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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Vũ Cực Thiên Hạ,
Wuji Tianxia,

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Cocooned Cow,

Martial World Chapter 702

Martial World Chapter 702 – Xing Ji Arrives The youth that stood  atop the Giant Leviathan didn’t have too high a cultivation but when the black-clothed Elder looked at the monster that was beneath his feet, he couldn’t conjure the least bit of resistance. Moreover, based on the circumstances, the black-clothed Elder highly suspected that this youth in front of him was the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince that had been making such an uproar for nearly the entire last month. Or at least a subordinate of the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince. “Isn’t that Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang?” The black-clothed Elder


Martial World Chapter 701

Martial World Chapter 701 – Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up After this fall out with Yin Yang Profound Palace, Lin Ming no longer planned to stay here. Entering the Giant Leviathan’s body was the safest. Moreover, it could ascend into the heavens or descend into the seas, unassailable wherever it went. “You… ” Xing Can felt weak in her heart. She could faintly guess what Lin Ming was doing. Once Lin Ming was freed from his constraints, what else could she use to fight him with? In front of the Giant Leviathan, their Yin Yang Profound Palace was nothing

Martial World Chapter 700

Martial World Chapter 700 – Divine Kingdom Crown Prince “Yes, Palace Master!” The four Great Elders quickly laid down a simple array formation. This array formation could easily be broken by the likes of the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince, but he shouldn’t do something so impolite to begin with. The four Elders linked their fingers and waggled them together, forming a series of array symbols that shot forth and formed a massive barrier of light that enveloped the entire Little Swallow Mountain. Lin Ming was a bit confused when he saw this; what were they doing? Xing Can had spoken to

Martial World Chapter 699

Martial World Chapter 699 – Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily “Lin Ming…you are Lin Ming!?” Xing Can was stunned as she heard Lin Ming give his name. Then she suddenly recalled everything at once. Two and a half years ago, the South Sea Demon Region had desperately searched for a youth called Lin Ming who had shaken the foundations of the South Sea, even posting a massively astronomical reward for him. The reason for this was that Lin Ming had entered into the Demon God Imperial Palace with a gaggle of Life Destruction old monsters, and

Martial World Chapter 698

Martial World Chapter 698 – Threaten The heaven-step white spear, along with the battle spirit fused into it—just what sort of terrifying smashing strength did it have? From Xing Ying’s elbow and downwards, his entire arm had been ruined. All of his bones there had been crushed to smithereens and his arm looked like a pile of gooey mud; even the tiles had been shattered by the force. Xing Yang held onto his wrist as he howled in excruciating pain. If he had top-quality medicines, then it would still be possible to rejoin his hand. But he would have to slowly

Martial World Chapter 697

Martial World Chapter 697 – Hall of Flowing Blood How…how could this be? Xing Zizan covered his right chest, the blood thickly flowing through the cracks of his fingers. As he looked at his blood-soaked hands, his eyes filled with panic and disbelief. Xing Zizan had instantly been defeated! Behind Xing Zizan, Xing Yang was shocked speechless. He couldn’t bother to figure out how Lin Ming had done this. He just knew that chills were crawling down his back. With Lin Ming’s strength, killing him would only take an instant. And before now, Lin Ming had already revealed a thick killing

Martial World Chapter 696

Martial World Chapter 696 – Broken Blade Xing Yang’s face was filled with a gloomy uncertainty. As for Mu Yuhuang, she was panicking. She had no idea just how this situation would end. “Prepare a sound transmission talisman, report what is happening!” As the guard captain spoke, several Revolving Core Protectors quickly reacted, their fingers tracing their spatial rings. After all, this was the territory of Yin Yang Profound Palace. As long as they called for more manpower, they would be the ones with the advantage. Seeing a Revolving Core Protector light up a sound transmitting talisman in front of her,

Martial World Chapter 695

Martial World Chapter 695 – All Daggers Drawn Hu – ! In Xing Yang’s hand, the high-grade earth-step saber flared with a faint crimson flame, as if the entire blade had been heated up to a scorching degree. This saber could increase Xing Yang’s fire-attribute cultivation method by 10-20%. Having paid a hemorrhaging price to forge this weapon, now that it was in his hands, Xing Yang could feel the burning flames emanating from it suddenly emboldening him. “My saber is called Scarlet Flame, and my name is Xing Yang!” Xing Yang pointed his saber straight towards Duanmu Qun, issuing this

Martial World Chapter 694

Martial World Chapter 694 – Absolute Disparity Elder Jiang had only rushed out halfway when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He had run out with Elder Sun, but Elder Sun had suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye. The next moment, he was hanged up on the outer courtyard fence like a piece of cured meat. The great human-shaped hole was still rustling with falling dust. As for Elder Sun, his entire body had gone soft; it was unknown whether or not he had fainted. The entire meeting venue fell in absolute silence. Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian were

Martial World Chapter 693

Martial World Chapter 693 – Conflict In the eyes of Mu Yuhuang and Mu Fengxian, Lin Ming was Divine Phoenix Island’s ultimate secret weapon. Yesterday, Lin Ming had been in a hurry so they didn’t even really greet each other, much less have an in-depth conversation. Thus, they believed that the South Sea Demon Region hadn’t yet learned of Lin Ming’s return. It had to be known that Lin Ming had once messed up all of Xuan Wuji’s plans in the Demon God Imperial Palace, even snatching away the Nirvana Dragon Root from beneath his fingers. If Xuan Wuji knew that