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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Vũ Cực Thiên Hạ,
Wuji Tianxia,

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Martial World Chapter 898

Martial World Chapter 898 – Unstoppable Blood Slaughter Steppes, Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower – There were a total of 12 main cities in the Blood Slaughter Steppes. The Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower was located at the center of Heavenly Cloud City. Heavenly Cloud City was the most formidable main city within the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Duanmu Qun had come from Heavenly Cloud Tower. Since ancient times, Heavenly Cloud Tower had produced the most talents and also the strongest talents. Heavenly Cloud Tower had a total of 16 High Lords, whereas Polar Skysplit Tower only had 12. And in terms of Tower


Martial World Chapter 897

Martial World Chapter 897 – Target: Road of Emperor The Sky Spill Continent was far too broad. No matter how thorough and far reaching the Ancient Devil’s methods were, there was simply no way to search every nook and cranny of the Sky Spill Continent, not to mention that Lin Ming had gone deep into seclusion in the middle of a desolate mountain hill. The capture order for Lin Ming continued, even until a year later. Bang bang bang! In a remote and desolate mountain range over a million miles away from the four Divine Kingdoms, a barren hill suddenly trembled

Martial World Chapter 896

Martial World Chapter 896 – The Capture Order After creating the first thunder escape symbol, Lin Ming repeated the process, soon forming 11 thunder escape symbols. After receiving all of them into his body, he had finally cultivated the Mystic Lightning Shade! “The Thunder Laws’ Extreme Speed Concept is really mysterious. With this ability, combined with the Gate of Wonder and Golden Roc Shattering the Void, even if I encounter Ouye Hua and Yang Laotian together I should still be able to easily retreat. But if I run into that strange demon youth or the Ancient Devil-possessed Yang Yun, I still

Martial World Chapter 895

Martial World Chapter 895 – The Third Thunder Concept After breaking through to the third stage of Life Destruction, Lin Ming didn’t plan to immediately set out. Instead, he planned to close up for a further period of time. Once the coming storm finally blew over, he would leave, and with his strength having risen again it would be much safer for him. Lin Ming had continuously taken pills, heavenly materials, and had even absorbed a top grade spirit essence stone. His cultivation had skyrocketed, and now he needed time to stabilize and fully digest everything that had happened, otherwise there

Martial World Chapter 894

Martial World Chapter 894 – Preparation is the Key, Third Stage of Life Destruction When Lin Ming had swallowed the thunder Dao fruit in the Temple of Marvels’ dimensional realms, he had gained the ability to impact the third stage of Life Destruction. The only reason he had been forced to give up that idea was that the situation at the time had been far too dangerous. Otherwise, although Lin Ming still wouldn’t have been Yang Yun’s opponent, he wouldn’t have had to escape in such a distressed and desperate manner. “I wonder just what sort of ancient species the divine

Martial World Chapter 893

Martial World Chapter 893 – Narrow Escape Lin Ming rapidly fled past the dimensional realms. Because his speed was too fast, a strong heavenly wind violently blew into him, causing sparks to fly off his bodily protective true essence. Burning the Ancient Phoenix blood greatly exhausted Lin Ming’s true essence, leaving him with no choice but to use pills to supplement it. He had already collected many types of pills and medicines that could restore his strength. These were all high grade goods. High grade true essence restoring pills were relatively pure. But eating too many of them could lead to

Martial World Chapter 892

Martial World Chapter 892 – Bringing About One’s Own Destruction “Die for me!” As the Ancient Devil rushed into Lin Ming’s body, it manifested into a fierce avatar. Its entire body was covered with spines like an ancient vicious beast. It rushed towards Lin Ming’s spiritual sea with an unimaginable speed! In the world with this, every step this ancient vicious beast took shook the world. Such a terrible momentum made one feel small and powerless. “It really is a silver battle spirit of a higher rank than my own!” Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, his pupils shrinking. He

Martial World Chapter 891

Martial World Chapter 891 – Seize An endlessly stretching demon claw fired towards Lin Ming like a twister. A terrifying aura completely locked down the surrounding space, making it so that Lin Ming couldn’t dodge even if he wanted to. At this critical moment, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted and he suddenly thrust out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in his hands. Ohh! The flaming phoenix cried out, the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder impacted straight into the dark skies. The intense collision caused all of the space around Lin Ming to explode. The intertwining power of thunder and fire was actually unable

Martial World Chapter 890

Martial World Chapter 890 – Ancient Devil In order for the royal families of the four Divine Kingdoms to maintain their thriving bloodlines, they also had to have a massive number of talents and a correspondingly massive amount of heirs. Even if their bloodline was amazing, they would need a large base of talents to screen out the most extraordinary amongst them. And humanity’s ability to multiply was extremely terrifying. The four Divine Kingdoms had a history of over 10,000 years and the number of royal family juniors had grown by a near exponential rate. In every generation, the most astounding

Martial World Chapter 889

Martial World Chapter 889 – Masked Man “It’s this world, I’ve finally returned to this world!” As Lin Ming looked at the dark forest around him, he determined that he had come here once before. In this Temple of Marvels, every dimensional realm was different. It wasn’t just different scenery, but even the frequency of spatial fluctuations was different. This type of spatial fluctuation was like a person’s fingerprints. If one was skilled in the Concept of Space, they could rely on this to judge whether or not they had come to this world before. “Although I’ve found a familiar space