’s aim is becoming the Monarch.

“Then I guess I’d become at least a general, right?”

Roan who remembers what happened the 20 years.

Now starts his unstoppable march in becoming a Monarch.

I am the Monarch Chapter 106

I am the Monarch Chapter 106 – Amends (3) ‘Roan Tale?’ ‘Tale?’ ‘Wasn’t he a commoner?’ The nobles all frowned. And Deni Von Rinse also had a strange facial expression. Simon realized that and quickly opened his mouth. “As the 1st prince of Rinse Kingdom and the owner of the Regate Dagger, I was grateful to Roan and his merits and performances, so with that meaning, I gave him the title of baron.” “Ah!” Deni III let out a low cry of exclamation. He was kind of flustered. ‘I wanted to give him the title of baron as the reward, what


I am the Monarch Chapter 105

Chapter 105 : Amend 2 Roan was half astounded. He had lived for 40 years including his past life, but this kind of huge and luxurious place was a first. ‘Is this the royal palace?’ There were jewels with luxurious colors engraved in the high ceiling, and the wide floor was covered in high quality marble. There were beautiful symbols following the walls, and several portraits hanging on them. “Are you surprised?” Io grabbed his shoulders and smiled. Roan smiled in embarrassment and nodded. Io, who saw that, pointed at the other end. “This is merely the front room. The

I am the Monarch Chapter 104

Chapter 104 : Amend 1 Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. A sound that was nice to hear rang through the entire building. Biggs, who was known to have the best abilities even among blacksmiths, was cleaning a piece of gold the size of a palm. And in his surroundings, the other blacksmiths, alchemists, and etc. were gathered. No, on top of that, Roan and the centurions of the Amaranth troop were also gathered up. Biggs raised up the piece of gold that had a circular and flat shape to it and put on a bright smile. He had a satisfied expression on

I am the Monarch Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Salvation (4) “Damn it! That old man really is a pain.” “Anyways, it seems like we are finally seeing the end.” Luke Aip and Mito Posis put on fishy smiles. Their gazes moved beyond the battlefield. “Bastards! You will never pass over here!” From between the two hills. An old man with a big body that was swinging his sword from the narrow passageway. It was Io Lancephil that was leading the rearguard. He blocked the rebel army well with just a small number of knights and soldiers. But the number of soldiers that remained decreased to the

I am the Monarch Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Salvation (3) Simon was a brave general so to speak. He worked really hard to garner the love and interest of the king, King Deni III, and the result of that was that he gained unbelievable swords skills. But the problem was his hot temperament and excessive ambition. On top of that, his obsession with people was also severe because of the sense of loss he felt while growing up. If the person didn’t react to his trust and love, he became greatly enraged. To say nothing of betrayal and rebellion. If he got angry once, he didn’t

I am the Monarch Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Salvation (2) Baron Elton Coat returned to the region in the north. And staff of the agency trailed his back. Following and trailing. Roan laid the order of tilting the force of the 3rd prince through the leak of the spy. And fortunately, the agency was already investigating the people that had visited Elton’s camp. They were analyzing if there was someone that had visited the camp of another noble. ‘I just have to entrust and believe.’ Roan entrusted the case of the noble spy to the agency and went to the south while leading his troop once

I am the Monarch Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Salvation (1) “Mm.” Simon gulped the silence. His happy face had now become dark. “That more monsters that appeared until now will pour out?” “Yes. Based on what was analyzed by the information squad, it seems like there will be at least 5 times more monsters.” Roan replied calmly. He knew that the final exodus happened in the last 3 days thanks to the memories of his past life. Thanks to that, making up the information and convincing Simon wasn’t a difficult thing. “Will you be able to stop it?” Coming straight to the point. Roan nodded. “There

I am the Monarch Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Poskein Exodus (10) The black darkness. Roan climbed a watchtower in the south alone. Even the stars and the moon were caught in the dim clouds. ‘A spy……’ The news Chris brought two days ago were quite shocking. ‘I thought that I could have as much normal soldiers as I wanted.’ But he hadn’t expected that there may be a spy among the nobles escorting Simon. ‘And two nobles leading troops at that.’ There were two spies which Chris revealed through the agency. They were baron Elton Coat and baron Luke Aip. Among them, Luke was the spy

I am the Monarch Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Poskein Exodus (9) “Look over there!” “Isn’t that baron Ant?” “Is it because he pulled back the camp as he wished?” “He looks really messy.” The HQ of Amaranth troop that was located at the center of Mediasis village became really noisy. Commanders and soldiers poured out and they all looked at one place. <Amaranth.> A group of people holding the troop flag. Roan was at the front of them. Behind him, one warhorse that didn’t have a person on it was moving. The thick and tight rope tied on the saddle. The rope continued a long way

I am the Monarch Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Poskein Exodus (8) “That crazy bastard!” Dass, a soldier of the information squad, cursed when he looked at the troop settling down in the mountain ranges. “A beacon has surged up!” A sound hitting your ears. As he turned his head, he saw a beacon surging up from the west. “Tch!” Dass spitted out and then walked towards the camp. ‘Damn. I have no face to see troop commander Roan. No face at all.’ He was a soldier of the information squad in charge of surveilling the front lines of the east. He had the role of quickly