Zhang Ye, who only wanted to become a celebrity, had tunneled to a brand new Earth that was different.

At the radio station, during the host hiring interview.

A loud voice narrated, “Up above the sea’s grey flatland, wind is gathering the clouds. In between the sea and clouds proudly soars the Petrel, reminiscent of black lightning. Glancing a wave with his wingtip, like an arrow dashing cloudward, he cries out and the clouds hear his joy in the bird’s cry of courage. In this cry–thirst for the tempest!”

As such, the interviewers of this world that had never heard of Gorky’s “The Song of the Stormy Petrel” were so shocked that they stared with their mouths agape!

The story begins from here.

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Slice of Life

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Chang Yu,

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 651

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 651 – I teach physical education! The old man was taken away to fill out some forms. Left at the scene of the audition were a group of people from the staff of The Voice, all looking shocked. Ha Qiqi could no longer just sit around and keep quiet anymore. She knew of Zhang Ye’s temper and also knew that he was the executive director. Even if all the decision-making in passing or failing a contestant was up to him, she still had to say something about it, because if this was not handled properly, it


I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 650

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 650 – Why’d you get an old man here for? He passed? A contestant finally passed the audition? Everyone in the program team were stunned by Qian Pingfan’s voice, but at the same time, were even more stunned by Director Zhang’s decision. Qian Pingfan also felt the same! He was so surprised he asked, “What? I qualified?” Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Yes.” Qian Pingfan pointed to himself, eyes wide. “Really? Me?” “Yes, really, you,” Zhang Ye replied. “This, I, I…I thank you, thank you, Teacher Zhang. Thank you, teachers!” Qian Pingfan was speaking incoherently due

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 649

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 649 – An absurd voice! The auditions continued. Although they had their differences in opinions, the auditions still had to go on. No doubt, the few judges—including Ha Qiqi—all agreed on and felt that Chang Si performed very well in every aspect and would qualify from here. But with just a disagreeing vote from Zhang Ye, she was eliminated. Everything still had to be done his way since he was the leader of this panel and the executive director of the show. It didn’t matter that everyone else thought that Chang Si was good enough if

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 648

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 648 – Open calls for The Voice begin! Later that afternoon. At the venue of the audition. It was almost time and the first wave of contestants for the day were already gathered. However, since Executive Director Zhang Ye was not back yet, Ha Qiqi and the program team staff did not dare to kick off the audition as they preferred to wait for the person in charge to come back first. “Why isn’t it starting yet?” “It should be starting soon.” “Aiyah, I’m so nervous.” “Actually, I just took a shot and submitted my application.

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 647

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 647 – Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant! Afternoon. Along Nanxinhua Avenue. It was currently afternoon recess at No. 2 Experimental Primary School. The main gate was locked as students were not allowed to leave the school during lunch break or breaks between classes. The main gate would only be opened at the start or end of school. The car stopped and Zhang Ye got out from the car. He walked near to the guardroom and greeted, “Uncle.” When the security uncle saw him, his eyes lit up. “Zhang Ye!” “It’s me, can you open the side

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 646

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 646 – These are the contestants you guys picked? In the afternoon. At Central TV’s basement recording studio. This was the venue that The Voice’s program team had booked temporarily to hold the preliminary auditions. They did not actually need to do any recording but only needed to use the location today to pick some outstanding and talented contestants for the recorded stage auditions by the coaches. The preliminary auditions were estimated to take place over two weeks. It would be held either once daily, once every two days, or even once every three days. The

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 645

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 645 – On fire even before the broadcast! Outside the office area. Many people from around Central TV Department 1 had gathered here to watch. “Who’s that?” “Is that Zhang Xia?” “Whoa, what is Chen Guang doing here?” “Fan Wenli is also here with her manager?” “What are they doing here!” “It can’t be that The Voice‘s program team managed to pull them aboard for the show, right?” “Ah!” “Don’t scare me like that, my heart is not that strong!” “Each one of them could be considered a big star who could easily shake the singing

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 644

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 644 – The most prestigious lineup of coaches in history! The next day. It was Monday morning. Zhang Ye was woken by Hu Fei’s call. The current executive producer and director of Beijing Television’s Do You Remember, Hu Fei, said: “Little Zhang, did your new program’s title sponsorship really sell for 100 million RMB!? Zhang Ye yawned and said: “Yes.” Hu Fei said: “Don’t fool around with me, tell me the truth!” Zhang Ye laughed helplessly: “Why would I lie to you?” Hu Fei: “……” Zhang Ye said: “We’ll be starting the official promotions and announcing

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 643

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 643 – Zhang Ye’s name is worth 100 million! Soon after. A piece of news began spreading inside of Central TV. Many of the staff who were just getting off work or already at the base of the tower heard an unexpected rumor! The title sponsorship of The Voice had been sold! And it was even sold for an astronomical figure of 100 million RMB! Everyone’s first reaction was disbelief, followed by more disbelief, and finally…still only disbelief! “Holy shit!” “Isn’t The Voice defying all common sense now?” “Zhang Ye’s reputation is worth 100 million? I

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 642

I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 642 – Dissolving the program team? Later that afternoon. It was almost time to leave work. At the program team office of The Voice, many of the staff who had been stationed at the recording site were back. They were gathered back here for a short meeting to update each other on the day’s work and their progress. “How’s your progress?” “The progress is a little slow and there aren’t too many registrations from the public.” “I couldn’t settle my task either; the main issue still hinges on our offer being too low.” “Assistant Director Zhang,