Chen Yan traveled through time only to end up in Europe of the medieval period, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world. Witches are real and they really can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his silblings. Will he be able to win, even though the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst starting situation? Only his experiences of modern technologies and with the help of the witches who are known as devils’ servants and hunted by the the Holy Church because of that can help him succeed.

Now, let his journey begin.

Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Associated Names:
Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu,

Er Mu,

Chinese Novel

Release that Witch Chapter 247

Release that Witch Chapter 247 – Graduation Ceremony “Look, it’s Lady Scroll,” Piper used his elbow to secretly poke Jilly, “I heard that she is the Head of the Ministry of Education.”   “Ministry of Education… The Minister?” The latter wondered, “What is that?”   “That’s the person who manages the teachers. Teachers like your most liked Teacher Ferlin and your most hated loudmouth teacher, Teacher Harben.” Piper explained, “No matter if it is Ferlin or Harben, all of them are supervised by Lady Scroll.”   “Where did you hear that?” Jilly blinked amazed, “Does it come from that important person


Release that Witch Chapter 246

Release that Witch Chapter 246 – New gunpowder program What was the symbol of the industrial age, Roland first thought was of a speeding train continuously running down a railroad track, emitting rolling clouds of steam.   The cast-iron cylinder covered with oil, the thick and robust crankshaft together with those huge iron wheels, its rumble and vibration full of vibrant rhythm, as well as the sound of the steam-whistle piercing through the vast sky was what was associated with the machinery of the first steam trains. Compared with the mechanical designs of the later generations, which hid its structure under

Release that Witch Chapter 245

Release that Witch Chapter 245 – Means of transportation Roland sat on his office chair, carefully looking over Barov’s report statistics.   It took the city hall three full days to sort out all 6000 refugees, coming out with the low number of 186 artisans who had managed to pass the audit in the end. Of course, this small number was also related to the effort they had put into the verification, after all, this involved the distribution of houses as well as IDs.   It was Roland’s vision that from now on, only people in possession of such an ID

Release that Witch Chapter 244

Release that Witch Chapter 244 – Identity Registration Outside of the western city walls, under the guidance of the First Army, the refugees were undergoing an unprecedented identification inspection.   By now, Barov had naturally come to understand that the resource which His Highness regarded as the most important was people. In order to bring all of these people back to Border Town, His Highness had spent a lot of gold royals and had even sent the First Army on an expedition to King’s City. When Barov had seen the final bill from Margaret’s chamber of commerce, he had almost climbed

Release that Witch Chapter 243

Release that Witch Chapter 243 – Establishment of the Intelligence Organization After the moon appeared in the sky, the hot air gradually cooled down. From Theo’s place in his garden, he could see the light that was coming through the windows of the distant pubs, brothels, and casinos. Within the curtain of the night, they looked the same as all the many stars in the night sky, showing a city’s bustling.   It was only possible to see such a scene in King’s City inner city – even though the demonic disease came to its end, nearly one-third of the population

Release that Witch Chapter 242

Release that Witch Chapter 242 – New Construction Area The award and honor ceremony lasted until noon, as he had to fill two positions at the same time, commentator, and host, Roland couldn’t help but feel utterly exhausted by the end. Luckily the ceremony finally came to its perfect conclusion with the bell sounding at midday simultaneously with Echo’s gun salute. But when he came back bathed in sweat back to the castle and stepped on the third floor, he was surprised to see Anna smilingly leaning against his office door.   “What happened?”   “You’ll know when you step inside,”

Release that Witch Chapter 241

Release that Witch Chapter 241 – Liberation At the moment, there were undoubtedly 2000 or more people gathered in the public square, yet their excitement didn’t differ much to that of a large gatherings of more than 10’000 people of the later eras. Roland inwardly sighed, Echo’s ability was indeed extremely handy.   The reason why he had chosen these three people was mainly in order to set an example for the masses – of the three of them not one was a noble, Iron Axe belonged to the Sandpeople and had came from the other side of the Southern Border;

Release that Witch Chapter 240

Release that Witch Chapter 240 – Award and Honor Ceremony Roland was currently designing the pattern of the medal for tomorrow’s ceremony. It was reasonable to say that he should already have completed this not especially complicated work long ago, but since the beginning of the afternoon, he had felt somewhat ill at ease. That’s right; it was because of Nightingale’s kiss.   Although there had been some indistinct signs before, since she had never acted on it, he had also never taken the initiative to speak about it either. But now, there was no longer any room for doubt, what

Release that Witch Chapter 239

Release that Witch Chapter 239 – Midnight Snack After eating dinner, Anna carried a large batch of Bird Beak Mushrooms into the kitchen.   At her request, Maggie had collected these spotlessly white mushrooms in the Concealing Forest – they were different from common mushrooms, the Bird Beak Mushrooms commonly grows on top of huge trees, it survives by absorbing the nutrients from the trees, but it was also the favorite food of some birds species. Although it had a very delicious taste, and its fleshy umbrella shaft was as delicate as exquisite meat, with its relatively high growing place which

Release that Witch Chapter 238

Release that Witch Chapter 238 – How could I possibly regret this? A week later, the expedition of the First Army and witches finally returned to Border Town. From the date of their departure until their return, the mission had almost lasted half a month, five days longer than expected.   The main reason for the delay was that on the day the fleet had set out on the way home, Longsong Stronghold Acting Duke Petrov’s messenger arrived in Border Town, reporting the outbreak of an unknown plague in the stronghold.   Due to Roland’s previous warning, the moment when Petrov