The King of Hell sentences you to death by midnight, but I can ensure that you live past morning.

The young man, Qin Lang, received the inheritance of a poison school by chance. He uses poison to kill people, uses poison to save people and he uses poison to chase beauties. With body of ancient extinct poison and a body of a martial artist, he walks around the city, and wanders around in the underworld.

Action, Comedy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Xianxia

Associated Names:
Shao Nian Yi Xian,
Thiếu Niên Y Tiên,

Zhu Mei,

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Eight Vajrapani Qin Lang quickly went back into hiding, he didn’t think these hunting dogs would have such sharp senses in the mountains. The barking attracted the patrolling people, but they left after not noticing anything suspicious. Qin Lang took this as a lesson and used blood mantis to deal with these huntings dogs. He then whistled and climbed over into the small courtyard. “Who-”   Qin Lang had just landed when someone seemed to have discovered his tracks, but even before this person could raise his gun and shout for alarm, a blood ray of light cut


Juvenile Medical God Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Putting into practice “Damn Qing Heyun, you are shameless! Don’t even have the courage to fight with me!” Qin Lang who was hidden in the woods couldn’t help but curse. He had suddenly slipped away because when he and the old guy approached the fortified village, he saw many gunmen in the watch-posts. If he had entered the fortified village, he would have immediately become a live target for these guys. He wasn’t invulnerable so he didn’t want to take the risk. Qin Lang finally realized why Qing Heyun occupied this remote territory. Because the restrictions of law

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Mt. Baiping “Yes, Baiping mountain.” Qin Lang nodded his head and then asked again, “Does it have a Qiang village?” The old man looked all around and then warned Qin Lang in a small voice: “Young man! You should be a city student who is travelling, right? You are going to Qiang village to view the scenery, right? Then go to government opened Qiang village, or Xiaozhaigou scenic area, or peach blossoms plateau, all these places are good. But, don’t go to Mt. Baiping.” “Why can’t I go to Mt. Baiping?” “Ai, how to explain it to you

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Storming the tiger’s cave                                                                            “Shit! Biology class was in the morning.” While returning to school, Qin Lang realized that he missed biology class because he had been practicing kungfu. If it were any other classes, it wouldn’t matter, but the biology teacher was Tao Ruoxiang! By even missing her class, it could even be somewhat regarded as disrespecting her. Thinking of this, Qin Lang decided to be honest, and just when he was thinking of explaining it to Tao Ruoxiang,

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Mantis fights the scorpion                                                                        The blood mantis seemed to disdain the scorpion’s sudden attack; it chopped out with its raptorial foreleg and struck the black scorpion’s head first, the strength behind the attack made the black scorpion retreat back a step, its two big pincers attack naturally failed to achieve result. SS~ Blood mantis lightly shook its wings twice just like a peacock spreading its tail, except that the blood mantis’s movement expressed provocation and showed disdain towards the black scorpion.

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Black Scorpion Having bluffed his way out of Jiang Xueqing’s parents, Qin Lang sighed at his luck. Following which, he returned back to school. At this time, the school’s and the dormitory’s gates were already closed shut, but as far as Qin Lang was concerned, it was of no problem. When Qin Lang returned to his dorm room, snores could already be heard coming from inside. After washing up, Qin Lang lied down on the bed, but he didn’t immediately go to sleep, but took out the two poison pills concocted by Old Poison. Giving Luo Bing ‘blood

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Caught red-handed Jiang Xueqing shyly said: ‘I…….I understand, thank you.” “Don’t mention it, actually I should have already moved sooner to save you.” “I didn’t mean that.” Jiang Xueqing explained, “I am thanking you because you are helping me to climb over the wall. I know you want to dilute the fear in my heart and make me forget the previous experience, right?” Exceptionally intelligent. Qin Lang’s mind suddenly had this thought. It was a good phrase to describe beauty with intelligence, but sometimes Qin Lang felt that a beauty with high intelligence was also not a good

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Ascend to paradise                “Impossible! ‘Ghost demands life’ doesn’t have an antidote, death is inevitable!” An Yang hysterically shouted, because Qin Lang’s words thoroughly knocked him down to an all-time low. An Yang had thought by killing Luo Bin with poison, he had already won a round against Qin Lang, and it had made him inwardly feel bright, but how could he have known that this time, in the fight against Qin Lang, not only would he lose, but also lose thoroughly! An Yang used very fierce methods and unified Xiayang city’s northern and western area’s

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Concealed weapon? “Bang!” Qing Jun had just taken out the knife, he suddenly saw a figure come rushing out of the darkness with extreme speed, he had still not seen the figure’s appearance when his whole body was sent flying by the figure’s kick, after which he heavily crashed towards the bar’s counter. Seeing Qing Jun would be badly battered if he crashed, An Yang suddenly moved his hand and pressed at Qing Jun’s back, taking away more than half of the momentum, Qing Jun ‘whooshed’ and moved few paces before unexpectedly stopping. This no doubt proved An

Juvenile Medical God Chapter 117

Chapter 117 No reply                Jiang Xueqing wanted to escape from here, so she struggled around but her body was tightly bound by rope, and her struggle only led to a loud bump into a chair, which attracted the attention of Qing Jun and the other youth. “My little Xueqing, you are already awake?” Qing Jun walked towards Jiang Xueqing while holding a wine cup, then he squatted down next to her, and looked at her like he was sizing a plaything, “Tsk,tsk …….such a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, this fool Qin Lang doesn’t know the meaning of enjoying